Monday, December 16, 2013

Detonating the Desire to Denigrate

It's fascinating to watch cyberbullying leftists and liberals crawl out of the woodwork and get on the flippin' WORLD WIDE WEB for all to see -- and showcase their love of hurting and denigrating others for basically no reason. Disagreements about history don't, or shouldn't, foment the kind of obsessive need they exhibit to ridicule, lie about and try to damage people. This is hatred, pure and simple.

Now, before I go any further, let me be clear that these jerks haven't hurt me, and probably not any heritage folks. You have to care about somebody's opinion before that person's attacks can hurt you. Oh, sure, they can damage you. They can cause you all kind of trouble. Still, they can't emotionally hurt you unless you care about their opinions.

There may be folks who are somewhat angered by the ridicule and especially the lies. They occasionally post in the comments at Crossroads, but that only generates more mocking and hatred. But even these folks aren't particularly hurt; they're trying to correct and defend, but it soon becomes apparent that Simpson's peanut gallery floggerettes aren't interested in truth and civility. The floggerettes are out to hurt people, whether they're actually successful at it or not, and visitors soon learn that correcting them is a hopeless cause.

So I don't write about these bullies from a poor widdle us approach but to showcase the kind of brutish people some leftists are.

Right now, the desire to denigrate has exploded at Crossroads, detonated by Simpson's "Confederate Heritage Follies" -- a series of posts in which he targets for ridicule people who have never done a thing to hurt or damage him.  Presumably, the posts are designed solely to hurt and deride the heritage folks he's targeted -- and to provide his humanity-deficient and integrity-depleted followers with some hideous laughter.

But it isn't so much Simpson's "Follies" I want to address. It's some of the comments. So stay tuned....

Photo: U.S. Government


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