Saturday, October 25, 2014

Of Windshields and Bugs....

Confederate heritage (especially the Virginia Flaggers)  just keeps rolling on, despite everything the floggers try to throw at it -- including themselves!


  1. Corey, the point isn't that "actual historians" have degrees and that they've published history and that they teach. The point is that they are sooooo enraged at the VaFlaggers that they have been trying for THREE FLIPPIN' YEARS to silence and destroy this group. What is it with "historians" with their judgmental, totalitarian mentality, that nobody should be allowed to have -- or at least express -- their beliefs?

    The point is that they have FAILED.

    I hate to break it to you buddy, but most of the public don't give a flyin' fig about either the historians OR the VaFlaggers. We live in a nation of dumbed down ignoramuses.

    But a lot of ordinary folks are reaching their limits regarding the erasure of Confederate heritage and the grinding away at Southern culture. They're not only beginning to stand up to the anti-Confederate juggernaut. They're pushing back. And people in authority ... well, heritage advocacy is starting to make a difference with them (see Danville and Nicky Haley). (And don't think for a minute that the proFlag folks who attended hte Danville City Council meeting didn't have an impact, didn't make a difference.)

    And that is why Levin, Simpson, et. al. are so furious, and launching these attacks on heritage folks. But for over three years now, every attempt to stop the VaFlaggers has failed.

    Has. Failed. >Ker-splat!<

  2. Yes, Corey, the floggers are infuriated and no, they aren't motivated by accurate history. The lies, the denigration, the namecalling (troglodytes, idiots, etc.) the harassment, the continued bringing up crap that has nothing to do with history (Rob Walker, Lilly Everett, bellyaching about Susan's red tops) -- these are dead giveaways. And there is much, much, much more that DOCUMENTS flogger fury.

    "There is nothing in the documentation to show the Clyburn was anything other than a slave." See, that's the perfect description of the flogger concept of slaves. Weary wasn't anything but a slave. He wasn't a human being with feelings, with loyalty, with compassion, yes, even with pride and ambition. He wasn't even a man. He was just a slave AND NOTHING ELSE.

    You all make me sick at my stomach. You're so eaten up with demonizing white Southerners, even your "concern" about slaves is fraud.

    Nikki Haley on Confederate flag on S.C. statehouse

    1. and speaking of Corey and accurate history ---Corey why is it you cannot come to Cold Southern Steel and have a debate about the true historical facts without being insulting? I'll tell you because the true facts do not fit your version of history.

    2. and Corey is a slave to his ignorance.

    3. The truth shall never be stifled, Connie. You are doing a great service to our ancestors and our people.

  3. His owner didn't think Weary was a human being? You know this ... how?

    I can't give Weary humanity (the quality or condition of being human; human nature) -- God did that. Nor can I take it away, or diminish it one iota -- and neither can you, and neither could Weary's owner. The thing is, I recognize his humanity, and you don't.

    The humanity of slaves was not diminish by bondage -- they were 100 percent human beings, with the quality or condition of being human and with human nature. Neither slavery nor the Confederacy made them any percentage less human. It's incredible that you would think so, but see, that's what floggers have to do to demonize Southern whites. Slaves weren't humans, or not completely, and their owners were evil demons.

    What slavery diminished was the slave's quality of life, for many reasons -- and a LOT of things do that to people, not just enslavement.

    "It was only after the defeat of the confederacy did his humanity mean something."

    More idiocy. What happened after the defeat of the Confederacy was that he was free, and presumably his quality of life improved. But for many, many people, black and white, in the South at that time, it did not improve. And many slaves interviewed for the Federal Writers Project seemed to think their quality of life, or some of it, was at least as good, or better, in "slave days."

    There are lots of kinds of slavery, and a lot of it still exists to this very day, much of it far worse that anything that happened in the antebellum South -- but that doesn't interest you flogger types in the least. The only slavery you have any interest in is that which allows you do demonize Southern white people.

    1. One could actually argue that slavery *increased the quality of life for the blacks who were brought over here. In many cases, they had it a lot better off than poor whites.

    2. That's a reality that infuriates White-Southern-hating flogger-types, when mentioned.

  4. Corey doesn't regard Southerners as fellow Human beings or "fellow Americans", either. For the Leftist/ Neo Yankee crowd, black folks are political weapons in the North's 264 year old war against the South. The floggers ultimately care only about power.

  5. I setup the beginnings of GASF - Global Anti Slavery Foundation. I asked Corey Myers to be co-director with me and we would fight slavery in the world today and make a difference. He continues to this day to say no to my request. It only shows that his and the other "historians" are only interested in slandering people while hiding behind slavery.

    Christmas is coming corey.. Ho ho ho and keep a eye open for more presents this year.

    1. As General Cleburne believed, slavery was the excuse and means for the North to seize control of the Federal Government by discrediting and later crushing their political opponents in the South. Corey and the rest look ridiculous clinging to 19th Century politics like they do. They just won't come out and say that they think
      the North ruling over the other thirty four states is a good Idea. If the "Union" went back to the one state, one vote rule from the Confederation, they wouldn't want it anymore.

