Friday, September 5, 2014

Advocating Violence on Social Media?

~I seriously want to string that A-- S-- bitch up by her toenails...seriously.
~Time to take A-- S-- behind the woodshed.
~It kills me! "U--s" need to be shot! Or dragged and beaten at the very least.
~I'll say it again...U--s should be shot. Well, maybe just beaten and dragged!
~We should form an angy mob. Anyone got pitchforks???
~Somebody needs a bitch-slap...
Confederate heritage supporters advocating violence against yankees or scalawags in Richmond or Oxford? White supes advocating violence against minorities of color?

Why, no. These are actual comments taken from folks on mid-century modern furniture/architecture Facebook groups who really, really disapprove of people who "chalk paint" beautiful, vintage wood furniture.

Basically, they hate to see something like this...


...ruined like this:

"Shabby chic" "distressed" "upcycled" and, for some reason, "coastal" and "beachy" -- these are all terms for beautiful piece of furniture made by craftsmen a half century ago or longer, and deliberately ruined with something called "chalk paint" (or, alternately, "milk paint") that was invented by a British woman named Annie Sloan and popularized by Martha Stewart and others.

Basically, MCM'ers acknowledge that sometimes a piece is too far gone to be stripped and refinished, and don't mind a nice paint job like this:


But to nail pallet wood to the top of a beautiful old dresser, remove drawers and call the empty spaces "cubbies" and replace lovely old brass drawer pulls with sailboat cleats, lengths of rope or dressmaker fabric tied into bows.... well, let's say these things try the patience of those who appreciate beauty and craftsmanship.

Here are some violence-advocating comments with most of my editing removed:
~Time to take Annie Sloan behind the woodshed.
~The perpetrators of these heinous crimes should be beaten with a chain and have the word 'shame' glued to them.
~It kills me! "Upcyclers" need to be shot! Or dragged and beaten at the very least.
~I'll say it again...Upcyclers should be shot. Well, maybe just beaten and dragged!
~Here are a couple of things that made ME cry entire antique mall bursting at the seams with g-- m-- chalk paint. I seriously want to string that Annie Sloan bitch up by her toenails...seriously.
~We should form an angy mob. Anyone got pitchforks???
~Remind me to chalk paint them in their coffin
~Somebody needs a bitch-slap. This is my Sculptra it OUGHT to look.
~Like I said you hear of tar & feather ? Only with milk paint
~I would probably have gone up to that booth, asked who painted the chairs, sucker punched them, and spent my flea market money on bail.
~I hope there is a special hell for bored tv watching vandals and their atrocious paint!!!
Members of these groups rarely if ever admonish the posters who advocate such violence. Why? Because they know the poster doesn't mean it. These are not credible threats and most people with common sense realize it. These are simply expressions of anger and frustration about something these folks find distressing.

And so it is with Confederate heritage advocates who post violent comments on Facebook. The floggers try to make some big deal out of it, especially Simpson and the Texas scalawag -- but really, how many times have Southern heritage advocates been in the news for perpetrating violence? And if they DID do so, you can bet it would be smeared all over the dinosaur media from coast to coast for months on end.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media ignores the increasing instances of minority mob violence.

You have to go to alternate sources for information about it. The mainstream media trumpets the Trayvon Martins and the Michael Browns, but ignores Antonio West, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome, Dillon Taylor, and on and on.

Floggers and floggerettes ignore them, too, in their zeal to paint white folks (no pun intended), especially Southerners, and most especially Southern heritage folks, as violent and dangerous menaces, and minorities as helpless victims. Mention it, and they hide behind, "But we blog about the Civil War!" This, despite the fact that all of them have, at one time or another, blogged about current, non-civil war related topics.

I suppose it's possible we could see headlines like, "Confederate heritage advocate goes on violent rampage" or "Mid-century modern fan shoots up antique mall" -- but I won't hold my breath...
Left: Beautiful Broyhill Sculptura console as it was meant to be. Right: Awful Broyhill Sculptura console after some paint-happy "improver" finished ruining it and put it on ebay... It's enough to make you cry...

(Note: It appears that the threads with these comments have been removed either by Facebook or group moderators; this has occurred since I compiled this list on August 25th or so. Many had been online for weeks or months but now, suddenly, they're gone. Perhaps somebody complained.)


  1. Okay that last picture, someone really does need their butt kicked for ruining that console with that terrible paint job.

  2. What a tragedy, those beautiful pieces of furniture were ruined by post-modern idiots.

    1. Indeed. I love mid century modernism, in fact, other renditions of modernism (absolutely LOVE Wright's Prairie and Usonian houses) but I also like other mid-century styles (the ubiquitous suburban ranch house), Craftsman, and of course, old Southern styles, from the magnificent plantation house to vernacular farm houses, to Appalachian cabins, and West Indian raised cottages along the Southern coast.

      But I HATE post-modern architecture and the monstrosities known as McMansions.... At least, I've never found any post-modern stuff I like.

    2. I hate the way sub divisions look nowadays, too. They clear cut some nice woods, and then build these cheap and ugly houses that all look the same. It's a waste of land, if you ask me.

      I was raised in a brick "ranch" home, so I have a special place in my heart for that style (lots of buildings are made from red bricks around here), but I definitely love that old wrap around porch plantation style with the pillars. I wish there was a way to combine the two styles; like a red brick house, with a wrap around porch. Maybe that wouldn't look good, I'm not an architect :P but I do think we ought to focus on our own distinct Southern style of architecture when we build our buildings, so when someone sees it, they know it's ours.

