Friday, February 28, 2014

Secession... a type of revolution.

A partial revolution, perhaps. It is a method of altering or abolishing the government, which Thomas Jefferson identified as a right of the people. 

Does it matter that the vehicle for implementing secession is the state? Does that make it no longer a right? Nope. In fact, it's logical. Why not use what's already in place? Why re-invent the wheel?

"Ukraine's glory has not perished, nor her freedom"

Just Do It

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Leftist Hate and Intolerance

If you can stomach the hate and hypocrisy, drop by Crooks and Liars, and skim the comment thread following New Georgia License Plate Marks 150th Anniversary of Sherman's March.

As you read, remind yourself of these points in the commenting policies:
c) Will not engage in racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism or other intolerance. (Unless it is aimed at Southerners. ~cw)

d) Not post comments that are obscene, hateful, threatening or wishing acts of violence against other.
(Unless they wish to kick Southerners in the 'nads. ~cw)

g) Keep all discussions civil. Everyone has a right to disagree, but do so respectfully and refrain from name calling.
(Exception: Incivility to and about Southerners is permitted. ~cw)
Think Crooks and Liars might not be diligent about enforcing their "comment policies"?
'States' Rights' was an old canard used to get the poor white trash behind the rich f----s

I understand the slave holders fighting, they had a great deal going. It's the white trash peons that got conned into killing and dying for "The Cause" that amaze me with their stupidity.
f--- the confederate flag and all the traitors that love it. It's a dirty old rag, I wouldn't polish my car with it, maybe I'd collect dog s--t with it. F--- that trash. F--- that white trash. All y'all can go to hell. And as my right wing a--h--- acquaintances remind me--if you don't like the US, you need to leave. Go. Get the hell out. Your lack of work ethic is dragging the rest of us down...

Who wants the South in the Union anyway? If you useless turds want to be a part of this nation then your states should all be territories of the U.S. until you can clearly demonstrate that you are not a bunch of racist genocidal plutocrats. That means no more slack-jawed drawling idiot senators and congressmen from the South hell bent on wrecking the country. Biggest mistake this country ever made was to let you miserable wretches back in the union. Go take your lame rationalizations for torture and genocide somewhere else, troll.
I don't own a vehicle in Georgia but I'll gladly purchase a plate and celebrate my "heritage" of kicking some traitorous secessionists in the nads. $80 is a bargain for the pleasure.
Next time some flogger tries to tell you there is no hatred of Southerners today, (that we "need" to feel hated, and we're just makin' it up) send him to the link above, and and remind him such threads are not uncommon on leftwing websites.

And no, this is not a pity party. Who really thinks I care about what these obscene haters think of my region and my people? Nobody who knows me. I point it out simply to show that leftists are the true haters, which serves as a warning about who the truly dangerous people are, if they happen to get a little power...

Monday, February 24, 2014

Another Reason a Secession Amendment Is Not Needed

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibitied by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively , or to the people. The 10th Amendment
The powers prohibited to the states are identified in Article I, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution. Secession is not among them.

The power to prohibit secession is not listed among the powers delegated to the United States.

Secession is therefore a power reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Couple of Updates

Aw.... I guess Al has said goodbye....
At Crossroads flog, he sez, "In my little sojourn over there I think I’ve demonstrated her mendacity, hypocrisy, and bigotry. My work is done and now time to shower. :) "

You've demonstrated no such thing, Al. You got skeered and you "up and  R-U-N-N-O-F-T," (to borrow a phrase from Wash Hogwallop in O Brother, Where Art Thou?).
Too bad he didn't shower before he got here. Anybody got any Glade? Febreze? Air Wick?

And I was soooo looking forward to finding out where Susan said I do their heavy hitting, as he claimed. But the fact is, she did NOT say I do their heavy hitting. She said, and I quote, "I leave the heavy hitting to Ms. Connie."  Not "our" (the VaFlaggers) heavy hitting. Not "my" (Susan's) heavy hitting. THE heavy hitting -- the same heavy hitting I'd been doing since before the VaFlaggers were formed.

And I was really, really, really looking forward to his identifying all those VaFlagger events Matt Heimbach attended.

The fact is, folks, he turned tail and ran because he CANNOT provide the proof for either of these statements. Either he was mistaken, or he was lying.  And  you can't prove lies.  I think his turning tail and running tells us which.

Simpson's lies about me continue.... 

He sez, "In a most amusing moment, Connie Chastain confuses the Declaration of Independence with the Constitution." 

