Friday, August 30, 2013

Questions for the White Floggosphere...

Brooks D. Simpson, did you marry a black woman? If not, why not?
Andy Hall, did you marry a black woman? If not, why not?
Kevin Levin, did you marry a black woman? If not, why not?
Corey Meyer, did you marry a black woman? If not, why not?

White peanut gallery floggerettes, did you marry a black spouse? If not, why not?

Brooks D. Simpson, do you live in a majority-black neighborhood? If not, why not?
Andy Hall, do you live in a majority-black neighborhood? If not, why not?
Kevin Levin, do you live in a majority-black neighborhood? If not, why not?
Corey Meyer, do you live in a majority-black neighborhood? If not, why not?

White peanut gallery floggerettes, do you live in a majority-black neighborhood? If not, why not?

I suspect hell will freeze over before we hear any answer to these questions. Nevertheless, the silence itself will be an answer.  I suggest these hypocrites lay off Southern heritage advocates, especially the Flaggers, and most especially the Virginia Flaggers until they get their own racist house cleaned up and in order.

Thanks to commenters Austin and Rebel Bill for giving me the idea for this post.


  1. Does Brooks Simpson live in a neighborhood with a majority Afican-American population? Pffffft.....

    Of all the phony, posturing, holier-than-thou limousine
    -liberals over at the all-white blog "Crossroads", none is more blatantly hypocritical than Simpson. According to Simpson himself, he attended the Phillips Exeter Academy(that's in downtown Harlem, right Brooks?), which truthfully, may not have even been integrated at the time. Simpson says he then then atended U Va., which had a teensy-weeny African-American population in the mid and late seventies, mostly consisting of football and basketball athletes. It was, without question, entirely possible to walk the entire campus on any given day, and not encounter a single African-American student. Simpson says he then attended, get this, the University of Wisconsin-Madison (during the 80's). Now during the 80's, Wisconsin had an exceptionally low African-American population, and I don't think either of them went to the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

    Judging from the institutions he attended, it is likely that, apart from television and the movies, Simpson may have never even seen an African-American until he was over thirty. And now, among his colleagues, he counts two, I repeat two, out of fifty-two, African-Americans among his faculty colleagues in the Department of History at ASU.
    Yet he postures as this crusading guardian of racial equality. The idea is obscene and nauseating.

  2. Love has no color. No one goes searching for the same race when love comes into play. This is the most ridiculous post yet from you - but it provides for a good laugh. I feel so sorry for you. Why are you so obsessed with these men?

  3. Ah, dear "Unity" -- those are the same type of questions THEY ask of others -- or, they don't bother to ask, but assume they know the answer to, re: heritage folks.

    I monitor their blogs for attacks on my people, our heritage, culture, etc. When they don't attack, I don't reply, capisce? So the "obsession" starts with them. Do you go to their blogs and ask why they are obsessed with us? For cryin' out loud, SIMPSON DID MY FREAKIN' GENEALOGY in an effort to find something he hoped would embarrass me.

  4. "... obscene and nauseating."

    Absolutely right, Austin.

  5. It is nauseating, but there's even more to the story. It seems the white guys over at "Crossroads" are still complaining that:

    1. The Confederate Flag is a symbol of slavery and racism and,

    2. There are to few African-Americans in the Flagger organization, which proves the point.

    Now let's apply the same standards and the same logic to Simpson.

    1. He graduated high-school from an elite and nearly all-white school

    2. He did his undergraduate work at a Southern University, founded by a Southern white. The school had an overwhelmingly white population, and its founder was also a slave-owner and a secessionist. The school is obviously a symbol of slavery, racism, secession and treason.

    3. He attended a nearly all-white school for his graduate work

    4. He works for an institution which has absolutely no African-American faculty in some of its most prestigious departments

    5. His own department has only two African-American faculty

    6. He founded and hosts a nearly all-white blog

    If it walks like a duck, and quacks likes a duck...right? Isn't that the standard used by the white guys over at Crossroads.

