Monday, November 2, 2015

Fake Anonymous Hate List Targets Innocent Heritage Folks

Recently, rumors in the media indicated that the hacker group Anonymous was preparing to release the names of 1,000 "secret" KKK members. Operation KKK, or "Opkkk," was scheduled to be released November 5th.
Over the weekend of November 1st, people in the Southern heritage community, including myself, received via the Internet a link that took us to a document at a text hosting site, Pastebin, comprising a list of people's names followed by varying information about each person. The document hosted on the anonymous text storage site is accessible by anyone who has the URL.

There were other lists on the site, but the one I'm discussing comprises 35 entries for 36 people, as one entry listed two individuals. The closest thing to a title for the document is: kkk  Presumably, this list is supposed to comprise the first 36 of those thousand people, although it is highly questionable whether the group listing the KKK information is actually Anonymuous.
    First,  the information appears to be only that which can be easily gathered online, with Google, not with hacking. The real Anonymous would have posted private emails sent and received (not just email addresses), passwords and other protected online information -- the sort of information that cannot be accessed anonymously without hacking.  As noted, none of the information on the list is hacked; it is all readily available online to anyone who takes the time to get it.
    If this is the work of the real Anonymous, they are plummeting in hacking expertise. Some of the information is ludicrous as "proof" of kkk affiliation or anything else. The type of automobile the individual owns, the VIN, IP addresses indicate kkk affiliation? These items aren't even proof of identity, let alone group membership, be it the Shriners, the Weekend Anglers' Club or the local high school band boosters. Moreover, the information also included blatantly misspelled names -- the correct spelling of which is readily available online -- and other inaccurate data. The information is not uniform but varies by individual, and is not presented in a coherently formatted manner. In short, this is the work of amateur sleuths presenting what they could find -- not what they hacked.
    A few other things to note about this list.
    --Only four names on the list are identified with the KKK in any way.
    --A number are associated with what has been identified as white supremacy groups, although some have been defunct for years, something the real Anonymous would know.
    --At least one name is not showing an affiliation with any group whatever, or to a blog, or any sort of connection to anything -- which is either very sloppy "hacking" -- or a blatant example of deliberate deception.
    --The rest of the names on the list are of people who are in various Confederate heritage and history groups which are not white supremacist groups, or individuals who publish personal writings in support of Confederate heritage.
    For several years, and especially in the past few months, there has been a concerted effort by some individuals affiliated with the radical political left and with academia to use the mendacious "links and ties" method of guilt-by-association to attribute hatred and violence to Confederate heritage supporters by implying affiliation with racist groups. Many heritage supporters believe this fake "Anonymous" development is just the latest attack in that effort.
    It is further noted that the non-hacked information-gathering of the "kkk" document is the exact type of info-gathering exhibited by several anti-Confederate bloggers in an ongoing effort to lie about, harass and persecute the Confederate heritage community.
    There is also concern that the people behind this fake Anonymous attack on Confederate heritage wish to bring violence and physical harm to heritage supporters. This has prompted several individuals targeted on the "kkk" list to notify the Federal Bureau of Investigation and appropriate law enforcement agencies in their areas.
    The inclusion of Confederate heritage supporters in a "kkk" listing -- even a fake one by a fake hacker group -- is a baldface lie that starkly illustrates the moral bankruptcy of people who put out the list, and the dupes who believe it.

But what's worse are the vile verbal attacks and implied and overt threats sent to these heritage folks because of the list, most of they via Twitter. The filthy language and the instructions (for example,  "die, bitch") are simply breathtaking. And remember, they are coming from that segment of the population that's supposed to be oh, so tolerant and loving.


Interestingly, about 24 hours after I first learned of the Pastebin list, the real Anonymous Hacker collective issued statements that begin showing up in various media outlets.  They confirm my statements that the first list was not released by them and is thus a fake, a hoax, and the implications that heritage folks are kkk members are baldfaced lies.



I know this is going to greatly distress and disappoint some heritage haters who want to see heritage folks hurt, injured and otherwise victimized ...  but there's no help for it. Truth is truth.


  1. Note, I wrote and posted an earlier version of this Backsass information to the Pastbin site, here:

  2. Connie FYI about the feller in Tupelo MS
    Marshall W. Leonard, 61, is the man who was arrested for throwing a bomb inside a Walmart in Tupelo.
    HERE'S THE TRUTH about Marshall Leonard:
    1. He is a member of the NAACP.
    2. He is a militant homosexual.
    3. He is a Yankee with a criminal history in Wisconsin and Illinois.
    4. He has a history of militant left-wing activism.
    5. He crashed more than one meeting of Mississippi On Guard, to argue with them to "join forces with the NAACP to change the state flag." He was asked never to come back.
    6. HE INTENDED TO GET CAUGHT, WHICH IS WHY HE HAD A FLAG ON HIS VEHICLE WHEN HE THREW HIS BOMB. He did not attempt to take the noticeable flag off, and drove erratically on purpose so that he would be stopped by the Tupelo Police.

  3. "Fake Anonymous Hate List Targets Innocent Heritage Folks"

    ...and the real "Anonymous" has too.

    I'm very unimpressed with their list. They promised 1000 but delivered only about 400. The supposed reason is- "they removed some names to carry out further investigations" -yet they claim they've been working on this for 11 months.

    They promised to "unhood" elected officials, &c, but there are only two on the list that ran for public office (small towns) and both lost.

    The list looks like something you could come up with doing google searches. And if you find a klansman on facebook then -bam- all you have to do is check their friend list and you've got 50 more.

    One of their sources is-

    1. How would the Anonymous group know about this obscure, rarely visited site? and...
    2. Why would they think it reliable?

    They include Susan Hathaway which is ridiculous and only serves to discredit them. Susan has about as much chance as being a klansman as Kevin the Carpetbagger.

  4. My FB page has been listed, and my identity has been confused with someone that lives over 1500 miles away. I have already received disgusting messages and my home address is listed as well. Sickening! Now all I can do is hope some loon doesn't take it seriously and show up on my doorstep. This "info dump" is listing innocent people and their addresses, that is irresponsible!!!


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