Monday, March 10, 2014

For Floggers, It's Hate, Not History

Proof comes all the time. You'll find the latest proof in Simpson's most recent Bash-the-VaFlaggers post at Crossroads, and the attached comment thread. Try to find some history there...just try.

About the new I-95 flag project, he sez, "... it will be the same story all over again, and that bores me."

Sure it does. That's why he got all involved with a group in Richmond trying to stop the first flag project, because it bores him. That's why he sent tweet after tweet after tweet to the the Richmond media, trying to sic them on the VaFlaggers, because it bores him. That's why he he made something like 50 blog posts in the two months leading up to the first flag raising, because it bores him. That is why he immersed himself in Google Earth, trying to figure out the site of the flag project, because it bores him.That's why he has repeatedly harassed Susan regarding her job, because it bores him.

He sez, "They say that if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again."

I dunno, folks. This looks pretty successful to me:

Success is saying you're gonna do something and then doing it.

He sez, "It appears that Hathaway and company learned from the missteps surrounding their initial foray into a business that other organizations have pulled off without much trouble. In fact, they’ve taken my advice to find a taller flagpole and to proceed without the usual self-serving fanfare."

Fanfare? The VaFlaggers did not send an announcement to any media outlet concerning the I-95 Flag. Susan was contacted by a guy at Mother Jones who said someone sent info to him. That started the media fanfare.

The rest of the fanfare was played not by the VaFlaggers, but by critics and opponents, like Kristen Konate and her idiotic petition, by the reactionary but unproductive "United RVA" and, most of all, by Simpson's 50 or so posts in the two months leading up to the flag raising, and in the comments of his floggerette peanut gallery; and in the scorn and derision of other flogger blogs. 

The so-called "self-serving fanfare" -- that is, the verbal harassment and attempts at intimidation -- even continued after the flag was raised. Remember, "All That Fuss for This?" when HE was the one making the fuss? And let's not forget Al Mackey's ridicule because the clearing of the trees didn't fit his timetable....

People who support the VaFlaggers understand they are a volunteer, grassroots group. They donate their time and services, and finance their participation themselves. Donations from others are often a spontaneous show of support, or the result of some quiet and modest fundraising efforts, with no "self-serving fanfare."

I found Bob Nelson's comment about crane-rentals to be like deja vu all over again. Remember Liberty Lamprey's nay-saying about the first I-95 flag?

You might be right, they might be successful in getting that flag up, but I think they are going to run into a lot of problems and issues.

I think cost is going to be their major issue.

They estimated $3000 for the flag and pole but have they included the monthly payments for the land it is on?

They signed a lease, I am guessing there is some sort of rental payment for the piece of property?

But, let’s just say some good ol’ boy supporter is letting them install their “performance art” for no charge, then what about this paranoid induced need for fencing, lights and … security cams?

Who is going to pick up the electric bill for these big flood lights and 24 hour camera surveillance?

How are they going to get the wiring done and make it weather proof?

That was from the brilliant, Hollywood fantasy style Nazi-fighter who also said the I-95 flag project was a hoax . But all his doomsaying amounted to nothing. So learn from that and don't worry, Mr. Nelson. They got it covered.

Yep, hate is boring, no doubt. It's a bit brace that bores holes in the hater's heart ... and head.


  1. BRAVO Connie! As usual you picked up the glove and slapped Simpleton and his band of misfits across the face with it, and their response....

    " Confederates?"

  2. 150 seperate blog threads and it "bores" him. What a pathetic clown. Not only does it not "bore" him, but he positively has a twisted, fiendish, Moby Dick obsession with all of it. As for Mackey's world-class hypocrisy, remember the buffoonish Air Force General recently sacked for public drunkenness? Not a peep out of Mackey. Not a flippin peep. Think Mackey would have had something to say if a Virginia Flagger had made the news in such a way? The dishonesty and hypocrisy of these bozos is shocking.

  3. Is it too early to talk about flag #3 ?

  4. The U.S. started the war. The C.S. simply wanted to be let alone.

  5. Those remarks of Bob Nelson are quite a surprise. Have exchanged posts with him on another board, have personally communicated with him. He has appeared to be quite respectful of Confederate heritage, understanding the reasons Confederates fought. But, it looks like a horse of another color when is in the company of the Flogerette good ol boys.

  6. "Since the announcement of the first I-95 Memorial Battle Flag, we have been contacted by several landowners wanting to be a part of these projects and we have several more in various stages of development."
    Susan Hathaway


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