Sunday, March 23, 2014

Misrepresenting What an Author Writes

Amazing. So, what we have here is someone deliberately misrepresenting what an author wrote in order to gain points from the usual suspects, including the always reliable Billy Bearden. You remember Billy, don’t you? Now watch other people defend or excuse that practice.     ~ Brooks Simpson 
Simpson is an expert at that. Here's an example of his deliberately misrepresenting what I wrote by omitting part of it, and taking it back to his blog to gain points from his floggerette peanut gallery. He did so to try to make me look uninformed about the Emmett Till case, or unsympathetic toward the victim.

He has misrepresented my novels in the same way, although the freely admits he hasn't read them.

Whatever he chooses to attempt to smear heritage folks with, you can pretty much bank on his being guilty of the same and usually much worse.


  1. Simpson is coming apart at the seams. He is now exhibiting all the sad and pathetic characteristics of a deluded, warped, obsessed, handwringing, beady-eyed, mad-scientist. His students and colleagues have surely lost almost all respect for him at this point, and the ASU administration is likely not sure what to do. As he lecherously prowls the internet in the dark, wee hours, he is becoming more creepy, more grotesque, and more vulgar minute-by-minute.

    1. and he nor any of his buddies have proven that the war was caused by slavery. The only way they can win is ban us from posting to their pages.

    2. This is very true. They are desperately afraid of honest debate

  2. Simpson spends his time scanning Confederate heritage facebook pages for every mis-statement he can find. Must not have much to do. I have read he has teaching assistants that do most of his work.

  3. See my comments at

  4. Even when they are caught lying, these people continue to tell the lie despite having their lies exposed. They simply double down on them.

    For instance both Levin and Hall were caught red handed when they attempted to claim I wrote two different "letters" (very different, as in different writing styles entirely LOL!) on their pages from someone named Amanda....a lie that was exposed by Corey Meyer of all people spilling the beans on that little conspiracy to someone he thought was one of their allies at the time.
    Oh and Tatum can tell you his own story about how they tried, and again failed, to come up with some stupid little fiction about him also.

    Yet despite being caught, and despite the fact most of these misrepresentations amount to nothing outside of their ever-shrinking circle of fans (*even my decade old fanfiction has more fans than all their pages put together....YES!), these Floggers continue to amuse only themselves repeating the same lies that just makes them look like fools to everyone else.


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