Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Have Pissed Him Off ... AGAIN!

It's fascinating to see how a little retired insurance claims secretary in L.A. (Lower Alabama, aka west Florida) can get a famous academic soooo wound up!

He trolled Backsass for over 40 minutes earlier this morning, and all he has to show for it is this:

I wonder what did it this time.

Maybe it was this: Ghost People At the SHPG 

Or it coulda been this: Bullying Floggers

Or this: Lying By Omission...

Or this:  He ... Just ... Can't ... Stop

I've got a few chores lined up -- a book to finish reading and review, and several other reviews to write.  I have a website update to finish, and some other little things that need to be done.

Oh, and I wanna play on Facebook for a while.

But I'll be back to talk about this some more when all the important stuff is out of the way.

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