Saturday, April 26, 2014

Assassinating Their Own Intellect...

...For the Pleasure of Denigration and Slander

My regular readers know that I have for some time skewered the floggers and their followers, especially Simpson, for their contemptible attacks on the intelligence of people they hate, especially Southern heritage folks.

Since my early days on the Internet, I've tried to avoid doing the same thing. It's easy to pop out with, "You idiot!" and I've fallen to the temptation before, though my attempts cannot possibly equate to the ugliness and nastiness of the same thing perpetrated by leftists.  But I've grown less and less tempted to do it with time, because it doesn't prove, or disprove, one's argument. Moreover, after watching the floggers and floggerettes do it for several years now, I find it both ugly and repulsive, and I don't want to contribute to that.

Besides, I assumed that Simpson and his peanut gallery were of average intellect or above, and their odious comments could be chalked up to the lack of integrity, not the lack of intelligence. So I've stuck with attacking and ridiculing their paucity of honor.

But I've had to re-think that. The way they grow studiedly oblivious to common sense in order to namecall (with "racism" being slightly more popular than "stupid" or some variant thereof), makes them look like the stupid ones. And how smart is it to make yourself look stupid?

Lemme  show you what I mean.

Who would argue that Brooks D. Simpson, Professor of History and Arizona State University, is not a brilliant man? Of course he is. He's shrewd, clever and incisive.

Or is he?

What person of average or higher intelligence would get on his own blog and make himself look idiotic, or at least ignorant, just for the pleasure of slandering people he doesn't like?

Unless he's already put up a newer one, his current post at Crossroads is a photo essay -- actually, I should say a screenshot essay -- that proves, with unimpeachable evidence (people's Facebook contacts -- >smirk< ...No, I'm not making this up!) that certain people he hates are ... wait for it; are you ready? -- RACIST!


Whoaaaa!!! I'm dumbstruck by the brillance!

He starts with the current lyin' media's frenzied claim that Clive Bundy is a racist for his remarks about minorities. I address that in a Backsass page HERE.

So then Simpson moves on to Michael Hill, president of the League of the South, and some comments he posted on Facebook recently. Both Simpson and the Texas scalawag, Andy Hall, feature screenshots of it on their flogs. I'll deal with the Crossroads copy-cat post here, and decide later whether Andy Hall's hate is worth blogging about.

Here is Hill's post.

Simpson follows it with, "You would think that high-minded advocates of Confederate heritage, people who argue that they aren’t racists, would drop Mr. Hill like a hot potato. So let’s see who he counts among his Facebook friends this morning:"

Why? Why would anyone think that?  Why would anyone do that? People with common sense and even the most basic knowledge of Facebook understand that being FB friends with someone doesn't mean you think exactly like whoever you friend, or whoever friends you.

I mean, people who can evaluate Facebook with even rudimentary intelligence understand that there are myriad reasons for friending someone; and they also know that Facebook friendship isn't necessarily the same thing as offline friendship, as explained by
1. a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.
 verb (used with object)
8. to add (a person) to one's list of contacts on a social-networking website

So a friend list on Facebook is a LIST OF CONTACTS.

I am FB friends with many writers, some of whom write erotic romance, which I do not write and do not agree with or approve of. I do not accept author services jobs at Word Slinger Boutique for erotica, erotic romance and related subjects. My website clearly states, "...we will not knowingly promote pornography, erotica, same-sex or multiple partner romance, or portrayals of pre-marital or extra-marital sex as acceptable and positive, or stories that encourage rape, incest, or bestiality, or portray reward, profit or benefit from illegal, immoral behavior."

Yet I'm Facebook friends with some authors who write such as this.

Why? Because online writers' communities pass along information about publishing, self-publishing, writing advice, tips about helpful software, promo and marketing, etc...  To be FB friends with an erotic romance writer, to share writing, publishing or promo information he or she has posted, does not mean I embrace erotica. And I don't "drop them like a hot potato" when they post information about their latest erotic romance release -- but for sure I don't promote it, either.

Most people with sense understand this.

Simpson follows his initial idiotic observation with screenshots of various images of Hill's friend list, showing people who are Facebook friends with him, some of whom are Southern heritage supporters, and continues his increasingly idiotic commentary

You can pretty much guess who shows up on the list. Simpson identifies one of 'em as  … the person who says she really doesn’t like the League of the South really likes Mr. Hill … twice, in fact  ...Sweet, sweet Connie …

He follows that with a couple of lame attempts to smear Susan Hathaway and Michael Givens that may appear clever, to those who have amputated their common sense, but he ruins it all with a lie at the end, "So y’all continue to stand by your man, folks. Just like you did with Matthew Heimbach."