    2. and they won't admit slavery was not the cause of the war regardless of the documents presented. They can only bring forth the Declarations of Secession and the Cornerstone,Speech. Both are easily refuted.

    3. Slavery was one of many reasons for secession, but it was definitely not the cause of war; that being the Yankee blockade, bombardment of Ft. Sumter, and the invasion of the Confederacy.

  6. Corey, what a slave's owner thought of him, what his legal status was, did not determine whether he was a human being. You probably don't recognize the accuracy and authority of the Bible, but Genesis 5:2 records where Weary's, and everyone's, status as a human being comes from ("He" in this passage refers to God):

    He created them male and female and blessed them. And he named them "Mankind" when they were created. (NIV)
    He created them male and female, and he blessed them and called them "human." (New Living Translation)
    He created them male and female, and He blessed them and named them Man in the day when they were created. (New American Standard)
    Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created. (KJV)

    All the descendants of Adam and Eve are human beings by the authority of God.

    So, no, how slaveholders referred to their slaves did not reduce the slaves' humanity. Southerners did not "go to great lengths to show how slaves were not worthy of the Life, Liberty and Happiness." Most Southerners didn't go to any lengths at all to "show" this -- just as most northerners didn't. (Until the 1830s, there were more anti-slavery organizations in the South than in the north.)

    Slaves were deprived of liberty -- not life. And "happiness" is not a liberty. The pursuit of happiness is referred to as a right (not a liberty) in the Declaration of Independence. You think it was impossible for a slave to be happy. I don't. (This is because you need slaves to be as miserable as possible in order to demonize their white owners, and white Southerners in general.)

    That you had an ancestor who owned a slave doesn't give you doodly squat re: knowledge or authority about slavery, no moreso than anyone else, particularly when your knowledge is distorted by your hatred of white Southerners.

    Explain WHAT to the ancestors (did you mean descendants?) of American Slaves? That there were and are forms of slavery worse than that in the antebellum South? It's no secret, it's not esoteric knowledge that needs explanation. Anybody can find that out for themselves.

    "There are lots of kinds of slavery, and a lot of it still exists to this very day, much of it far worse that anything that happened in the antebellum South." Racist, dumb, asinine? In what way? Instead of throwing out hot-button, but ultimately meaningless, adjectives, why don't you disprove it?

    When you say, "I suppose you are one of those good Christian southerners that think blacks today should thank you for bringing their ancestors over and giving them "civilization"?" I suggest you quit supposing. You get it wrong. My views about that are on record.

    I'm fine, Corey; I'm in no danger of "snapping." My "true racist colors" exist in your (flogger) imagination, not in reality. That I have expressed my disagreement with the direction Hill has taken the League lately should tell you something ... but of course it doesn't because nothing -- not truth, not reality -- is strong enough to overcome flogger prejudice and bigotry such as yours.

  7. Corey, there is no justifying slavery in anything I've said. Not a syllable of it. I am simply injecting reality into a bizarre, overblown image you floggers (and others) have of it.

    I also never said slave holders didn't consider their slaves property -- can't you read? You're a flippin' teacher and you CAN'T READ? I said that no matter WHAT slave owners considered their slaves to be, it did not diminish the slave's human beingness. It diminished the slave's quality of life.

    I suppose there were some who considered their slaves to be sub-human, but most considered them to be developmentally immature, child-like, unable to handle adult responsibility.That view can be argued against, too, but the fact is, that isn't at all the same as thinking they were not human or sub human.

    It is quite possible to believe someone is "not equal" in the sense of not having adult capablities and responsibilities, and still understand that they possess humanity. Most everyone thinks that about children, and also about those with mental disabilities like Down Syndrome -- but you aren't going to find many people who say children and the mentally handicapped lack humanity or aren't human beings.

    I've read enough about slavery to know leftists and flogger-types lie about it -- i.e., focusing totally on one slice of it, the WORST of it, and trying to palm off the notion that that was the whole of it. Totally defining it as rape, beatings, and family separation. Those things occurred, and they were certainly horrific, but they weren't the totality of it. You might as well try to say marriage IS spouse abuse and parenting IS child abuse, because those things occur and they're horrific. But it isn't true and when you do it, you are revealing that you don't give a fig about history -- what you care about is hating heritage and demonizing Southern white people.

  8. Why do you think anyone is trying to stop the VA Flaggers?

    1. Well, it could have something to do with the attacks, the trashing, the denigration, the harassment, the idiotic stop-the-flag petition, the lies, the attempts to sic the Richmond media on them, all the machinations and shenanigans with "United RVA" in Richmond, bringing people's employers into it, attempting to pin the wrongdoing of others onto the VaFlaggers. Of course, I could be wrong -- those could be the acts of people who love the VaFlaggers and want them to continue in their mission and succeed.


    2. What'sa matter, that you've come skulking around here after so long? Are you offended that your little window splat didn't get marked and ID'd?

    3. LOL LOL LOL now that is a good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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