Friday, October 31, 2014

More On Mr. Shelley

Mr. Shelley sez my previous post is "excruciating." I don' t know if he means the book excerpt, or the whole post.

In case he's talking about my novel excerpt, I've been looking for popular fiction by Mr. Shelley so I can,  you know, put it on the excruci-o-meter and see how it stacks up with mine.

So I went looking for books by Mr. Shelley.  Found these at Amazon:
~Transpeople: Repudiation, Trauma, Healing
~Contemporary Perspectives on Psychotherapy and Homosexualities
Not exactly popular fiction, and likely not the same Christopher Shelley.

Another Christopher Shelley author at Amazon:

There are some titles that appear to be fiction, but these books look a bit too spiritual or metaphysical for hard-nosed historian realists (smirk).

So I next got a list of Facebook's Christopher Shelleys to check. Alas, Facebook, of course, doesn't have a very good ROI, timewise, what with closed profiles and all.

I set them aside for later checking, if need be, and turned to Google.

Now, when I do this, Simpson calls it doing "background checks." When he does it, he calls it "tiptoeing through the Internet..." (just another of many examples of the double standards he holds). Here are some of the Christopher Shelley links I checked:

Chemistry prof at Bellevue (Wa) College

Wedding Officiant &Life-Cycle Celebrant seen on 'The Rachael Ray Show'

Sessional Instructor, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice
Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice
University of British Columbia
(Turns out this is the author of the first two books I mentioned above.)

Instructor, US History, American Indian History
Portland Community College,html
Now, this one looked promising.... Quotes Faulkner and James Burke ...

But it wasn't conclusive, so I kept looking and came across this blog: The True Blue Federalist.


Marble Lincoln in the header, usual-suspect commenters in a list down the side... Oh, yes folks, the gang's all here...well, some of 'em, anyway. Dick, Hall, Ruminski, Rodgers... the usual buncha white guys...What, do they just travel en mass to each others blogs? What an insular community, huh....

Interesting thing about Shelley ... he is the instructor, US History, American Indian History Portland Community College, and on his blog, he identifies his interest, indeed, his agenda, outright. And it's not simply the promotion of accurate history, oh no. Sez Shelley's About page:
The True Blue Federalist is meant to do a couple things. First, it’s kind of a “one-stop” shopping place for arguments to destroy the so-called “Lost Cause” and Libertarian interpretations of the Civil War.  ...  Having said that, my main concern in this blog is to search out bogus arguments about the Civil War that have found their way into Popular Culture, and tear them apart. Which sounds like fun to me. I hope you enjoy.
You're gonna destroy and tear apart, huh? Self-aggrandize much, Mr. Shelley? Although I have to admit, I'm on a mission regarding the Popular Culture, too --not just to search out bogus arguments about the Civil War, but fraudulent portrayals of Southerners that have found their way into Popular Culture -- and set them straight with truth.

See, this is what "historian" has come to mean, especially in academia. Not somebody who objectively researches history and objectively presents the findings to students and the public, but somebody with an agenda against...

Alas, there doesn't appear to be any popular fiction written by Mr. Shelley... so I will have to content myself with analyzing the fiction in his history writing, and I can already tell you folks, from just the small sampling I've read thus far, it's sending the needle on the excruci-o-meter into the red zone....

This man is no Edward Baptist, who, as we know, writes such sparkling, emotive fiction-- uh, history. Nope, Mr. Shelley's agenda-driven history is deadly dull stuff, folks. Have the No-Doz handy if you visit True Blue...


  1. Yankees ought to read "The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government" by: Jefferson Davis so they can finally learn what actually happened, instead of spreading lies about us and berating us.

    1. Well, to be honest, I don't think they care what actually happened -- you can tell that by the language they use on blog threads. Spreading lies about us and berating us is what they actually care about.


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