Hilarious! Nobody stood by Heimbach, and everyone knows this except deluded leftist critics.

I, of course, don't attempt to answer for anyone but myself -- the people Simpson is attempting to slander with the ludicrous notion that Facebook friendship equals mental clonehood, are more than capable of answering for themselves, if they think Simpson's childlike accusations are worth it, which they probably don't.

But I do like showing him to be the liar he is so I'll answer for myself.

I've already made clear on this very blog how I feel about the turn the League has taken (Phone Booth Conventions), and while I may reject some views of Hill, Cushman and the new Southern nationalist movement, I agree with others. But even if I disagreed with all of them, I wouldn't suddenly start hating these folks. They are Southerners. They are my people, and I hold them in impersonal but genuine regard for that reason alone. They would have to do something truly, deeply egregious to destroy my regard.

To understand why I will not remove myself from Michael Hill's FB friend list because of Simpson's disgusting attempts to smear, recall this scene from Star Trek, The Search for Spock. As the Genesis planet self-destructs, Klingon Kruge has everyone beamed up to his ship except himself, Kirk, and the unconscious Spock.
Kirk: You should take the Vulcan, too.
Kruge: No.
Kirk: But why?
Kruge: Because you wish it!
It can also be explained by the pure cussedness I inherited from my Southern Appalachian forebears. I ain't doing it because you think I should, Simpson. And your integrity is going to have to take a sky-rocketing rise, due up, before anything you say shames or motivates me.

And now on to some idiotic floggerette peanut gallery comments:

From Rob "Tu Quoque" Bakur -- What’s interesting in this respect, is that Hill is fairly well known in this Heritage/Southern States’ Rights crowd, that people would seek him out to send that friend request. I’d be interested to know who he sought out, believing that they think like him.

How do you know he sought out everyone on his friend list? There are various methods for friending on Facebook -- I've received numerous bot announcements telling me to try "Friend Finder." I don't know how these apps choose people for you to friend, or whether Dr. Hill used one. But ya know what? I'd venture to guess Bakur doesn't know that, either.

Roger E.Watson -- Where’s Billy ? He’s one of those “White Devils” !! ;-)

Ridiculous. Billy's an angel -- part honeycomb, part mighty Georgia oak. A sweet Southern man. He is put in flogger crosshairs a lot because he's handsome and effective, and Southern heritage folks esteem him. He's a wonderful example of why minorities who've been goaded by their leaders to hate whitey -- even  to "kill whitey",  as Liberty Lamprey's graphic meme puts it -- are wrong.

(Next buncha Bundy comments >snipped<.)

Al Mackey sez, "Mr. Rodent has claimed, “My own views on Southern Nationalism and my lack of patience with it are well documented.” [] ...   Apparently, Mr. Rodent thinks he can talk the talk, but he certainly doesn’t walk the walk. As I responded to him, “we are known by those with whom we choose to associate. There’s an old saying, “Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.” Talk is cheap … . Actions speak louder than words.”

What walk? What actions? Is Carl a member of the League? Has Dr. Hill ever posted on Carl's wall? Has Carl ever posted on Dr. Hill's wall? Or the League's FB wall? If so, WHAT DID THEY SAY, AL?

Do you, a man of supposedly average intelligence, truly, honestly define clicking the "accept" button on a Facebook friend request to be ASSOCIATING WITH?

I would challenge Al to post on his blog all the "associating with" between Dr. Hill and Carl, but it would be a waste of time. He won't do it, even if he could find something to construe as an "association." And if he COULD find something, I would challenge him show us that it constitutes agreement with "racism" (however it is Mackey conceptualizes that) and not just agreement with Dr. Hill's deep affection and high regard for his region, or his taste in music, or any number of other factors.

See? Mackey's not gonna do that.

Next, several of them have a floggasm -- over my recent post about the war-as-murder meme and an error I made about a book with that theme, and for which I apologized -- that was fun to watch.

This is followed by Andy Hall showing his ongoing fascination with and contempt for Gary Adams and the SHPG. Nothing stirs the righteous anger of a self-appointed civil war thought cop like like Gary and the SHPG ... unless it's Susan and the VaFlaggers (or Hill and the LOTS, or Cushman and the SNN, or Givens and the SCV....)

As of this writing, the last person to post a comment is none other than Wonder Woman herself, Kristen Schroeder Konate, who sez:

Oh my. The Confederate Carnival is a comic strip that just keeps on giving. I’ve never seen such a circus of characters go at it. It’s a mass pileup of hysteria – someone’s white hood flew out of their backpack and they’re scurrying like roaches.

Is that not hilarious?

I love to read this broad's comments. Her dim understanding of metaphor, other figures of speech, and especially sarcastic namecalling, is truly mystifying. Her "flaggerettes" is obviously a ripoff of my "floggerettes" but has no logical connection to Flaggers as mine does to floggers.

