Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Great Outpouring of Concern

Folks, have you seen the great outpouring of concern for dead Confederates coming from the floggerette peanut gallery at Crossroads?

Michael Confoy says, "Of course there are bodies buried all over battlefields, especially ones that have not been protected," to which Simpson replies, "That’s common sense, especially where there were fixed lines for a period of time."

It's truly amazing, the change of heart these Confederacy-haters have undergone, all because of the Virginia Flaggers' plans to put up a large Confederate flag beside I-95 near Richmond.

Geez, if we'd known that's what it took to change hearts and minds, by now we'd have giant Confederate flags waving beside major thoroughfares all over Dixie!

Just look at the truly touching comment from Flamethrower: "On first hearing about the place being just a “burial grounds”, and not distinguishing between cemetery and an unmarked graves site, then the Flaggers’ plans to zone out
the flag pole with top grade security equipment, my immediate concern turned to the possibility that all this media attention will attract the classic tomb robbers, therefore to completely destroy all of the effort put forth by their extremely misguided attempts to honor the dead, unto that of gravely consequences."

He's not concerned merely about tomb robbers ... he's concerned about classic tomb robbers.... Is that not just the sweetest thing? Brings a tear to your eye, don't it?  It's so touching, I've got a lump in my throat.

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  1. They're melting down before our very eyes.

  2. Classic SPLC tactic. They are trying to intimidate the landowner. I'm surprised the colleges affiliated with the Floggers allow them to engage in this type of behavior.

  3. Johnny, public colleges and universities in this country are some of the worse nests of left-wing thought in the country. Of course they're not going to try to curb it. But actually, of the six floggers I deal with most, only Brooks is a university professor. Corey, Rob and Kevin (if he still teaches) are/were high school teachers. Not certain about Mackey and Hall.

  4. Connie I have a strong suspicion that they are all teachers,
    "Birds of a Feather" don'tcha know !

  5. Their are already 4 large CBF's along interstate 75, two in Georgia and two in Florida. Nobody has noticed them?

  6. Kevin taught at the College level; just to clarify. I'm a graduate student.

    Hall, though I'm often confused as to his exact degree, does archaeology/historical work for various museums.

  7. Yes, Mr. Lovejoy, I know about the flags in Georgia and Florida. There's also one between Montgomery and Birmingham in Alabama. Your point?

  8. My point, whats the big deal about another one on private property?

  9. Rob, the men you defend are bullies and will be treated as such...

  10. Mr. Lovejoy, I'm not sure who you are referring to? Do you mean it's a big deal to the people who want it, or to the people who don't want it?

  11. As a public school teacher, I beseech you to not use "bully" so casually.


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