Thursday, October 23, 2014

The One-Man Westboro Baptist Church of Floggerville

Cyber-picketing a grieving family because he doesn't approve of how they view history (it doesn't match his view).

Quoted in AP Article About Mattie Clyburn Rice

R.I.P. Mattie Clyburn Rice

Who Was This “White Man’s Darkey”?

What Confederate Defeat Ought to Mean to One Family

Ben “Cooter” Jones Fires Up The General Lee

Video of Mattie Clyburn Rice Memorial Service
What a piece of work, huh....


  1. Arguing decency and respect to a loss like Levin is like arguing philosophy with a See-N-Say.

  2. What a piece of work, huh....

    Well Connie, he's a piece of something anyhow.

  3. Corey, where Levin's behavior is concerned, whether Weary was a soldier or not isn't the issue. Levin's boorishness to a grieving family is the issue, capisce?

    1. Boy are these characters immature halfwits. They behave in ways that the rest of the World rightfully sees as rude and childish.

  4. Kevin has the compassion of a Hockey Puck.

  5. Levin sez, "One person in particular compared my posts this week to the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church, which was initially confusing to me since I thought the individual in question was a member."

    You know what? I think that's a baldfaced lie. I don't think he was confused; I suspect he was probably infuriated.And I don't believe for a minute he "thought" I was a member of that church. I've never picketed any funerals, I don't believe for a minute that "God hates fags," or anybody else. Levin was just stung by my subject line and trying to get me back. It's been my experience that floggers can dish it out but they sure can't take it.... They're an extraordinarily thin-skinned bunch....

  6. Levin-
    "Weary Clyburn Didn’t Serve the Confederacy, He Survived It"

    The Confederacy looks pretty good compared to the alternatives-
    ...being used as cannon fodder in the USCT or
    ...dying of starvation or disease in a Union run Contraband Camp


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