Monday, September 29, 2014

Talk About Yer Rich, Rich Irony

From the "Honoring Confederate Flags," fraudulent Facebook group created by Corey Meyer and one of his many fraudulent FB profiles, George Bishop. George/Corey's been in a tizzy for months about donations to the VaFlaggers...  This is from the past few days:
Sez "George":  I can't just solicit monetary donations and walk away with thousands of dollars."

Sure  you can, "George." Well, you can solicit it. And if people are willing to donate, you can walk away with thousands of dollars.  Or...if not thousands, at least hundreds. See? If you're unclear how to do it, ask your group member, Wonder Woman. She can tell you ... from experience:

Rich irony, indeed!


  1. Here's a cause Corey/George and all the folks at Trashing Confederate Flags can donate to. Jesse "LJ" Matthew Legal Defense Fund


  2. Wow the last two posts are really out there. I mean not only are they trolls, they're extremely paranoid too.
    I wonder do they actually believe in their own hype so much they literally see anyone with a battle flag as potential members of some cult?

  3. I think what aggrevates Corey is that "Reconstruction" didn't take with a lot of Southerners. I think he feels that this dishonours the blood sacrifice of his Union ancestors and cheapens or erases their victory. I think it bugs him to no end that many Southerners don't recognise his right to rule over them. The North lost the Peace and he knows it, and doesn't like it. But for all that, he can just come out an say it. He has to act like a fifteen year old boy and play "cyber spy" games like this. Really, his attempts to spread memes are pretty lame.

    1. James, it really stuck in the victors' craws that so many Southern soldiers refused to grovel after the war. Where is the joy of winning if the losers don't grovel? And today, floggers and their ilk, and many, many ordinary brainwashed Americans, are deeply affronted that we heritage folks don't retroactively grovel on our Confederate ancestors' behalf. Makes them behave in a really petty manner.

    2. Each Southern State only needed 10% of the population to re-join the United States. If it wasn't for that, carpetbaggers, and scalawags, we would have never re-joined, because the vast majority of Southrons were still un-reconstructed.

    3. Yes, sometimes, it's worse to lose the Peace, than to lose the war. But they're raised with a sense of entitlement that's coupled with patriotism such that whenever they don't get what they want, or people don't conform to expectations, it's somehow "unAmerican." Besides, great, great, great papaw shot up a house in Georgia, or burnt down a church in Tennessee, so they're entitled to get something, right?

    4. All true Connie. That's why the Flogger's little posts don't offend me, they amuse me. Behind all of their mockery there is a great deal of anger and self-hatred. It gratifies me.


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