Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Somewhere In Arizona....

I can’t tell you what Flagger thinking is (and I know I’m assuming something not yet proven). But two things about the Flaggers should be obvious: first, their actions are motivated in large part not by a desire to honor the service of the Confederate soldier, but by a desire to draw attention to themselves. Thus we always see the photographs of Flaggers doing this, Susan Hathaway doing that, Tripp Lewis looking goofy, and so on. The pictures are not about the flags or the issues of Confederate heritage, but of the Flaggers having fun (or the numerous images of Susan Hathaway in her red top). Second, the Flaggers and their supporters have a shaky grasp of history that at times reveals less savory aspects of their historical and political beliefs.

It’s not about heritage … that’s for sure

~Brooks D. Simpson    .

Graphic: C.Ward


  1. EWWWWW!!! Cut the lights on sicko!!!

  2. Brooks, I like Susan's red shirts. I wear a red shirt all the time. It's one of my signatures. Calm down.

  3. I'd be very nervous if I was one of Simpson's students. Stalkerish? Obsessed with a woman's clothes? Isn't there some 'real' 'Civil War' research to be done? Oh, that's right. He gets his grad students to ghost write all his non-blog work.

  4. I admit I was surprised to discover how beautiful Susan is, but I think Brooks is, well, not vulnerable to her feminine charms. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

  5. Now, now, Johnny. Unless you know for a fact that his grad students do his work for certain, let's identify your comment as ... speculation.

    Austin, your comment had me LOL, literally!

  6. Very funny, Austin! Brooks might be some what of a 'man' after all. I still doubt however he ever would have enlisted in the 'Civil War' he writes so much about at Arizona State University.

  7. Johnny,
    I am glad that you too, enjoyed the post.


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