Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hatred of Southerners on Blatant Display

Here:  The South’s victim complex: How right-wing paranoia is driving new wave of radicals

The article is leftist sewage. Best I've been able to discover thus far, the author, Matthew Pulver, has no other leftist hate-mongering articles in Salon, but has several articles at Flagpole Magazine in Athens, Georgia, home of the University (what a surprise, huh) of Georgia. I hope I get some time to skim these articles, but you can tell just from the titles they drip with toxic leftism.

But what's even more interesting is the hate spewing forth from the Salon comment threads. Although she's a Confederacy-hater, commenter LynnRobb gets some things right. She nails it with this:
What do you think Germany or Japan would be like today if no one had lifted a finger to help feed them or rebuild their infrastructure and economies after WWII?  That is what happened to the South, and it took almost a century for it to pull itself up by its bootstraps and become economically viable again.

Coupled with the kind of hateful attitude toward Southerners expressed in most of the 642 posts (so far), perhaps the South is justified in both feeling victimized and distrusting liberals.
Ah, Mr. or Ms. Robb,  you're injecting entirely too much reality into the discussion. Don't you know that gittin' your leftist hate on is soooo much more fun?  Like this:

:Too bad my ancestors let the southern traitors off as easy as they did.  They should have killed every inbred* hillbilly they found in Georgia.
(LynnRobb asks: @TCinLA You DO realize you are advocating ethnic cleansing, right? ButTCinLA doesn't reply! Gasp! What a surprise! And I guess TC doesn't realize that quite a number of hillbillies in the north Georgia mountains were unionists.)
Spoken like a true, never can admit defeat, low-bred, low-educated southerner**Yay you.
It may need burning down again. ... Where is Sherman when you need him. And where are the lions? ... It is awful, the people dumb, their policies and poltics stupid and dangerous. I've been working on getting out since my ill fated decision to move down here. A total cesspool.

It's not just a racial thing.  In fact, I would argue that's the least important aspect of the problem.  It's the whole Southern mentality, the hyper-religiosity, and the contempt for education and science.  These are things that can't be imposed by outsiders.  It has to happen from within and the chances of that ever happening are vanishingly small.

...these fools world view is heavily predicated on preserving the social order ...

...Look at the rapid minority growth, that is causing the southern whites to freakout and pass Jim Crow voter laws. (Passing laws to prevent the voter fraud so expertly practiced for generations by the left isn't "freaking out". The left hates honest elections--cw)

There's more, and I even left a few comments, but leftists are hermetically sealed off from any viewpoints other than their own, so it's pretty pointless.

But for people who say we "need" to be hated, but really aren't hated, the comment thread at Salon proves them abysmally wrong. 
*Hate words in red.


  1. I honestly don't understand their hate toward us. We only care about our own laws, and people, and yet they act like what we do here actually affects them up North. However, it doesn't affect them, so they should stay out of our business. We give them that courtesy (don't remember Southrons ever complaining about New York City's draconian gun laws) so why can't they reciprocate?

    I just hope their hate for us is enough for them to want to form their own country apart from us, so they don't have to bare living within the same borders. Oh, what a happy day that will be for everyone.

    1. Logan, they can't reciprocate because they are either leftists, or they're extremely influenced by leftism. And once you understand the true nature of leftism, you will understand why they can't leave us alone.

      Leftism hides behind liberalism, or a mutation of it -- social liberalism -- so it can palm itself off as concerned about the masses. It is concerned about egalitarianism (including feminism), welfare, "social justice," civil rights, etc., but what it's really about is control. Live and let live is beyond the comprehension of most leftists. They live for forcing others to conform to their standards -- though they so often (in fact, almost always) exempt themselves. Floggers who love to accuse heritage folks of racism but then live lily-white lives themselves are prime examples of this.

      PETA killing hundreds of stray cats and dogs is another example, and their indifference to the horrific Muslim practices of halal compliant slaughter of animals while throwing paint on people who wear fur or leather is another . They may or may not care about the suffering of animals, but they certainly care about bullying other humans and telling them what they can and cannot do.

      Bullying (controlling) others and exempting themselves is the essence of leftism, and in the 20th century, its ultimate expression resulted in the murder of tens of millions of human beings.

      You cannot expect them to leave you alone, just because you leave them alone. That will never happen.

    2. If we ever have our independence, let us hope our descendents do not start a new empire, and let us hope they never do to others what the Yankees have done to us.

    3. I won't read the article or the comments, because I'm sick of Yankee juvenile delinquents. It's not smart to insult the people who grow your food, mine your coal, drill your oil and gas wells and fight your wars. If they instituted a draft exclusively in the old Union States, Iraq and Afghanistan would have ended more quickly or never happened. Because Yankees will never actually bear the full brunt of the wars and other things they insist on having. Not if they can force it on others.

    4. They already have their own country, Logan. Their big, fat egos won't let them separate
      out. It would repudiate the North's war against the South and would be a defeat for them. They also fear we'll starve and freeze them out. Some even fear we'll reduce their cities to radioactive ash.


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