Ah, no, I don't. I clearly identified which document I was talking about, but maybe his animosity has dulled his discernment, so I'll 'splain it.

The reason a Constitutional amendment for secession is not needed is because there are certain rights that transcend the Constitution, and the one pertinent to the discussion is found in the Declaration of Independence. It is the right of the people, endowed  by the Creator, to alter or abolish (which would include secession) their government when it becomes destructive of their rights. Rights endowed by the Creator trump those secured by the Constitution, so people have the right to secession whether there's a Constitutional amendment or not.

I'm sure Simpson know this. He lied because he is so deeply addicted to denigration.

Kinda pathetic, actually, that a man in such a lofty position lowers himself to falsehood, bullying and maligning people who have done him no harm.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

AL...? Oh, Al...?

Where are you, Al?  There are some questions you haven't responded to yet. Where'd you go? Al? Al?

You said,  "Susan Hathaway says you do their heavy hitting." You said, "I saw where she said it."

Where did you see it? How about linking to it? Also, that's not an exact quote. I. Want. Her. Exact. Quote. And a link to it. Tanks.

After checking into it a little more, the Flagger events (i.e., events sponsored by the VaFlaggers) that I admit Matt Heimbach attended is ... None, zero, zilch, nada. How many do you know of? I don't mean events sponsored by others that the VaFlaggers attended (the attendance at which the VaFlaggers had no control over) -- some of which Heimbach also attended. I mean VaFlagger events. Please identify them for us, by date and location. Tanks.

Shuddering Revulsion and Anger Overflowing With Rage (Smirk)

So at some civil war symposium, they voted on the person of the year.

Sez Kevin Levin, "No doubt, many will shudder in revulsion after hearing of such an honor. For a select group their anger will overflow with rage when they learn that the title was bestowed on Sherman ... "

I can't decide whether that's purple prose, or yaller journalism. Or both. Yes, yes, I know it's a joke to think of Levin's flog (or any other flog) as journalism, but you get my drift....

Frankly, I think it's appropriate, in a couple of ways. Now that the  ex-Museum of the  Confederacy has become the Museum of Trashing and Bashing the Confederacy, what better Man of the Year could their be? I mean, who's gonna top Cump next year? There IS nobody.

And not only is he the best choice for Man of the Year for some symposium or other. He embodies the killing/murdering bully state the USA has become -- sending its young men around the world to kill and be killed; the country where citizens can't tell cops from soldiers anymore; where cops shoot pets as a matter of course; where the "war on drugs" and the "war on terror" have become wars on American civilians, which would no doubt please Sherman to no end ...

The country has gone crazy, and he's the very image of the criminally insane. I mean, look at him. Have you ever seen a picture of him where he DIDN'T look like he belonged on a psych ward?

Yep. Not only is Sherm an appropriate choice for whatever's happening at the MOTBC -- he could  take the place of the eagle as THE symbol of the USA...

(Shuddering revulsion; anger overflowing with rage... gotta use these in my next romance novel!)

White Flag?

They think we're looney tunes. (Smirk.) We're not. But that would be better than being lyin' floggers. And it's gonna be soooo much fun to watch 'em eat crow.

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Flogger Path to Truth

Kevin Levin has posed a question -- is the draping of a noose and Georgia flag over the Ol Miss statue of James Meredith related to the Georgia Confederate Flag license plate?

His answer: "You decide."

Not, "Wait until the investigation turns up an answer." Not, "Check to see if the Mississippi accused say whether the plates connected to their actions."

Just up and decide for yourself whether they're connected. As if that's how truth is arrived at.

For the floggers, that's pretty much par for the course. Truth is whatever they up and decide it is.

Secession Amendment? Not Needed.

Why don't the proponents of secession seek an amendment in the U.S. Constitution? This is being discussed at a prominent Virginia Flagger Persecution flog.

Doesn't need to be a secession amendment.  From the Declaration of Independence:
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.
The U.S. Constitution is part and parcel of the Form of Government of the USA -- the government the people have the right to alter or abolish, when it becomes destructive of securing their rights. Secession is a form of altering the government -- by removing from its jurisdiction some part of the population and territory it governs, or, alternately by abolishing it within certain areas -- and instituting a new one.

This means the Constitution is subordinate to the right of the people to alter or abolish the government it authorizes. A Constitutional amendment is unnecessary.

It's Far From Settled...

