Friday, October 10, 2014

Quote of the Week ... or Month ... or Whatever

I think the Virginia Flaggers err when they fly the CSA navy jack/Army of Tennessee flag as a salute to the soldiers of the Army of Northern Virginia. Not only do they fly a flag with no context, but the flag they fly violates any sort of historical context.

After all, it’s not history, but heritage, with these folks, and we know that it’s a heritage of hate, judging from the bitterness spewed by their spokespeople and supporters.

Your job, dear readers, should you accept it, is to --

(1) advise who should get to decide when flying a flag "errs" and what the criteria  for their decision should be; and what qualifications they should have to make such decisions for anyone but themselves.

(2) Identify spokespeople for the Virginia Flaggers.

(3) Identify any instances of hate and bitterness "spewed" by them at the VaFlaggers blog, Facebook group, or other venues. (Provide links.)

Personally, I think the Virginia Flaggers are doing a great job of keeping the Confederate battle flag visible, and people who are upset about it are those who wish to remove Confederate flags from public view and hide them in a basement somewhere, if not actually destroy them. This certainly includes the people who mouth off about "context".

The flippin' context for the Virginia Flaggers memorial flags is that they are Confederate battle flags flying in a Confederate state where battles were fought, for the purpose of commemorating the Confederate soldiers who fought those battles. How hard is that to comprehend?



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    1. Here's someone saying we need to make a person leave Danville:

      Keith Duren I just don't understand why this has to keep coming up. Why can't folks just leave us alone? This is not the first time the issue has come up in Danville, but it is the first time it's gotten this far. We NEED to get rid of the current Museum Director, and send her back to New York. If she is so offended by Southern symbols, maybe she should stay out of the South.....this is not rocket science!
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    2. "The Virginia Flaggers likes this."

    3. More posturing about running folks out of town, plus some sneering about brown folks:

      Willie Earl Wells Lets run them carpet bagger's out of town.
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      Joshua Lai Better idea. Let's run them off a cliff. Yankees too.
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      Russel Callahan Let me guess they are going to allow Mexican, and Muslim flags though.
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    4. More posturing....where, Mr. Anonymous?

      Where were these comments found? Online somewhere? How about a link, so we can see for ourselves how reliable this is. I mean, you are familiar with the adage, "Anyone can get on the Internet and say anything," are you not?

      Who are Willie Earl Wells, Joshua Lai and Russel Callahan? How do we know these are the real names of real people who hold with the sentiments expressed, and are not agents provocateurs?

      Sneering at brown folks? The reference is to FLAGS, not people, and the flags represent political entities. Am I going too fast for you here?

      . But since you brought it up, Is that totally how you define people, by their skin color? Do you think Mexicans are nothing more than "brown" people, and the reason people object to the influx of illegal aliens from Mexico is because they're "brown" -- and that breaking our laws has nothing to do with it, and living off the bounty of our generosity but not respecting our laws and culture, has nothing to do with it? That Americans care more about a passive thing like skin color, (something people are born with and about which they have no say-so in advance) rather than behavior and consequences? Do you imagine Americans would be happy with millions of illegal aliens breaking the law coming here and doing the same thing -- if they were white?

      And are you including Muslims in the brown people category? Muslims aren't a race or color, you know. The claim is that Islam is a religion, but it is actually a political ideology that is the enemy of American liberty and principles....

      How about disclosing your identity next time you comment....

    5. source:
      The Virginia Flaggers (Facebook group)
      Wednesday, October 15, 2014 at 9:58 pm

      More unpleasant "go away" rhetoric:
      Christopher Peck This is so wrong let the flag stay if you do not like it do not look at it or go to this place
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    6. To your original question:

      One might think this Confederate flag business is, for some, more about a "go away" message towards Mexicans, Muslims, other Americans, rather than being more about honoring 19th century soldiers.

      This is supported by your own recent arguments about denying Muslims freedom of religion.

