Sunday, March 30, 2014

Blooper of the Month

This month's blooper comes from a man who is a professor at a major state university and who is critical of Southern heritage enough to lie, harass, persecute and denigrate heritage folks, almost always over nothing -- such as an insignificant typo ... a typo that was clearly acknowledged by the one who made it.

Said blooper was made in the very post denigrating the typo and the one who made it

Screenshot of his blooper that appeared at his slimy flog:

With with?  

If you're going to denigrate somebody for a simple mistake -- the erroneous addition of one, o-n-e, (1),  alpha character -- you'd better make sure your denigration prose is error-free ... especially if you are professing to be a flippin' PROFESSOR.


And can you say Karma? Kinda puts me in mind of of this...

Except it's not really redneck road rage. It's a Flogger foot-in-mouth show. LOL!!!  How do you spell comeuppance?  B-r-o-o-k-s   D.  S-i-m-p-s-o-n.


  1. Every day Simpson more closely resembles a caricature of the grinning, scheming, beady-eyed, hand-wringing, imbalanced, diabolical professor. But that's not even the funniest. What's funnier is that while correcting my typo, I committed another typo. I wrote:

    "As much as I loather Baker...

    Note the word "loather" instead of "loathe". The typo is identical to the original typo, whereby I inadvertently added a character at the end of the word. Notice that the grinning Nutty Professor said absolutely nothing about it. But the "with with" from the dopey Professor is flippin' priceless. Just pure flippin' gold. Here he is all supercilious about a typo, and he commits one!! ROFLMAO@ the Nutty Professor!!! lolololol!

    PS- Moron Mackey tried to pile on, but he just ended up looking like the dimwit fraud he is. Those guys are more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

  2. Are Y'all talkin about the Professor who uses "Irreguardless"
    Then has Al Mackey, in his comment's section give me an erroneous lesson in grammar. Then fails to correct Al's misinformation and continues to bash me ?

  3. Over at "Crossroads" the Nutty Professor has corrected his typo. "With with" now reads "with whom". Evidently he realized that his own typo completely and utterly discredited his "criticism", so he corrected it. He did not, however, criticize himself for the typo. He is such a contemptible and pathetic jackass.

    1. He didn't acknowledge that he made the error or that he had fixed it, unlike moi, when he pointed out MY typo, HERE. Petty little man....

  4. Simpson's ego simply won't allow him to admit fault.
    I learned a long time ago, " The only person who doesn't make a mistake is the one who isn't doing anything".
    I have looked at his comment's section. His supporters make frequent spelling errors which he ignores. Go figure -----

    1. Not only that, but he berates Border Ruffian and others for their anonymous screen names, and never utters a peep about the lamprey eel's obviously fake screen handle, Liberty Lamp. Slimy double standard...and, of course, he's not a bit concerned about or ashamed of his blatant hypocrisy...

  5. Simpson lacks in character and conscience,
    "Character" is how you handle yourself when you think no one is watching.
    "Conscience" is the sense of what is right and wrong that governs somebody's thoughts and actions.
    But I guess when you have "Tenure", character and conscience fall by the wayside.

  6. It keeps getting better and better. Baker joined the discussion and thought the typo was actually in his original post. Simpson corrected him, but in so doing the two idiots revealed just how meaningless the original typo actually was. Baker thought it was his TYPO!! And when Simpson created an entire thread on the typo, THAT VERY THREAD CONTAINED A TYPO OF HIS OWN!! Holy Smokes, someone PUT A TENT OVER THAT CIRCUS!! LOLOL!


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