From National Review Online....
In covering these recent judicial decisions holding that it’s unconstitutional to limit marriage to one man and one woman, the mainstream media have erroneously described the findings as “unanimous.” Reporting on the Virginia decision, the Washington Post said that Judge Wright Allen “joined a so-far unanimous group of federal judges considering a question that Supreme Court justices left unanswered in June” — the question of whether state bans on same-sex marriage are constitutional. The characterization of the decisions as “unanimous” is wrong and seems designed to lead voters to conclude that gay marriage is inevitable. In fact, two federal judges, one in Nevada and one in Hawaii, have ruled that traditional-marriage laws do not violate the Constitution. If we’re keeping score on federal-court rulings on the core question about the constitutional legitimacy of same-sex marriage, it’s 3–2 — hardly a “unanimous” legal landscape.

Federal-court rulings on the core question about the constitutional legitimacy of same-sex marriage, it’s 3–2. Also, Wright Allen's decision can be appealed.

More on the Nevada ruling: 

More on the Hawaii ruling:

Yep, far from settled. Far from over. Not as cut and dried as Al would have us believe.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Al, here's an example of blatant lying...

...from your good friend, Brooks Devious Simpson:
"Connie continues to do the heavy hitting for the Virginia Flaggers, and she represents them as they should be represented. They embrace her just as they embrace Matthew Heimbach, and for much the same reasons."
(1) I don't do "heavy hitting" for the VaFlaggers. This has been explained more than once, he has read the explanation, and still he lies.

(2) I don't represent the VaFlaggers. This has been explained more than once, he has read the explanation, and still he lies.

(3) They don't embrace Matthew Heimbach. This has been explained more than once, he has read the explanation, and still he lies.
"That she seeks to provide cover for people who want people raped while at the same time asserting that men are falsely accused of rape tells us what she really thinks of southern womanhood … and women in general."
I have provided no cover for people who want people raped. That has been explained, too, and I know he has seen the explanation, and he chooses to continue to lie about it. That's the kind of person he is.

Some men ARE falsely accused of rape, and not merely accused, but tried, convicted and imprisoned on a false accusation of rape.  The Innocence Project

My definition of Southern womanhood is the OPPOSITE of that portion of "women in general" who,  for example, hook up, sleep around, have morning-after regrets, and then accuse the man she voluntarily took to bed the night before of rape. "Southern womanhood" encompasses many traits, but not that.

But will this explanation of the truth matter to him? No. He is a colossal liar, and he appears to be addicted to lying about and denigrating Southern heritage people, with the VaFlaggers (who have done absolutely NOTHING to him) at the top of the list.

Speaking of lists, look at the left sidebar <---- at the 139 posts at Simpson's blog attacking, slandering, harassing and persecuting the VaFlaggers. (It has already increased with more posts/comments since I updated it).

This is NOT about "disagreeing" with people who "get history wrong." Try as Simpson might to deny it, this kind of pathological behavior is based in hatred.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hate Crime at Ol' Miss?

I've learned over the years not to get excited about "hate crimes" until they've been investigated and proved. I know the left expects people to pretzel up with outrage and condemn hate, or whatever. I myself don't view "hate crimes" (especially victimless ones) as worse than any other kind of crime, and I have little patience for the hubbub surrounding unproven ones.

The last time there was a "hate crime" at Ol Miss... there wasn't one. Remember back in  2002? Racial slurs scrawled on the door of a black student? Turned out the perps were three black freshmen.

Too far back for ya? Here are some more recent fake "hate' incidents and "hate" crimes from around the evil, hating US of A. : Top 10 Media Hate-Crime Hoaxes from 2013.

And re: Ol Miss, I can't help but cite Andy Hall here, who claims that if there was no actual damage to a monument (and I've seen no reports that laying a rope and a flag on the Meredith statue damaged it) it's not vandalism.

But we can count on the leftist media to make a big deal out of unproven "hate." It's what they do.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Challenge for Eric A. Jacobson

    I’m not adding anything of substance to the conversation, but I must say that her most recent posts are just slobbering rants. How someone can be so totally unhinged and have to dissect almost every word and offer counter points is the sign of someone with far too much time to waste. And if she thinks, as does ol’ Carl, that they are making positive progress, well, bless their little hearts. :)
Eric A. Jacobson
comment about moi,
at Simpson's Crossroads Flog,
February 17, 2014

Well, Eric, if they're just slobbering rants, they should be easy to counter. Come counter 'em, buddy. You call it unhinged, I call it exposing hate and lying. Prove me wrong.

Bring it, Eric.

While yer at it, prove we aren't making positive progress. I mean, "bless their little hearts" doesn't prove it, ya know?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Flogger "Selective Outrage" Mindset

They're sooooo affronted when Southern heritage folks get history "wrong" (i.e., when they have a different view of it than the floggers do). But does that apply to everyone? Nope.

