Sunday, September 7, 2014

Outed and Stung, Simpson Attacks ...

...with Lies 

Posted at X-Roads:

You can see the two lies immediately, if you're fairminded and objective ... and maybe even if you're not.

You can go here:  and read the post up, down, back and forth, and nine ways to Sundays and not find where I have said, implied, hinted or suggested that it’s just fine to advocate violence against people.

So that's lie number one.

My post simply points out when threats of violence are not credible. It doesn't say it's fine to advocate violence. It doesn't even claim that non-credible threats of violence are just fine ... only that they aren't credible, and that people with common sense can tell the difference. The point is that floggers and their ilk smear and slander Southern heritage folks by pretending that the minute number of  non-credible mentions of violence online are actual, credible threats.

The second lie is that I played the race card. Nope. I simply pointed out flogger hypocrisy on race and violence, to wit, they screech and point when Southern heritage folks post on Facebook non-credible mentions of violence that nobody means or intends to carry out, but then ignore an avalanche of actual violence perpetrated by minorities that is sweeping the country and documented in the alternative media -- and sometimes, when it can't be ignored, in the lamestream dinosaur media.

So the esteemed professor of history at a major state university has compounded his display of pettiness, denigration and questionable ethics on Amazon with two blatant, baldfaced, outright lies on his toxic blog.

Digging himself in deeper and deeper.

(P.S.  I guess this lashing out pretty much confirms that the wish-list Brook Simpson linked to the "None of your business" fake profile is indeed Brooks D. Simpson, professor of history at Arizona State University....)

(P.S.S. Anybody who goes over there to X-roads, please share with me what the reference to The Economist is about. I mean, if you know. I myself have no idea....)

LOL! Simpson let this post reside at the top of his poison blog page for a WHOLE DAY before superseding it with a ho-hum post about Washington and Lee...  It garnered three equally lack-luster comments from his peanut gallery before being unceremoniously bumped.

Of course, we know why. Any time he mentions my blog -- or even if he just mentions me -- and especially if he posts a link to Backsass, he runs the risk of his floggerettes encountering the truth -- i.e., the whole of what I've written, as opposed to the parts he cherrypicks and then presents as if they're the whole, in order to mislead his readers.

This Quote of the Week post is a superb example ... he edits out the part where I identified the group that these "violent" comments came from. He edits out why I posted about black crime (because they show flogger types to be hypocrites on crime and race)....

He could remove the post altogether, but that would be too blatant; it's already been seen. Best thing to do is post another blog entry to distract from it. LOL.....  So transparent.


  1. What would make a person risk damaging his or or credibility on such minor points as a book review??? I fail to understand Simpson's logic on this.

    Still working on getting an answer and sources for you, I must say that is the hardest question I have been asked. Good job!!!!!!


  2. George, this is just my opinion, but I don't believe most people who admire him would consider his credibility damaged, and to most of us, he doesn't have any credibility to damage. Because of who/what is target is -- my books and myself (a rightwinger, a Southern heritage nut, etc.) -- what he did was not that big a deal to them. I suspect there are some who think it's great.

    1. Regardl;ess it just doesn't make sense. You know we have all been wrong at some point, but to go out of our way-- just doesn't make sense.

      I wish we could use the national media expose these educator's hate and contempt for other Americans

  3. A while back Ole Simp endorsed an anti-Confederate flag petition drawn up by Ms Konate. In that petition were numerous threats of violence. One advocated burning the cars and homes of flag proponents. Another wanted a "drone strike" on the VA flaggers. That one seemed a bit outlandish but whatever the case Ole Simp never disavowed the threats.

    1. Of course not. One of the most distinguishing characteristics of floggers (aka the civil-war left) is hypocrisy -- holding other people to standards from which they exempt themselves and those on their side.


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