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Violence, Violence, Vi-hi-hi-o-ho-ho-leh-heh-hence

Furious at having been outed posting fraudulent reviews of my books on Amazon using a fraudulent profile, thus revealing his questionable ethics to the world, Simpson is now hoping to take the very unflattering spotlight off himself by rampaging about imaginary violence in the Southern independence community (while ignoring real violence like this, of cousre:

He also reveals that he can't tell the difference between reality and fiction (re: my planned novella Gone South). And this is a supposedly ethical, educated man...

It's been over two years since Pat Hines' extremely non-credible threat (know of any northern schools destroyed by Southern nationalists since then? Me, either.) After Hines posted that "threat" (non-credible according to both Facebook and the flippin FBI) I contacted Dr. Hill by FB messenger, because of Pat's connection to the League.  (My message was to Dr. Hill and two others, one of which is no longer on Facebook and another who has since left the League, so I have edited out their responses).

Conversation started September 27, 2012
9/27, 7:20am
Connie Chastain

Do you gentlemen agree with Pat Hines, who says: "The Beslan event was part of the war to rid Chechnya of the Russian hegemony. We Southrons will adopt exactly the same methods if the Untied (sic) States does not withdrawn (sic) from our lands. It is harsh, but will be done."

And, "... we'll simply destroy a Yankee school and all that are in it. The Chechens didn't kill Chechen children, those were Russian children and teachers."

The "Beslan event" was the September 2004 siege of a school in Beslan, Chechen Muslim terrorists in which 334 hostages were killed, 186 of them children.

Is this an "honorable means"?
Beslan school hostage crisis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Beslan school hostage crisis (also referred to as the Beslan school siege or Beslan massacre)[2][3][4]of early September 2004 lasted three days and involved the capture of over 1,100 people as hostages (including 777 children),[5]ending with the death of over 380 people. The crisis began when a group...
Gentlemen, I'm asking again. Do you agree with Pat Hines' threat to destroy a "yankee" (i.e,. American) school and everyone in it? Why the silence? If you agree with him, you need to remove "by all honorable means" from your motto. Murdering school children -- or even threatening to -- is not honorable. If you don't agree with him, you need to establish that.
10/1, 10:10pm
Michael Hill

In a word, Connie, no. We will sanction nothing of this sort. Non-combatants have never been a legitimate target.

10/1, 10:14pm
Connie Chastain

Thank you, Dr. Hill. I was very concerned about that. It is not the Southern way....


10/1, 10:14pm
Michael Hill

No, and it's not the Christian way, either.


10/1, 10:16pm
Connie Chastain

Agreed. Thank you again.


10/1, 10:17pm
Michael Hill

You're welcome, Connie.
Since that time, I've made it clear I think the League has radicalized, and I don't agree with many of its new directions.

I still believe the South (and Southerners) would be better off as an independent nation. I believe in the concept of secession and self-rule.

Despite my differences with some of the League's new emphasis, I have maintained very occasional but civil, even cordial, communications with Dr. Hill, Michael Cushman and a few others. But I don't follow the League like I used to. I know nothing firsthand about about the "threat of violence" from the League or its "paramilitary unit" -- but from just what I have read since Simpson started frothing at the mouth about it, I would guess it is for defense, not for initiating violence.

In a time when the very government that is supposed to protect us is allowing terrorists through our porous borders ... when there is talk of federal confiscation of citizen firearms at the very time when municipal police departments don't have the funds to respond to certain crimes (but, paradoxically, have the funds to trick theselves out in combat gear)... when brutal violence against whites goes unreported in the mainstream media and is winked at by law enforcement... well, that might explain why more and more people -- not just Southerners and Southern nationalists -- are paying more attention to defense of their families, their communities, and themselves -- not at all unlike Confederate soldiers did 153 years ago.

I'll keep an eye out for reports of Southern nationalist violence, but I'm not expecting to see much. On the other hand, I think it's a given that we'll see more "knockout games" by "teens" and "youths"...

* * * * * * * *

In other news...

Kevin Levin writes about the VaFlaggers on his blog, "And they wonder why no one takes them seriously."

I left a comment that won't get posted:
That is not true.

(1) I've never encountered any VaFlaggers wondering that.

(2) A lot of people take them seriously. That the civil-war left doesn't take them seriously doesn't mean that no one does. In my humble opinion, the only reason the VaFlaggers would ever pay attention to the civil-war left is because, as a subset of leftism in general, the civil-war left has been at the forefront of the demonizing and dismantling of Confederate heritage since the middle of the 20th century and, by now, has done considerable damage.

For most of the time that the left has been tearing at our heritage and evilizing our culture and history, there was no pushback, but now there is. Small, self-motivated, self-financed, it has no huge benefactors like leftist causes do. But how many causes in the past -- some of them leftist -- started small and faced mountains of obstacles?  The persistent ones grew, and they are the now presiding over the demise of western culture.

I would suggest tempering your smugness. You never know if/when something may happen to give the VaFlaggers and Southern heritage a huge increase in numbers, wealth and power. That, or simple persistence paying of in the long run.
I wonder why floggers are so thin-skinned. They can dish it out, but they sure can't take it.

* * * * * * * *
"The concept of "hate crimes" was concocted to make some victims more important than others." ~ C. Ward


  1. ><

    LOL!! Perhaps Levin could substantiate his statement. I will not hold my breath waiting for such.

  2. These are the first people to call the law whenever somebody threatens them. BTW, Ms. Connie,how long before Gone South comes out? Will it be in print or eBook form?

    1. James, I have three WIPs I want to finish before year's end. At the top of the list is Little Sister, about a woman (proSoutherner, member of the UDC) who inadvertently "infiltrates" a "watchdog group," the Southern Social Justice Group (SSJG) and makes some veddy, veddy interesting discoveries. The woman is Ainsley Kincaid, sister of Shelby Kincaid in Sweet Southern Boys. This is Book Three of the Legacy of Fortitude Series.

      Gone South -- still in the planning phase, but I have most of the main characters drawn up, and a very basic, broad outline of the events. It will likely be a novella.

      Smallfoot -- this is on the back burner. There's a problem, an obstacle I'm having trouble resolving -- a shame, really, since I'm so close to finishing it -- so other stories are moving in line ahead of it.

      Works I hope to finish next year:

      Dumb Jock -- The Alex Austin Story -- a novella or novelette about a minor league baseball player who retires at 25 to marry his girl and become a history teacher -- because he comes from a family of teachers, and because doesn't like how history (esp. of the South and the Confederacy) is taught today.

      NeoConfederate -- a thirty-ish man runs for Congress in Florida in 2008. He is Randy Stevenson (son of the protag in Southern Man), Conservative, Christian and proSouthern, you can just imagine how he's attacked during the campaign.... Book Four of the Legacy of Fortitude series.

      Long Way South -- a post apocalyptic, dystopian-future novel about a Southern couple stranded in the upper midwest when the USA crashes and who must travel through dangerous, lawless territory to return to the South, which is now the Republic of Dixie, and the only region of the ex-USA with a functioning government, and that is stable, safe and peaceful.

      Walraven Manor -- about a descendant of plantation owners in Alabama. He still owns the plantation which is now a dairy farm, and he becomes the target of a crazy woman in the midwest who believes she is a reincarnated slave. She relocates to Alabama looking for the "reincarnated" master who raped and murdered her, to get her revenge....

      All of these will be available as both print books and e-books (in a variety of formats, Kindle, Kobo, Nook, etc).

    2. Just remember, as a writer, there's nothing wrong with Deus Ex Machina ;)

    3. Thanks, Long Way South sounds interesting too.



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