    7. Well we have already witnessed the Mexican flag hoisted in California schools!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Oh by the way Mr. Ano I do have Mexican kin. Just so you know.

    8. Mr. or Ms Anonymous -- you didn't tell us your name, why not, ashamed?

      First, the Virginia Flaggers Facebook group you linked to is a publc group. Anyone, not just the Flaggers, can post there. Second, I don't believe any of the people posting in that thread are Virginia Flaggers. I don't recognize their names as being associated with the Flaggers.

      Third, the "go away" rhetoric in this case, has to do with those at the Sutherlin museum in Danville who are wanting to take down the third national flag at the location where the Confederate government met for the last time.

      It has specifically to do with that, and with the people who are pushing that -- the manager of the museum (who, apparently, is not a Virginian or even a Southerner) and several board members.

    9. Mr. or Ms. Anonymous, if you want future comments posted, you need to identify yourself.

      I suppose that, for some, this "Confederate flag business" is related to a "go away" message; the heritage community is very big and the people in it are not mental clones who all think alike. But the "Mexicans, Muslims and other Americans" categories you mentioned are way too broad, so let's narrow it down to the probable reasons for the "go away" sentiment, which is found all over the country, not just in "Confederate flag" places..

      Not "Mexicans" but ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS PRIMARILY FROM MEXICO (but Central America and elsewhere) who are here in massive numbers -- millions upon millions -- IN BLATANT AND INTENTIONAL VIOLATION OF OUR LAWS, and who are being illegally catered to and coddled by the very government that is supposed to protect US from THEM. American children are getting sick, being paralyzed, and some are dying, from the disease borne by children who were purposely BROUGHT here by our GOVERNMENT in violation of its own laws. Concerned about sick and diseased children in Mexico and Central America? Then send doctors, medicine, etc., to them. Do not violate the law to bring them here and endanger us. (You got a problem with that reasoning?) This issue, BTW, has nothing to do with Confederate flags.

      Not "Muslims" but ISLAM, which is the antithesis of American liberty and which is at war with American values. Islamic violence -- did you happen to catch the story of the Muslim convert who BEHEADED a woman in Oklahoma? The Ft. Hood shooter who killed more than a dozen people while shouting "Allahu Akbar"? The Muslim brothers who exploded a bomb at the Boston Marathon? The Islamics who flew the planes into the twin towers on 9/11/01? Allowing 'freedom of religion' for that murderous philosophy is accommodating our own destruction. Is that what YOU want, this country's destruction? Muslims practicing their "religion" are beheading children in Syria. And it isn't handsome, blond Swedish men who have earned Sweden the title of "Rape Capital of Europe"...This issue, BTW, has nothing to do with Confederate flags.

      Not "other Americans" but people who come here from elsewhere (and even those already here) who make war on our culture, heritage, history and symbols, like the director of the museum in Danville who wants to remove the flag. Multitudes of "other Americans" come to the South all the time, and you never hear a peep from the Virginia Flaggers or any other heritage folks about that; it is only those who attack our heritage, especially Confederate heritage, that we are not welcoming of.This certainly DOES have to do with the flag, because the people coming and targeting the flag has MADE it about the flag.

      Tell me, did you TRULY MISS this distinction? Is any of this sinking in? Did it go right over your little ol' head? Or do you see what the real problem is, but prefer to dishonestly ignore it in order to falsely paint the Virginia Flaggers in a negative way?

    10. Here's more about exactly that from another Virginia Flagger enthusiast:

      It looks kinda suspicious, I mean, I am not a forensics expert, or crime fighter, nor mind reader, but I can smell a Damn Yankee. It is interesting to see in most of the recent places in Virginia where the Morons, Liberals, Political Correct assholes, quite a lot of the players seem to also be Yankee Carpet baggers. Not all, but a lot. Coincidence, not hardly. Yes the old DNA is there, these stiff necked, hardheaded, loud, myserable first class, third class people move their stinking asses South.

