Saturday, September 13, 2014

Answerin' Andy

Over on Simpson's toxic flog, Andy Hall, speaking of an SPLC report about the League of the South's brand spankin' new "paramilitary unit", sez, "The usual suspects will hand-wave this away (as they always do) because it comes from the SPLC. It’s easier to do that than to deal with the specific and concrete allegations made in the report."

Not for me, scalawag. Concrete, huh? I am about to demonstrate that those allegations have all the mass, weight and tensile strength of a Mallo-Cup.

Read it and weep, Andy.
Southern secessionist group forming paramilitary unit called the “Indomitables”  

The neo-Confederate organization is training to advance a second southern secession by any means necessary

After years of rhetoric threatening violence (League rhetoric I'm familiar with doesn't threaten violence. Even since its recent changes that I can't agree with, I have found no credible threats of violence from the League, just admonitions to prepare for defense. It is as Captain Kirk told Flint, regarding the Federation, "Our missions are peaceful, our weapons defensive"), the neo-Confederate League of the South (LOS) is training a uniformed, paramilitary unit tasked with advancing a second southern secession by any means necessary, (utter hooey, cannot be independently verified but more than that, it's just ludicrous) Hatewatch has learned (more like "Hatewatch has fabricated.")

Symbol shared in League social media correspondence based on Nazi insignia.---------->>

(Where's the League social media correspondence? Screenshots are easy, so where are they? Anybody can post a photoshopped symbol and say it came on this or that document.*** Until I see the document, and know whether it is an official League symbol, or was posted by a League member with the responsibility of assigning or approving symbols, I will write this one off as more SPLC wishful thinking [which is more polite than saying baldfaced lie]. Perhaps the SPLC needs to be reminded that pretty much anybody can post anything on social media.  How hard did these little "reporters" dig to verify the authenticity of the person who posted it as having the authority to designate League symbols? Right now, there is nothing to prove this wasn't a total fabrication by the SPLC.)

According to anonymous sources from within the LOS, as well as leaked internal communications, the LOS secret unit has been dubbed “The Indomitables”and appears to be stacked with white supremacists, former Klan members and neo-Nazis. 

(Okay, here we go. The SPLC's favorite go to sources -- ANONYMOUS ones, which are, therefore TOTALLY unreliable. I blogged about that long ago.

Where's the leaked communication? Presumably it's electronic... even if it's paper, it can be scanned, and surely with multiple millions of dollars in their "endowment", the SPLC can afford a flippin' scanner. Until proof is offered, this belongs in the figment department.

Michael Hill, in a note offered to encourage his Indomitables, said, “We desire that our women and children be warm and snug while the world outside rages. And as our due for that we must face the world.” (Where's a scan of the note, or a screenshot?  Nowhere to be found. Not that there's anything wrong with this sentiment; but I'd just like to see the context in which it occurs.)

The Indomitables were conceptualized (by whom?) at the LOS national meeting earlier this year and appear to be coming online quickly, with Floyd Eric Meadows, 43, of Rome, Ga., who also goes by Eric Thorvaldsson online, in charge of “training,” according to sources within the group and internal documents.

(Don't you just love that passive voice? Instead of saying, "Joe Blow, high ranking officer in the League, conceptualizsed the Indomitables...." the passive voice is used, so the authors of the piece don't have to provide the identity of the conceptualizer -- too much like work, I guess. And too much like real journalism. The SPLC "journalists" don't write to inform; they write to bias and sway, and that doesn't take any journalistic integrity.)

Names of sources? Screenshots of internet documents?

Here's Meadows' FB page:

And here is Eric Thorvaldsson's FB Page

A veteran of both the U.S. Army and Navy with 12 years of service, Meadows has been an active LOS member for several years, and his personal Facebook account is filled with pagan iconography and photos of his weapons.

If it's pagan and not Christian, what is the SPLC's problem with it?

Some people take pics of their cats, some of their weapons....Some of my MCM  friends take pics of their Pyrex collections ... stacks of Pyrex, mountains of Pyrex....

He posts often about ‘earning’his red bootlaces––awarded in skinhead culture for drawing blood for ‘the movement’—and his desire to throw boot parties for enemies of the LOS.

