Thursday, March 27, 2014

The War on Confederate Heritage

Yet another salvo in that war to erase Confederate heritage and evilize white Southerners who refuse to knuckle under to an arbitrary politically correct viewpoint. Video here:

TX school asks student to remove confederate shirt

Anybody who tries to tell you, "Oh, it's just the battle flag that's offensive, because it was tarnished by the KKK and racists during the civil rights era," is either lying or duped. The goal of the left is the total erasure of any and all Confederate artifacts from the Southern landscape, and all traces of the Confederacy from the American memory.


  1. This kid's a double offender. Has a Christian cross around his neck...

  2. Growing up in Texas in the 70's and 80's, nobody said anything about our Confederate gear. But then,
    we didn't have many Northern transplants here,
    back then. Texas is starting
    to go the way of Florida. I
    can almost call Dallas south
    Minneapolis, without exaggeration.


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