      They come here, smile and tell us how much they so love the South, and worm their slimery selves into employment, take over Southern institutions like rats take over a package of cheese, and begin to change it all to make it like the Hell Hole Northern cesspool they slid down from.

      They have injected their poison in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, Va., and co-joined with other slime covered liberals and some other darker skinned friends to remove the great Confederate flag from the Confederate Memorial Chapel there. From the great Yankee state of NEW YORK we have Mr. Alex Nyerges as Director of the VIRGINIA MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, AND HE HAS SEVERAL OTHER CARPET BAGGERS AT HIS DISPOSAL. WE NEED BORDERS NOT JUST FOR MEXICO.

    11. Bless your heart, how much you must drink at night to take a break from all these conspiracies and get some sleep!!! Rest well CC!

    12. I don't drink. Doctor told me to drink red wine a couple of times a week to boost my good cholesterol. Bought some. Tastes like grape juice and hot sauce mixed with a little crankcase oil. Can't hack it. So I still don't drink.

      Re: Blogger Jerry. Southern heritage is a huge community; bound to be a few crazies in it here and there. BTW, he might say supportive things about the Flaggers on his blog, but there have been some "sparky" exchanges between him and the Flaggers in person... or at least one that I know of.

      The Flaggers have no control over who verbally supports them online -- or who pretends to and then writes or behaves in a manner purposely designed to smear them.

    13. I wonder if Mr./Mrs. Anonymous could vouch for the character of everyone who posts on one of the Civil War Hysteria blogs and their specific motives for doing so? Could that person honestly claim that among them are not hotheads, angry people, and unsavory characters who have more than just the usual agenda-based history that the Floggers get around to briefly whenever they aren't posting little love notes about Susan, Billy and the other Virginia Flaggers?

  2. A Different Flag I Fly

    Some call it a flag of Hate,
    Blue X across the Red.
    The flag I fly in Southern skies
    is a flag of Truth instead.

    A truth about the Hero’s
    Whose hearts fought for this land.
    A Truth about a way of life,
    that some “Won’t” understand.

    A way of life that’s not for sale,
    A cannon’s thunder, a rebel yell.
    A glass of tea, a wisterias bloom,
    My hearts in Dixie - she has the room.

    The flag I fly is not of hate,
    For all are welcome within my gate,
    excepting they who tell the lie,
    it’s a flag of hate that's in the sky.

    The flag explains my way of life,
    it’s not wearing sheets or carrying knives
    Not burning a cross in someone’s yard
    but living free and working hard.

    It tells of hospitality,
    and love of a family true.
    The Flag I fly is a different kind.
    I pray you fly yours too.


  3. Its hard for them to comprehend because they are so full of these weird, bogus little "neo-Confederate" conspiracy theories.

  4. As Daniel Harvey Hill stated long ago, and which still remains true --

    "A meddling Yankee troubles himself about every body's matters except his own and repents of everybody's sins except his own."

    1. I've noticed this too. I will never understand why they have to be in everyone's business.

  5. If this ass is correct then know one should be offended by the display of that flag.

  6. The "it’s a heritage of hate" statement is really a rib tickler. Allone has to do Is study history to see where the real hate lies. I have documented some instances at

    If this statement is referring to present day, then why do these neo-yankees hate the South so much??

  7. Mr./Ms. Anonymous, I just sent your latest comment to the spam filter, as it had no identify attached. I toldja, but would you listen? Nuoooo....

    1. Connie,

      Gonna take a wild shot in the dark here, but I bet the post from Ano is denying all atrocities posted to the SHAPE website. If so then whoever this person may be is welcome to bring sources and prove me wrong.

      I'll be waiting

  8. So Ano your hate for Confederate desecendants is just fine? Can't deal with facts so you have to insult? Typical Yankee. Why don't you actually learn some real history and shed your bigotry and hate?

    Maybe you should take your own advice and cut the bottle some slack.

    Connie this sounds like an old buddy of ours is Ano , don't you think???


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