Friday, March 28, 2014

Excited! Smallfoot in Beta Reads

Chris Dupree never believed in crypto-primates -- 
until they threatened the woman  he loved.

I'm excited! Beta readers have started reading  Love in Smallfoot Alley, a novella about a sweet Alabama girl, the misogynist who falls in love with her, a mysterious medical research facility under contract to the Pentagon, and strange creatures that roam the forests of west Alabama and endanger the heroine's life.

Front cover for print and ebook versions has been finalized. Still to do: the back-cover blurb, any minor edits and re-writes indicated by the beta readers, typesetting (print book) and formatting (ebook) and finalizing the video trailer.

After that -- on to Little Sister, Neo-Confederate, Catamount, Gone South and Flagger!

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