(Googled "earning red bootlaces" to verify this claim but found no independent third-party verification. The only thing that came up was this SPLC reference to the League and Meadows/Thorveldson...  Talk about your circular reasoning and self-validation -- neither of which anyone with brains accepts. So once again, it looks like those youthful little SPLC reporters are making crap up.)

Meadows also has posted pictures of himself standing with assault rifles in front of a confederate flag and has frequently quoted Robert Barnwell Rhett, a South Carolina statesman who was dubbed the “Father of Secession”for his efforts leading up to the Civil War.

(Heinous crimes....  Almost as bad as shooting a baby in the face, or an Aussie baseball player in the back...)

Telephone messages regarding the Indomitables were left with Hill and the LOS this week, specifically to ask how and where the League hopes to use the unit, and to what end. They were not returned. But within a day of those message being left, Hill addressed the question on the LOS blog. (More passive voice. Who called and left the telephone messages? Those messages didn't call and leave themselves, did they? Knowing who did the calling might explain why nobody returned the call. Looks like the League knows these SPLC creeps well. They're going to trash, smear and lie about you, whether you talk to them or not.)

“Even if we are –– and you really have no idea on earth if we are or not ––setting up a Southern militia or some other form of paramilitary organization, we are doing nothing that free men have not done for centuries. Deal with it and stop your whining,” Hill wrote.

Unfortunately for Hill, we do have an idea. Internal Facebook posts leaked to Hatewatch show that Hill is well aware of progress in forming his militia, which he refers to by name. (Leaked? By whom? Without that info, there's no reason to believe what they say, or that they were leaked, or that they even exist.)

The formation of the Indomitables comes after years of escalating and violent rhetoric from the League, as well as a search for more ideologically extreme white nationalists to enliven their membership –– a pattern that has been ongoing since 2007, when the LOS national conference was titled “Southern Secession: Antidote to Empire and Tyranny.” Just this week, for example, blogger Spelunker published a detailed profile of LOS member Abe Monroe, who attended a rally with LOSers last November and who just posted to Facebook pictures of the words “White Power”in block letters tattooed with a swastika across his back. While Monroe is a minor player, he is representative of that new type of southern nationalist the League now seeks.

(The major cause of my falling out with the League was its seeming welcome to refugees from Stormfront, National Vanguard and other aggressive white nationalist groups and movements. If Abe Monroe is one of those, it is most unfortunate, and his being a "minor player" cuts no slack for the League with me. However, note that key term here is "aggressive white nationalist groups". I do not approve of white people hating other groups and wishing to see them oppressed, their freedom limited; by the same token, I have no problem with whites who do not wish to be oppressed, their freedom limited, and who are willing to fight, literally and figuratively, those who would oppress and restrict them. That's exactly what our Confederate forebears did, and that is exactly why I honor them.)

That is especially true if one takes to heart Hill’s own words, which show an increasing extremism. In an essay published last month on the LOS website, Hill argued that the Second Amendment extends to “weapons systems,” touted guerrilla warfare applications and listed “primary targets”as the fight for a second secession continues.

“The primary targets will not be enemy soldiers; instead, they will be political leaders, members of the hostile media, cultural icons, bureaucrats, and other of the managerial elite without whom the engines of tyranny don’t run,”Hill wrote. He concluded the essay by quoting Psalms: “Blessed be the Lord my strength who teaches my hands to war and my fingers to fight.”

This isn’t the first time the League has flirted with southern nationalists with a calloused trigger finger, however. Michael Tubbs, a former Green Beret and demolitions expert, and another soldier robbed two fellow soldiers of their M-16 rifles at Fort Bragg, N.C. “This is for the KKK,”the holdup men shouted as they fled. Tubbs pleaded guilty to theft of government property and conspiracy to transport guns and explosives across state lines after prosecutors later discovered a weapons cache.

Tubbs is now Hill’s chief of staff.

(So? And gunrunner Eric Holder is Obama's Attorney General. Tubbs served his time, did he not?)

Editors’ Note –– Keegan Hankes contributed to the reporting of this article. (How unfortunate for this kid to have his name sullied by association with such a load of bovine excrement.)

*** pro-Islam, pro-Communism symbols found on secret flogger correspondence and leaked to the proSouthern community by an anonymous source.... (See how easy that is to do?)


