Monday, March 17, 2014

Discord at Beauvoir

Kevin Levin is doing his usual battle flag gloomin' and doomin' at his ha-ha memory flog regarding some personnel issues at Beauvoir in Biloxi, Mississippi, the retirement home of President Jefferson Davis.

There's an article about it in the Sun-Herald, titled The Battle of Beauvoir, but it's pretty incoherent, so there's probably quite a bit we're not being told.

Anyhoo, the battle flag is involved some how, so Kevin writes at his flog:
The dispute is, in part, over the display of the Confederate flag on the grounds at Beauvoir. Beauvoir has undergone extensive renovation since Hurricane Katrina. A new presidential library was built along with exhibit space. From what I can tell the disagreement over the display of the flag has everything to do with lagging visitation and revenue. At the center is Hayes-Davis. (Emphasis mine)

Apparently, management is consulting with the Virginia Flaggers on how to respectfully and tastefully display the Confederate flag. I visited Beauvoir once years ago. It’s a beautiful site and one that deserves to be preserved and professionally interpreted. It looks like the Mississippi SCV is capable to doing neither.
Well, as far as I remember, the SCV did a fine job before Katrina. Of course, that really isn't the issue for Kevin and fellow floggers. The really important thing for these folks is to take (or create) every opportunity possible to (1) club the VaFlaggers, even when the issue/club has nothing to do with them and (2) to trash the battle flag.

Kevin has a track record of pointing out how "irrelevant" and the flag is becoming, and predicting its disappearance from the earth any day now because,  you know, it has such destructive power. I mean, just look at the places where big battle flags have been erected beside busy highways. Pestilence, ruin and death follow and surround the battle flag wherever it goes... like in Tampa:

 And central Alabama.
Of course, it looks pretty silly to attribute a fall-off in Beauvoir tourist visits to the presence of the battle flag, when there is no history of that happening before. But that's what Levin latches onto without a single neuron firing with the possibility that there COULD be other factors involved.  For example, if there was a general decline in tourism to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, that would likely contribute to a decline in visitors to Beauvoir. Ya think?

Yes, but has there BEEN a decline in tourism to the Mississippi Gulf Coast?

Why, yes, there has! Biloxi's WLOX reported on it just last month!

Alabama tourism booming while Mississippi struggles

But do you think Levin will acknowledge this factual information? Not if it deprives him of a "reason" to trash the flag and club the VaFlaggers over the head with a figurative Louisville Slugger. That's just how it is in the floggosphere....


Kevin actually let my comment through moderation. He replied, ""Go back and read the post again. I did say that the news article lacks clarity regarding the exact nature of the problem at Beauvoir. I also cited attendance in the post."

He linked them together. "From what I can tell," he sed, "the disagreement over the display of the flag has everything to do with lagging visitation and revenue." The implication is that displaying the flag is causing the fall off in visitation and revenue, which would be right in line with his history of attributing evil effects to the battle flag, from bad breath to sinkholes and from globull warming to the Seattle's shellacking of Denver in the Superbowl. Okay, I made that part up. But he does have absolutely zero objectivity about the flag that always shows up in flog posts like this one.


  1. I have visited the Mississippi Gulf Coast for years as an auditor for The Salvation Army and always found it joy to see the Flag of the Confederate States of America flying at Beauvoir and pray that it will always fly over this hallowed spot where so many of our brave and noble veterans sleep awaiting the final bugle call from the Great Commander.

  2. I've always called him the "Master of Spin"

    1. Calling the incoherent little troll a "Master" of anything gives him far more credit than he deserves.

  3. At Levin's flog, Al Mackey sez the battle flag doesn't belong because it was the soldiers' flag, not the flag of the Confederate government... Howsomever, the Confederate Constitution sez, "Sec. 2. (I) The President shall be Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy of the Confederate States, and of the militia of the several States, when called into the actual service of the Confederate States...."

    As the Commander in Chief of the soldiers and sailors of the Confederacy, the battle flag was as much his as it was theirs.

    1. Al Mackey needs to help me "till" my garden.

  4. the photos remind me of the naacp boycott of South Carolina over the battleflag flying on Statehouse grounds. Tourism and spending in South Carolina increases every year.

  5. Mackey is as dumb as a box of hammers, so his stupid commentary is to be expected. But watching Levin lap up his idiocy is flippin priceless. Following Mackey's "logic", I wonder if Levin thinks it is inappropriate for Israel to commemorate the Holocaust, inasmuch as Israel didn't exist during that terrible event. These idiots just don't think anything through, and they are just so damn ignorant

  6. As near as I can find out, the issue at Beauvoir has more to do with a clash of egos within the Mississippi SCV and some of the descendants of President Davis. That and apparently those in immediate charge have no clue how to run a business.

    The flag issue is just the one being harped on - and even I have to agree that a battle flag that covers half the porch is a bit much. A simple 4 X 4 battle flag on a pole, or to one side on the porch, or even regular 3 X 5 Confederate nationals hung between the columns on special occasions would be sufficient to honor our heritage and the flag without compromising on the principles involved.

    As for the rest the issue is just another way for the Confederaphobes to amuse themselves.

  7. There's a picture of the flag on the porch here:

    I think whoever got mad and quit her job over it was over-reacting.

    1. Oh is that all?
      Wow they made it sound like the whole half of the porch to the ground was one huge battle flag.

      Still a regular-sized 3 X 5 would have been enough, but you're right still they overreacted.

    2. Ms Chastain
      Keep attacking them don't let up. They are evil yankee Puritans, I am a member of the Mississippi SCV and I for one will never agree to not displaying the battle flag at our Beavouir.It is the finial resting place for many Confederate Soldiers and it's our responsilblty and duty to respect them.
      Deo Vendice

  8. will be in Biloxi in july, and have planned to visit Beauvoir.


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