Perhaps she needs a little education on "ette".
a noun suffix occurring originally in loanwords from French, where it has been used in a variety of diminutive and hypocoristic formations ( brunette; cigarette; coquette; etiquette; rosette  ); as an English suffix, -ette,  forms diminutives ( kitchenette; novelette; sermonette  ), distinctively feminine nouns ( majorette; usherette  ), and names of imitation products ( leatherette  ).
Thus, "floggerette" is a  hypocoristic form taken from "flogger," and indicates Simpson mouthpieces, comment bots and others who hang around the Crossroads comment thread echo chamber.

There are no Flaggerettes, only Flaggers, and no logical basis for employing the hypocoristic form.

And don't you just love her mixed metaphors? 

A comic strip that just keeps on giving...

What a scream!

I've hesitated to point out Konate's verbal idiocy before, trying to be nice, which is more than you can say for her -- but it's time for me to step up to the plate and lay my cards on the table. After all, she makes it as easy as shooting monkeys in a barrel.

What I don't understand, though, is how she conceptualizes what she claims. I mean, who is scurrying like roaches? I'm still here. The VaFlaggers are still in Virginia, flagging. (Boy, howdy, are they flagging! They're, like, flagging ... like, on steroids!) The SHPG is still on Facebook.

Where has everyone scurried to? They all seem to be present and accounted for.

I suspect Konate is just trying to impress her learned flogger and floggerette friends. (Snicker, snicker...)

After all, it's not hard to impress people who have amputated their common sense. In fact, it's as easy as falling off a piece of cake.


  1. You might want to add Jimmy Dick to your list although he doesn't have a blog. The other people you mention, Hall, Simpson, Baker, Mackey, they either ignorant of actual facts are they are just filled with so much hate for anything Confederate they refuse to acknowledge true facts. I have had "discussions" with each of them and as usual I can expect each and every one of them to start right off with insults. They cannot, with all their education, stick to the facts. That is willful ignorance.

    Now the way to beat these people is by facts. Expose them for what they are bigots and cowards. I say cowards because each and every one of them hides behind the edit/delete/ban button. I have challenged each and everyone one of them to come out and play at my blog or website or even here at Backsass. To be honest that is why I am here, I know they read your blog, for Simpson make the comment or something close to "go join Connie." So I did and they still can't shut me up!!!!!!!!!

    To date TuPac Baker is the only one who has proven he has the backbone to do show up at my blog. He left with his panties in a wad.

    Did Bundy really make some racist comment? According to this blog there may be more to the story than what meets the ear

    I can't hear well enough to listen to the video so I tried to find a transcript of Bundy's remarks. If you can please post.

    George Purvis
    Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education

    Cold Southern Steel (blog)

  2. Bravo Connie! Once again you expose these people and show the world they're total lack of decency and common sense.

    This sci-fi fanboy especially loved your Star Trek III reference, it fits perfectly and put a smile on my face. I also like to do movie quotes and references. For instance when it comes to our dear Professor Simpson my overall perspective of him is similar to Donald Pleasence observation of Michael Myers in the "Halloween" (1978) when he said: "For the first ten years of his life I tried to reach him and for the next ten years I tried to keep him locked away, because what I saw behind those eyes was purely evil." (Okay maybe I am exaggerating my overall respect for his ability to influence anything beyond his peanut gallery, but still....)

    Your expert analysis of the character flaws of each of the main Flogger sycophants was spot on. It's almost like shooting fish in a barrel to point out the failings in their arguments. For myself I don't even find it challenging anymore from an intellectual perspective. Frankly I have seen more creative taunting and name-calling from preteen punks around my library than I have from these alleged "smart people" with all their degrees and no doubt hours of correspondence courses to get certified as high school history teachers. Still I enjoy watching you do so Connie, and enjoy the manner in which you shoot down even their most creative arguments - not that they have too many of them.

  3. So it seems that Dr. Michael Hill has articulated a distinct preference for living among those who share his ethnic characteristics, and this simple fact has reduced the English only whites at Crossroads to a condition of hysterical frenzy. All the whites at Crossroads are now competing with one another to determine which of them can denounce the "racism" of Dr. Hill most vociferously (in English, of course). White male Brooks Simpson originally posted the thread in English, borrowing the information from the blog site of white male Andy Hall, who also posted in English. White male Rob Baker was another who jumped into the fray, writing in English and the shiny, very bald head of white male "Ignorant Al Mackey" also screeched his criticisms, in English. More and more angry Crossroads whites protested, in English, the sentiments of Dr. Hill, and eventually so many whites were howling, in English, that Crossraods had the look of a Klan rally. Interestingly, "Ignorant Al Mackey" made a comment, in English, about "actions speak louder than words", and I thought this would be a fun theme to explore.

