Friday, October 24, 2014

This 'n' That

Leftist/atheistic hatred of Nina Pham and her faith on display in the Twitterverse: 

* * *

Hey, BParks, it's October ... and we're still HEE--ERE.

* * *
Confederate drones? Watch the skies...

* * *
I'm a smooth jazz fan, but now and then traditional jazz rocks! Pete Fountain ain't got nothin' on this lady!

* * *

Finally, finally at long last! Love in Smallfoot Alley is done! Stick a fork in it and send it to the beta readers. Depending on how fast they read and get comments back to me, I would love to get this puppy published by Halloween!


  1. What kind of persons hounds someone for thanking God?

    1. The kind that live north of the Pennsylvania border and Ohio river and mistake their juvenile hissy fits for clever, incisive social/political commentary.

    2. Ultra leftists (you know the tolerant, diversity-promotin' folks) and atheists.


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