Friday, September 5, 2014

Happy Anniversary, Virginia Flaggers!

 Now and then, Southern heritage critic and self-identified liar Corey Meyer (and others) mentions on Facebook and in various flogger comment threads how long the Virginia Flaggers have been flagging without success -- i.e., without persuading the VMFA to put the flags back up on the Pelham Chapel.

Apparently, it escapes Corey's notice just how successful the VaFlaggers have been. In the past three years, they have inspired countless others to step up to the plate and defend Southern heritage all across our Confederacy. They have raised flags in honor of the Confederate soldier's memory beside well-traveled thoroughfares in Virginia. They have done more than any other group in recent memory to raise awareness of the place of Confederate veterans in our history -- and our hearts.

It started three years ago with one person, Susan Hathaway, standing on the sidewalk with a battle flag. Soon she was joined by others. From the start they've said, "All it would take for us to go away is to put the flags back on the chapel."

The video I made for the VaFlaggers gives just the tiniest glimpse of what the VMFA could have prevented by the simple act of restoring two small flags.  Too late now. The genie is out of the bottle...

Or, to use the metaphor literally depicted in the video, Susan was the first pebble dropped into a pond, and by now, the ripples have become a tidal wave...

Congratulations, Virginia Flaggers! You have our honors and gratitude!
The VaFlagger's third memorial battle flag goes up at Cold Harbor, just 
in time for the group's third anniversary. Good job, Flaggers!


  1. I.. I.. Can't see it! Wonder if we will get a Google Satellite picture breakdown once again from Leben & Brooksie showing me why I can't see it.


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