Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Some Questions for Floggers

For Corey Meyer
The copy-paste of the "saddest" comment thread you have posted on your blog is from a Facebook group named "The Truth about the Civil War." It is a closed group. That means only members can see the posts. I don't see you listed among the members. So how did you get the copy/paste of that thread?

For Brooks Simpson
Do you really care about improper displays of the Confederate flag? Is that why you posted THIS?

For Al Mackey
If you're a student of the civil war, as your blog-title implies, why do you write critical posts about the Southern Heritage Preservation Group? The civil war occurred in the mid 1800.  The SHPG is a contemporary Facebook group that started just a few years ago. Perhaps you should change the name of your blog to "Thought Cop of the American Civil War."


  1. Connie, not that I owe you any explanation, but it was an open group...I joined...made a comment or two about the causes...they deleted my comments and removed me and then closed the group. I made a copy of the discussion just before I posted my first comment.

    Simple as that.

    Thanks for asking.

  2. Why didn't you ask me what you asked Brooks? I have shown how the flag is mistreated by those claiming to revere it.

    And since the SHPG is dealing with aspects of the civil war..anyone like Al or I have any and all rights to talk about their actions or stupidity on our blogs since our blogs deal with the war.

  3. Re: your story about your participation in that FB group -- as of now, I don't believe it. It doesn't jive with your history. If credible evidence is offered for your story, I will consider it.

    Re: My question to Brooks. Okay, I'll ask you: Do you really care about improper displays of the Confederate flag? Just be aware that your answer may occasion follow up questions.

    If your interest is truly the civil war, then what anyone says about it today is irrelevant. Now, if you want to say you ALSO have an interest in what people today say about it, then acknowledge that it is a separate interest. Because what somebody at the SHPG says about the civil war -- what ANYBODY today says about the civil war -- has no bearing on the war itself.

    Certainly you have the right to talk about anything you want to on your blogs. But why would you want to, except to indulge your Desire to Denigrate?

  4. Okay, Corey, you're off the hook. A member of the group confirms your story.


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