Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Phone Booth Conventions, Update

Brad "Hunter Wallace" Griffin has done another hit piece on me (I'm real upset about it, can you tell?) that I will respond to ... eventually ... whenever. Right now, I have bigger fish to fry. I simply wish to address only one thing in this post.

Dr. Michael Hill writes on Brad "Hunter Wallace" Griffin's comment thread:
Connie Ward/Chastain’s saying that we used the phone booth illustration at The League’s beginning in 1994 is in error. Actually, that was a phrase used by the Louisiana Kennedy brothers (authors of The South Was Right!) to describe the nascent Southern Nationalist movement they were involved in at a young age in the late 1960s. It would have had to have been a pretty large phone booth at the League’s founding meeting, as we had 42 people there! Just an example of poor research on her part.
Just a clarification. I said that the phone-booth phrase was "the saying" at conferences and events I attended. That was where I heard it. The people who used it (and no, I don't remember who they were) didn't identify who coined it. If they got it wrong, maybe Dr. Hill should check around and find out who they were, and correct them.

It's not poor research because it wasn't research at all. I was simply relaying what I personally remembered.

It is a pretty inconsequential point for Dr. Hill to go to the trouble of commenting about, if you ask me. The phone booth reference was simply an anecdote to illustrate the point that the League started small, grew because of its initial positions, and is alienating people now because of the radical changes in those positions.

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