Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Richmonders (?) Against the Flag?

The Facebook community, Richmonders Against the Confederate Flag on I-95, or something like that, created around August 7, is a most interesting page. Here's what the "About" section sez:

About --Let's do whatever we can to discourage the "Richmond Flaggers" from putting up a massive 10x15 foot Confederate Flag on I-95!

No creators, no owners, no administrators. Completely anonymous.

Howsomever, I think it's very interesting that the person putting up the most comments is not a Richmonder at all, but a Gilberter -- as in Gilbert, Arizona, which is either 2241.87 or 2335.37 miles from Richmond (driving distance), depending upon your route, or 1946 crow-flies miles.

Another interesting thing is that this Gilberter, in the past, has waxed adamant that only the residents of a community should have a say-so about flag issues that occur there -- for example, Lexington, Virginia.

I believe a certain Galvestoner and a certain Bostoner have echoed the Gilberter on that subject, but at last look, they have not spammed the Richmonders-Against community like the Gilberter has.


  1. I can understand that in the Cyber-Sphere there is a need for anonymity in certain cases.
    But on the other hand if ya ain't got the "Gingos" to sign your name to your work why do it ?

    Dave Tatum.

  2. What's interesting, Dave, is that I wouldn't have cared who the creators/admins are, if they had identified themselves. But because they didn't, now I'm curious. Not only about who they are, but why they hid behind anonymity

  3. In the video posted by NBC 12 in stated the persons name who put up the Facebook page. Or at least that is what I thought I heard.

  4. I guess someone is protecting their job ?
    I haven't posted anything I'm ashamed of, or anything I wouldn't want my empolyeer to see.
    Once again that's what seperates us from them, HONOR !

  5. Wonder if Brooks Simpson had something to do with it?


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