Saturday, August 31, 2013

Somewhere In Arizona, Part Deux

In reply to this: A Year and a Half Late... he does the above.... and finds a whopping FOUR Facebook posts!!! Man, he be smokin', iddinee? Got on his Gettysburg togs and everything!

Image composited by C.Ward using photos from the U.S. Government, T. Ward, and the public domain.


  1. What exactly is your problem? You are attacking your blog like a hyena.

  2. Unity, did you ask the same question and make the same comment over at Crossroads? If not, why not?

  3. Unity, my problem is that Simpson likes to hurt people. He enjoys doing things that he thinks will hurt them, like ridiculing them or their pursuits, or lying about them. Currently, re: the VaFlaggers, he's doing his dead-level best to hurt people I've grownt o have a lot of admiration and affection for.

    And for what? Because it sticks in his craw that a piece of cloth he doesn't like is going to fly from a pole in a city TWO- FREAKING- THOUSAND- MILES from where he lives?

    How would YOU like it if somebody tried continuously to hurt people YOU care about?

  4. A Grant Letter on Slavery

    Mr. Simpson makes some really outlandish claims, and has found new evidence that the Grant's didn't own slaves. Isn't it nice how long-lost evidence always shows up at the most opportune time? Mr. Simpson uses his newly found evidence to claim the Grant's never owned slaves.

    In support of Simpson's new version of history he says, "Among the letters that did not make it into the first run of the Grant papers was this letter from the general to Garibaldi Ross, written on September 11, 1880." This letter didn't make it into the first run of Grant papers, probably because the letter didn't exist at the time.

    Mr. Simpson goes on to say, "The letter is noteworthy for what it says about Julia Grant’s views on slavery … and offers a little more evidence that her father never relinquished title to his slaves to Julia, even if he allowed her use of several slaves in the 1850s."

    Wow, this is like saying a woman is "only a little bit pregnant." The Grant's never owned a slave, only borrowed one or two or three. How nice? And convenient? Truth is slavery existed in the north until well into 1888. The Grants did not relinquish their slaves until passage of the Thirteen Amendment forced them to grant their slaves freedom.

    Still more from Simpson's newly discovered evidence, "Julia’s own views on slavery in later years embraced a golden time on the Dent plantation, so it is interesting to compare the idea that the Dent slaves were well-treated and part of a happy place while at the same time condemning the institution in the abstract."

    The Yankees treated their slaves well and allowed them to be "part of a happy place" Don't you feel warm and fuzzy all over?

    The Grants were guilty of owning and working people against their will. The Grants profited from other people's sweat and blood. Is there another definition of slavery? Is that treating a member of the human race "well?"

    Mr. Simpson you are a hypocrite.

  5. "The Yankees treated their slaves well and allowed them to be 'part of a happy place' Don't you feel warm and fuzzy all over?"

    Janice, I got a lump in my throat, that was so touching. Simpson sounds worse than a hypocrite. He sounds like a slavery apologist. And isn't it funny how the "slave owning families" meme disappears when you want to get some yankee slave-owne-- I mean, slave-borrower, or slave-user, off the hook?

  6. Bart Simpson is a coward. Upon my entry into his abyss I was pounced on for pointing out the last names of many of his "friends" better known as internet hacks...Most have foreign names and have no connection to Dixy. I pulled outta the Fray but not before Bart attacked me.....even now you can google my name and see he made sure his post shows up trying to harm my image as a professional. I paid him back with communication to ASU...even dealing with the president of the university....Bart had a fit!....My question is why does a history professor spend so much time on something to the point that he is almost like a mad scientist? The man is psycho in my opinion. I would not be surprised to read about him in the news one day being arrested for doing something crazy. Stay away from the Mad professor is my best advice. I do....

  7. Yes, I'm beginning to pity Mr. Simpson. He spends hours upon hours trying to define the Virginia Flaggers mission and purpose, all the while failing miserably.

    Comments on this blog have hit Mr. Simpson pretty hard. For the most part he has chosen to ignore and hide from the truth. He's frustrated and regurgitating the same old garbage over and over. I think some of his most faithful followers grow tired of his antics?

    The Virginia Flaggers act in a most professional way, and have refused to allow the nit-wit’s efforts to define their movement. Hang in there flaggers. And thank you for what you do to preserve our Confederate History and Southern Heritage.

  8. What would Simpson think of the African Burian Grounds, a massive 6.6 acre cemetary of 20,000 slave corpses from the 18th century buried there and forgotten, almost pulverized by downtown developers in 1992, slaves' bones show evidence in themselves of extreme cruelty, and it's all located right near the heart of NYC? Would he try to romanticize their masters to that of Juila Grant?

  9. He would, no doubt, find a way to blame it on the Flaggers. Or perhaps Connie Chastain.


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