  3. Over at Simpson's blog, somebody going by Christopher Shelley comments, "But from where I sit here in Oregon, many Southerners just seem so much more comfortable with the rhetoric of violence."

    Whut kinda Southerners? If you mean WHITE Southerners, but you just say "Southerners," according to Simpson, that's racist. If, by "Southerner" you mean all colors and ethnicities, that sort of undermines the civil war left's desire to evilize white Southerners, doesn't it?

    I wonder what Shelley thinks of the rhetoric of violence put forth by mid century modern fans on Facebook -- they're from all over the country -- plus some other ones. So, does loving Knoll, Hermann Miller, the Eameses, Pierre Koenig, Danish Modernism, etc., make people more comfortable with the rhetoric of violence? If so, don't mention it, because it is of absolutely no use in evilizing white Southerners.

  4. As for post modern furniture ... Awful, awful stuff...

    There's some modernist stuff depicted here (I saw a Hey-Wake desk and a Barcelona chair) but the truly atrocious stuff is post modern... In fact, I think some of our upscaling chalk-painting resellers would LOVE to turn a gorgeous Knoll sideboard into something like this:

    Who would put crap like that in their home?

  5. At X-roads, Goad Gatsby sez, "I guess kidnapping a child isn’t violence. I guess Nancy Grace isn’t news. I guess Megan Everett isn’t a Southern heritage advocate."

    In this instance, nope, kidnapping is not violence, i.e., rough or injurious physical force, action, or treatment. No indication anybody, including the little girl, was forcibly injured. It was unlawful; it wasn't violent. Unlawful and violent are not synonyms. The little girl is with her mother, for cryin' out loud. All the doomsayers seem to forget that.

    Nancy Grace ISN''T news, she's a boor and a hack, the CNN-cable version of a sensationalist, yellow. supermarket checkout tabloid. Presumably, this case was on her show in one episode. It has been in a handful of online reports. That Goad is trying to make this into "being smeared all over the dinosaur media from coast to coast for months on end" shows he's no more honest nor objective than any other anti-Confederate heritage hater. Psssttt... Goad. Compare coverage of this to the coverage of Trayvon Martin, and see if you can tell the difference.

    Megan Everett isn't a Southern heritage advocate. She was the girlfriend of one for a while. She accompanied him to some heritage events. I've never seen a particle of evidence that she EVER did ANY southern heritage stuff on her own, before she met him -- or even while she was his girlfriend. She always came to heritage events WITH him. Goad, if you have evidence that she was a Southern heritage advocate on her own, before, during or after the time she was the girlfriend of one, please present it.

    1. You know the little girl is with her mother?

    2. I don't know it. It is an assumption I make based on the reports and claims that the little girl was kidnapped by her mother. The authorities, her family, VaFlagger-haters, etc., all claim that the little girl is with her mother..

  6. Over at X-roads, Simpson sez, "Chastain’s confused, as usual. She seems to have forgotten this. Ask her whether she took Hines seriously, and about how she planned to keep an eye on him."

    I took him seriously until I found out there was no reason to. Even Simpson and some of his floggerettes know that neither Facebook NOR the FBI took Hines' threat seriously.

    He sez, "Chastain always excuses racism, sexism, bigotry, and violence when it comes to Confederate heritage advocates. She doesn’t mind it at all."

    I take them seriously when they're credible or meaningful. I don't when they're not. Of course, I don't constantly, day and night, "tiptoe" through the Internet going through posts by Southern heritage folks like he does, so I don't always know what people say. On the other hand, much of the racism, sexism, bigotry, and violence he "finds" actually exists in Simpson's imagination. The whole of Southern heritage lives rent free in Simpson's head, especially the Virginia Flaggers.

    Simp: "But I do enjoy living rent-free in her head. It’s always interesting to hear what she thinks I’m doing."

    You mean, like making up fraudulent names and posting fraudulent reviews and personal attacks on Amazon? LOL. Prove you didn't do it, and I'll remove the post.

    "Living rent free in her head" means that I know he hates Southern heritage folks, lies about them, denigrates, harasses and tries to verbally injure them, and I blog about it. He doesn't like being outed so he calls it "living rent free in her head." If he doesn't like being there, all he has to do is stop harassing folks just because he disagrees with them.

    As long as he attacks, harasses, denigrates, attempts to verbally injure Southern heritage folks, there is always a good chance I will defend and counterattack on my blog.

  7. Somebody named Andrew Raker sez over on X-roads: "It pains me to go to that person’s blog and realize that we have similar tastes in architecture in design. I can’t imagine what she’d think of the architect born Frank Lincoln Wright if he hadn’t changed his middle name later in life."

    "That person," of course, being moi. They sure do tell on themselves, don't they? Reveal how they think by projecting their thought processes onto us?

    The only Lincoln I have objections to is Abraham Lincoln, for his war on Southerners. I would have the same objections if his name had been Joe Blow... but I wouldn't hold it against anyone else named Blow. And if Frank Lloyd Wright had been named Joe Blow, I'd still love his architecture.

    I have a set of vintage Lincoln Beautyware chrome canisters that I love.You can see them HERE.

    I'm looking for a matching Lincoln Beautyware chrome breadbox (that I can afford). You can see one like what I want HERE.

    I don't care what the name is.

    And I still think the Rosenbaum house in Florence, Alabama is just incredible....See a pic HERE.

    This Andrew Raker person seems a little weird to me.


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