With no legal authority, a judge in Virginia thwarts the vote of the people and overturns the voters' ban on homosexual marriage. A citizen and resident of Virginia makes a short post about it on her Facebook page.

In the comments following the post, Billy Bearden makes an extremely inappropriate sarcastic remark about the judge. Although people who know Billy know he didn't mean it -- that it was an expression of anger over illegal and very dangerous judicial action -- it was nevertheless inappropriate, and it was removed by the OP as soon as she saw it.

Before she did that, Brooks D. Simpson, who constantly trolls the Internet looking for anything he can use to besmirch heritage folks , whom he hates, puts a screenshot of the thread on his filthy blog. (I wonder if  he even has a life outside cyberspace, or any interests beyond spreading hate for heritage folks.)

Did he happen to acknowledge that this sort of judicial activism that legislates in violation of the law and the separation of powers, is a grave danger to the existence of the republic? No. Brooks D. Simpson and his peanut gallery floggerettes didn't mention that at all. Presumably, they don't care about the future existence of the United States.

And did this sick stickler for "correct history" happen to mention that this FLIPPIN' FEDERAL JUDGE claimed that the phrase, "all men are created equal" IS IN THE US CONSTITUTION? Why no, he didn't call the judge on either her dangerous judicial activism OR her ludicrous and pathetic history error.  Why ?

'Cause she be black.

Update 2/17/14 -- Hat tip to Brooks Simpson for pointing out my typo, now corrected.

Friday, February 14, 2014



Yes, I'm talking about you, and  TO you, Brooks D. Simpson.

You said, "Well, Bob, David Tatum sees it (ugly namecalling) as just retribution..."

LIAR! He EXPLAINED that other people used the same "birds of a feather" argument YOU used. He said NOTHING ABOUT RETRIBUTION. It was an EXPLANATION, not attempted JUSTIFICATION.


You said:  "...for pointing out that the Virginia Flaggers hang out with an avowed white supremacist..."

LIAR!  Heimbach attended a handful of events they attended, many months ago. He joined a public Facebook group. They don't hang out with him.  HE DOESN'T ATTEND THEIR EVENTS -- HE DOESN'T EVEN FLAG WITH THEM, YOU SCUM-SUCKING LIAR.


You said, "... a fact that many of them freely admitted was true."


You said: "In other words, point out a fact that everyone admits is true..."


You said: "...and prepare to be attacked with charges they know are false."

I don't know they're false and I don't care. I do know you're a liar, and you have been steadily drumming up hatred for the VaFlaggers, BASED ON REPEATED LIES, INSINUATION AND INNUENDO, FOR OVER TWO YEARS. I sincerely believe you are not going to be satisfied until your repeated lies and relentless hammering sets off some crazy that reads your blog, and somebody in Richmond -- somebody who has done nothing, NOTHING, NOTHING  to you -- ends up attacked, hurt, or dead.

You said:  "And we all know that Susan Hathaway has designated Connie Chastain to do her heavy hitting."

LIAR! LIAR! LIAR!     Her exact words, "I leave the heavy hitting to Ms. Connie."

Not designate; LEAVE. Not her heavy hitting; THE heavy hitting.That means she's not going to join in THE heavy hitting that I AM ALREADY DOING, you FILTHY  LIAR! She is going to LEAVE it to me. That's not designating or delegating.  LOOK UP "DESIGNATED," College Professor, AND THEN ADMIT THIS IS A LIE, ONE OF MANY YOU'VE TOLD ABOUT SUSAN BECAUSE, FOR SOME UNFATHOMABLE REASON, YOU HARBOR A STRONG, DEEP and ABIDING HATRED FOR HER, DESPITE THE FACT THAT SHE HAS DONE YOU NO WRONG.

You said: "Connie allows this sort of garbage to appear all the time on her blog, and she’s not averse to making insinuations (which is ironic given that she loves to wax on about false accusations)."

I don't make insinuations. I come out and SAY WHAT I MEAN, and I DON'T LIE. I defend or counter-attack. But nothing I or my commenters say has occurred a fraction of the number of times THAT you and your  hatefilled floggerette freak show have made insinuations and innuendo and and told strait up BALD FACED LIES about the VaFlaggers --  not NEARLY the number of times...

