Saturday, August 31, 2013

Somewhere In Texas, Too!

See? After this, A Year and a Half Late...  Andy, too, starts burning up them Internet lines lookin' for Matthew Heimbach...

And after keepin' himself out of the fray since the Paula Deen racist-employer accusation scandal (which she turned out to be innocent of, and which he STILL hasn't acknowledged, as far as I can find)....  Ah, well, a heritage-hater's work is never done, huh....

Image composited by C. Ward from photos by the U.S. Government, T. Ward and the public domain.



  2. Unity, the Flaggers have not "fallen silent." Brooks Simpson is a child; he thinks if he doesn't know about it, it never happened. Don't fall into that trap yourself. It will make you look as foolish as it makes him look.

  3. Mr. Simpson and the “hate all things southern group” are trying very hard to define the Virginia Flaggers' mission and purpose. Mr. Simpson's frantic and frenzied denunciations of the Virginia Flaggers totally ignore the definition stated by the Virginia Flaggers themselves.

    Still others from the "hate all things southern group" are trying to define the "Appropriate Use of the Confederate Flag" by asking "Is This An Appropriate Use of the Confederate Flag?' I say the appropriate use of the Confederate Flag is none of your business. Go back to Boston and mind your own business. Your concern for Richmond heritage is misplaced.

    I believe Mr. Simpson and his crew are very close to libel in their attacks against honest folks who are simply honoring their ancestors. Mr. Simpson and the "hate all things southern group," in an effort to define "all things southern," distort and misrepresent how and when southerners should honor their ancestors.

    By adamantly insisting the Virginia Flaggers are part and partial to white supremacist and other "hate" groups, the “hate all things southern group” should step back and take a good look at their antics. I've met Susan Hathaway, and I don't believe she deserves to be slandered and libeled in this manner. I haven't seen or heard or read anything from her that makes me think she is a white supremacist.

    Note: Interestingly New England citizens hated the South in 1860, and that hate was a major contributing factor in Lincoln's War of Aggression. Seems the New England bigots haven't learned to curb their appetite for hating southerners in the past 150 years.

  4. You know I worked really hard on my post, but I don't get an awesome graphic? Darn!


  5. Anyone wanna play Where's Waldo? Well, this game will actually be slightly more difficult. Below is a link with a photograph of a huge spring lawn party at the University of Virginia, circa 1975(the year Simpson enrolled). Anyway, the photo, taken at random, has hundreds and hundreds of kids in it. Now, everyone try to find an African-American student somewhere. Anywhere. You will, however, most definitely need a magnifying glass, and even then it may not be possible. Good luck!!

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  7. Can't thank you enough. I have exactly what I needed. I'll return shortly.


  8. You cant find any black students in the is too far away.

  9. Yet, I note, not "too far away" to easily identify white students. "Too far away"...too funny.

  10. All this great gnashing of teeth from the Hate Blogs merely reactionary attitudes from people who realize just how impotent their views truly are to the public at large.
    The flag is still going up and all of their ranting and raving will not change the fact.
    I'm getting the popcorn ready, this is going to be a very long month and I love watching the intellectual train wreck.

  11. "You cant find any black students in the picture"
    LOL That's kinda like Putnam County High School ! Ain't it?


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