Sunday, October 5, 2014

What Simpson Purposely Left Out ...

... I.e., Lying by Omission. What a Surprise, Huh? But Lying by Omission is Still Lying.

He comments at XRoads following the recent garbage post about Duck Dynasty: 
From a fan of the show defending her heroes: “One fellow harped on Phil advising men to marry a fifteen year old, as if it were awful.” Oh, those sweet southern boys can do whatever they want.
That's actually TWO lies-by-omission.  Here's what I said. (The red parts are what he deliberately lied about by omitting.)
One fellow harped on Phil advising men to marry a fifteen year old, as if it were awful. This was discussed at XRoads several months back and if memory serves, in the comment thread that followed, Liberty Lamp(rey), aka Crowley Heacate on Facebook, claimed that I had defended a rapist, which, of course, I have never done. (First lie by omission, which itself contains Lamprey's lie.)

But back to the kitsch group, I had to ask, "... what's worse? A teenaged girl marrying someone who loves her and will be good to her, or a teenaged girl who sleeps around, gets pregnant, has abortions, gets STDs, drops out of school and "marries" the federal government for the rest of her flippin' life?" (Second lie by omission.)
Cherry picking for deceptive effect is an old, old habit with this guy. Anybody care to delve into his motives ... i.e., WHY he left out the parts in red?

The more I see of Simpson's purposeful deceit, his lack of scruples, his woefully deficient level of ethics, the more sobering it becomes to me that American college kids are indoctrinated by the likes of this narcissistic deceiver.

One of the hallmark narcissistic traits, btw, is haughty body language. Another is excessively taking selfies and posting them on social media. Haughty body language IN a selfie would be a dead giveaway, then, wouldn't it?

Read more on selfies and narcissism here.

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  1. "This guy is smart, and he will be 1st in line to tell you that."

    "Not a bad teacher but very full of himself. Thinks he's an expert on everything when he's not. Looks down on his students and it shows. An uncomfortable experience being in his class, though he's not a bad teacher."


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