  1. The fact that they're lawyers explains why they haven't been sued for defamation yet.

    1. They should be, though. We need a fund-raising arm that exists solely for raising money to pay legal expenses for lawsuits. The left has use the courts to promote their agenda for generations. We're going to dilly-dally around until the courts become too corrupt to use....

  2. Now anyone who knows me will tell you I have no love for the League of the South, nor do I hold Southern Nationalist views in high esteem - not because I disagree with the idea should this great nation of ours ever fall apart like the Soviet Union did (God Forbid!) but I confess most of it has to do with my upbringing.
    I grew up in the 1980s when the greatest US President of modern times Ronald Reagan was in office. Those were the impressions of America I had between the age of 4-13 and a US president who expressed pride in American exceptionalism, and it was good.
    Now I know that things were not simple, even then, but still one cannot deny that the impression of this country and what it means to take pride in it has changed considerably since the 80s.
    There is still a very stubborn part of me that struggles to believe that somewhere under this sin we call "political correctness" and the division this country currently has that the America that I knew still exists - and briefly following 9-11 we saw some of that come out.
    If the worst ever happens and the South became an independent nation should the US fall apart, or through national election like Scotland looks to be going, then so be it. But even then I would - out of respect for the USA of my youth and the men who died for our freedoms under it - fold the US flag and put it away lovingly. And I would also vow that ANY attempt to remove US flags from US war memorials, or some reverse campaign of cultural genocide to remove said US Veterans memorials across Dixie would be fought on my part as long and as vigilant as I have fought against attacks on monuments to Confederate soldiers and flags for the last 20 years.

    Now having said all of that, all of you will know that I hold no stake in the Southern Nationalist Movement or the League of the South. And in the past I've called various members of the League out when I know them to be full of crap, or being belligerent and hateful towards other people, particularly defenders of Southern heritage.

    All of that being said, even I believe as Connie does that the entire article written by the SPLC is a huge pile of Barbara Streisand.
    I won't entirely dismiss it, but like Connie I'm going to require proof in the form of letters, e-mails, and other direct evidence before I will blindly accept what comes from that report.
    I do know individuals who are still members of that group on facebook, and even though I don't agree with their politics (I don't agree with close of any of those facebook friends who are social Liberals either) I judge their friendships based on their merits as individuals. If any one of them says of does something I strongly disagree with and I discover it (I don't live on facebook so I can't always catch everything) I simply unfriend them, end of story - and no, simple threats to beat someone else up, or banality are not what I would consider grounds for unfriending. I do not blanket label entire groups based on the propaganda of folks I know to be biased without specific and damning proof of their guilt.

    1. You're welcome Connie, I merely spoke the truth as honestly as I could.

  3. Connie, did you see the article I linked to from Occidental Dissent, that talks about this and tries to clear things up?

    1. I don't like Brad Griffin, and I don't read his blog unless someone makes a reasonable suggestion that I should read some particular post, as you did. In this case, I didn't need anything much cleared up. What I didn't already know about the SPLC's phony report, I suspected. For example, that Abe Monroe is somebody who just showed up for a demonstration/protest and is not a League member. I was glad to see it confirmed, though. For the record, I've never met Brad. I know him online only.

    2. He seems like a nice guy, to me. He recently had a baby.

    3. I've had some negative online experiences with him in the past.

  4. When will Andy Hall disassociate himself from Kevin Levin? According to Ed Sebesta KL is a White Nationalist...
    ...but Ed is about as credible as the SPLC.

    1. One of my major points about the other side is their hypocrisy and double standards. My blog post here isn't so much about defending the League -- I've made clear what my beef is with them -- but that the people criticizing them -- the SPLC, most especially the SPLC, but also assorted floggers, floggerettes and flogger wannabees -- have no moral authority to do so. Motes and beams, casting first stones, and all that....

    2. Those people are full of nothing but double-standards. Their concept of "values" pretty much change with the next person they talk to.

  5. I liked your article - and I like your website, for many reasons - not the least of which that there seems to be a lack of active Southern secessionists who are NOT members of The League. I like the fact you are not afraid to disagree with The League, while at the same time, not cowtowing to political correctness or the scurrilous machinations of the SPLC. For whatever it is worth : I am not in The League, though I support Dr. Hill's attempts to awaken our sleeping Southern brethren. Thank you again. I will be here again, because now I support your general stance.


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