    And I saved the best for last. Simpson, one of his dopey sycophants, and his coterie of befuddled white guys, have all stupidly declared, and fatuously maintained, that the American colonies did not secede from the British Empire. And despite the fact the they have been furnished with a plethors of expert sources, include a Pulitzer-prize winning Historian, and numerous Scholars, Judges, Trial Lawyers, Editorial Writers, United States Congressmen, and Public Intellectuals,all of whom directly contradict them, they persist with their absurd fiction. So this is, well, delicious. From the MONTICELLO OFFICIAL WEBSITE:

    "America did not SECEDE from the British Empire to be alone in the world. Instead, the Declaration proclaimed that an independent America had assumed a "separate and equal station" with the other "powers of the earth."

    Like taking candy from a baby.

    PS- Simpson has subtitled his blog "Where history, scholarship, the academic life, and other stuff meet. You think maybe "other stuff" is code for "white-guys"?

  6. Your obsession with these men is very unusual - it would make for a case study for a university psychiatric panel. Why do you want to know the race of their spouses and where they live? Why are you focusing on the Black race. A direct answer would be appreciated without the long-winded filibuster. Why are you focuses on the Black race?

  7. How old are you, Unity? Maybe you are young enough that you need it explained to you. The floggers are acting -- I am simply reacting. There would be nothing for me to react to if they'd shut the heck up, see?

    You ask why I focus on blacks. When the floggers accuse good, decent white Southerners (and others) of being racist haters, who do you suppose they assume the racist haters are hating? White folks?

    I don't really care about their spouses and where they live -- I ask only to see how they measure up using the same criteria they use to judge and condemn others. Capisce?

  8. You're missing the point entirely. Your condescending narcissism is not dissuading me in the least. What was your point in asking those questions in the first place? Are you married to another not of your own race? Do you live in a diverse community? From the anger displayed on your part, I'm gathering not.

    My age is of no concern to you, nor is anything else that is relevant to my personal life. You may attempt to demean and insult me - and it is ok, because that is who you are. You are obsessed with these men and you appear to be a racist. If you are a racist - own it and stop dancing around the topic. Given your conduct, I highly doubt that you are a spiritual person - in any religious system.

  9. No, Discord-- I mean, "Unity." Well, I don't have any condescending narcissism, so maybe it's the condescending narcissism of the floggers you're picking up on. Most people could clearly discern my reason for asking those questions -- to expose the hypocrisy of the floggers. Does something that elementary have to be spelled out for you?

    No anger, here. I guess you have difficulty distinguishing between anger and satire, parody, sarcasm, etc.

    Honey, if you don't like being demeaned and insulted -- DON'T COME POST INSULTING AND DEMEANING COMMENTS AT MY BLOG, CAPISCE? If I "appear" a certain way to you, it's because you are distorting me with the biased and prejudiced perceptions through which you view me.

    As for being a racist, define what you mean. The term has been used as a substitute for all kinds of things that are not racism: see here:

    Judging by your comments, I'd say you're australophobic.

    If you're pissed off at what you find here, DON'T COME HERE AND READ, AND ESPECIALLY DON'T COMMENT, or I might pull a petty, childish Brooks-Simpson on your butt and send your comment to the cornfield, capisce?

  10. I am more curious as to why does it matters who they married? Where they lived? Etc. etc.

    My parents settled where they settled because it was free land. They didn't stop to check the demographics of the area.

  11. So says the last in an endless stream of white guy from Crossroads...

  12. I like your post and had planned to use a similar question to people who post on youtube putting down the South and acting bent out of shape about slavery .
    I was going to ask if they would allow their daughter to date an AA .
    This is to show them they need to turn their moral high horse on themselves and maybe they can identify with the past a little better.
    The past is a foreign country , they do things differently there .

  13. Connie , They come here cause they are jealous and try to hide behind concern for AAs past and present .
    Go and honor your ancestors and let us honor ours .


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