Saturday, October 18, 2014

Toldja, Part Deux

Florida man ordered to remove American flag display 
Residents of a Florida city covered their neighborhood with hundreds of American flags Monday in support of a local hardware store told to remove six American flags from its property.   Story and video here
As I've noted before ... what goes around, comes around.  Or ... paybacks are H-E- double hockey sticks and karma's a be-yotch.

Hey, good, loyal, leftist American starzinstripe-lovin' statists -- how does it feel to have your own methods turned on you? And remember -- it's only gonna get worse.


  1. Nothing less than what they deserve. I just wonder if they will retaliate against the neighborhood for this, the Left does not like to lose and they can be pretty vicious when they're mocked.

  2. Yep the "Homogenization" continues.
    In the future there will be no individuality !
    " BEWARE the BORG"

  3. 'tis really a shame something like this would happen.Once a domino starts falling then the others will just fall. First we saw Confederate heritage under attack, next religion, Santa Claus now the leftist flag with all it's baggage is in the crosshairs. What's next the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy?


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