    Brooks Simpson has told us that he lives in Gilbert Arizona. Gilbert Arizona is 83% white (, and Gilbert Arizona has a Mayor and Town Council that is 100% white (, and here is what the Gilbert Department of Fire and rescue looks like
    ( Oh, and here is a guide to some of the Gilbert Parks ( Note that everything on the Gilbert Town site is written in English, and just look at the montage of the whites in Gilbert! I can't find any minorities in the photographs! Looks like the only difference between Dr. Hill and Brooks Simpson, is that Dr. Hill is open and honest about his preference about living among his own kind, whereas Simpson is just a cowardly fraud on the issue. Remember, "Ignorant Al Mackey says "actions speak louder than words"!

    PS- We'll take a close look at the very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, white Air Force next :)

  4. I have to defer the commentary ridiculing the hypocrisy of the uber white Al Mackey, because the white man from the white town with the white town council is attacking another "racist" (in English, of course). It seems one Valerie Protopapas, of Huntington Station, New York, has run afoul of the Crossroads Inquisition, and, evidently, now must be branded a "racist". Hungtington Station, New York, by the way, is 71 per cent white and 11 per cent black. Huntington Station also has a black Council woman on its town council. Gilbert, Arizona, where the white Brooks "Torquemada" Simpson resides, is 83 per cent white and a paltry 3 per cent black. It's town council is 100 per cent white. Yet despite this de facto white separatism Simpson practices, it is always someone else who is the "racist". What a despicable flipping' hypocritical jackass Simpson is.

    PS- Ever consider who Simpson has written most extensively about? Well, there is white male U.S. Grant, and white male Henry Adams, and white male Abraham Lincoln, and white male Andrew Johnson. Just lots and lots of white males.

    1. Ms Valerie Protopapas is a member of Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education. She is in the later part of life, but don't let that fool you, she is still pretty darn sharp. Simpson would do well to stick to his insults when dealing with Ms Protopapas, because when it comes to facts she will tear him a new one.


  5. Brooks took a shot at me - Pffffft- but more important than that, I found a quarter in the parking lot at Wal-Mart today !
    Life is good !

  6. Connie
    Keep up the good work I wonder why these fellers are so scared of Southerns, maybe they know they are wrong and the masses will find out.

  7. Kristen said this at Simpsons Blog, she was referring to Karen Cooper

    lenastorheim on September 8, 2013 at 3:03 pm said:
    I’ll pay for her ticket to a country in Africa – of my choice.

    Yeeeesh !


  9. Connie, the only thing wrong is the title of your post. These people didn't assassinate their own characters....they committed suicide. LOL!

  10. Like Brooks Simpson, Kevin Levin just keeps adding and adding and adding to his nearly impeccable credentials as a de facto white separatist. It is well-known by now that Levin earns his living by teaching at school that is overwhelmingly white (some say it is 100% white), and that he also maintains a blog site that is frequented by virtually all-white bloggers. At present, Levin has yet another thread up in which he wails, whines, snivels, and complains about the "white supremacy" of Southern Nationalists. And among the whites offering commentary (no minorities have commented yet and it is highly doubtful any will) is still another de facto white separatist, Andy Hall. As a Nautical Archaeololgist, Hall's profession is among the whitest of the white, so let's take a brief look. As a result of his research in the field of Nautical and Maritime History, Hall has published a book that is now available on Amazon. Included in Hall's biographical information is the fact that for 20 years Andy Hall has worked with the Texas Historical Commission. Here are the white, oops, I mean all-white, Commissioners of the Texas Historical Commission:

    Let's proceed. Halls Amazon biographical information also tells us he was, for approximately seven years, deeply involved with a Nautical Archaeological project called the "Denbigh Project" in association with Texas A&M University. Below is a link to the white, ooops, I mean all-white, Denbigh project team.

    About a year ago, Andy Hall was invited by the Liberty County Historical Commission to give a lecture. Below is a photo of the white, ooops, I mean all-white, Liberty Historical Commissioners:

    At this point, I must say, in seems to be an absolute fippin' toss up as to who, Brooks Simpson, Kevin Levin, Al Mackey or Andy Hall, is the biggest de facto white separatist. I swear, if any of them actually had to speak to an African-American, they would probably shift awkwardly, stare at the floor, and mumble, "wow, that Lebron James sure is some basketball payer, huh?"

    Bunch of miserable, phony, grandstanding hypocritical frauds, the lot of 'em.

    1. Proving, once again, that if you're a flogger, you don't have to WALK the WALK, if you TALK and TALK and TALK the TALK. Sickening.


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