You said: "Lying about other people as a way to defend oneself from representations of fact that everyone admits are true … "



Whoever you're talking about when you say, "They're lying," they were likely simply expressing justified anger over your attacks and lies...and since I don't even know who you're talking about, their lies obviously have little reach, little impact and little potential for damage, while YOU  have a huge platform, wide reach and enormous (but undeserved, IMO) clout that you have been KNOWINGLY USING for TWO FLIPPIN' YEARS to TARGET the VaFlaggers. You have harassed, lied about, and persecuted the VaFlaggers. You have sledgehammered and jackhammered your lies about them  into your followers' and readers' consciousness, and that has the potential for ENORMOUS, NEGATIVE  CONSEQUENCES. DOES THAT EVER EVEN OCCUR TO YOU? OR  HAS IT OCCURRED TO YOU AND YOU JUST DON'T CARE?

You said: "I gather some people think this is a good way to defend Confederate heritage."

You gather no such thing. You're lying AGAIN. Lies on top of lies. But so what if they do? It has no effect on you the way your lies have on others.

You said: "I don’t see a single defender of Confederate heritage openly repudiate it."

And I don't see a single fellow flogger or floggerette calling you on your lies, or attempting to reason with you about the potentially disastrous consequences of what you're pushing and pushing and pushing . That being the case, I have to assume none of you really care about the consequences you could be bringing about.

I will say it again. I BELIEVE you (and maybe your adoring followers) will NOT be HAPPY until the LIES you've hammered for TWO YEARS, and CONTINUE TO  HAMMER, result in some very unfortunate, and maybe TRAGIC, CONSEQUENCES for PEOPLE WHO HAVE DONE YOU NO WRONG.

You are thoroughly despicable. A truly sickening little man.

Explaining Things to Brooks D. Simpson

On the comment thread following his post that falsely claims Southern  heritage folks "need to feel hated," Simpson made a few remarks I'd like to reply to.

David, let’s be honest. If you deem these comments signs of hatred, then you would have to say that what you and your fellow Flaggers, including the charming Miz Connie, say about me can best best (sic) understood as expressions of hatred.

No, he wouldn't have to say that, because it's not true. Let's look at the difference. First, very few of the VaFlaggers ever say ANYthing about you; I think that's a big part of your problem with them, the way they ignore you. Second, you have kept up a relentless barrage of gratuitous attacks on them, for no good reason, for over two years -- more than 130 attack posts from you, inciting hatred for and  harassment of them among your followers, to their ONE about you on their blog, and a  handful of comments on Facebook that are REACTIONS to your attacks.

Third, you "tiptoe" through the Internet looking for Southern heritage people and posts you can bring back to your blog and denigrate for the entertainment of your followers, and this pre-dates the formation of the VaFlaggers. You say your motive is accurate history, but if that were true, you would simply correct what you see as erroneous history; instead you insult people, throw off on their intelligence, and wallow in hideous, squawking ridicule. That is an attack on a person or persons  -- not a disagreement about history -- and  it's an outward manifestation of hate.

As for Miz Connie, I am responding to YOUR attacks on us, your disparagement of us as human beings. When you post strictly about history, very rarely do I say anything, even if I disagree. If you were to post about how you think we have gotten history wrong in a civil manner, I might not even respond to that. But when you viciously attack people's intelligence, when you disparage their motives, and when you misconstrue in order to label somebody "white supremacist" or "racist," there is a pretty good chance I will defend, and not only that, but counterattack, in trumps. I am holding up a mirror to your attacks and aiming them back at you. If you feel "expressions of hatred," consider that they originated with you and were aimed at us.

Perhaps you folks should spend less time pondering what others think of you and more time owning up to how you think about your critics.

Perhaps you should spend less time tiptoeing through the Internet looking for Southern heritage folks you can bring back to your blog and dangle for your minions to peck to death.

I’ve read all sorts of comments about me that speculate that I harm children or about my sexual preference.

Not from me, and I've rarely seen that from others in my blog comments or my Facebook groups. In fact, I don't recall a single instance of it. If somebody has said that, it has occurred too few times for it to even register with me.

That you then get upset about BParks’s comments suggest that y’all can dish it out, but you can’t take it.

She is attacking; I am defending or counterattacking. Moreover, her attacks are gratuitous and fabricated solely to demean, hurt and harm. In her case, most of the time, I am not defending us from her attacks, though, because I know she's wrong. I bring up BParks and her attacks simply to point out the viciousness of the "tolerance" crowd, because she is a wonderful example of it.

Same with all the speculation about the many identities of Corey Meyer.

Corey Meyer and his fraudulent profiles are not speculation. My experience with him dates back to about 2000 or so, when he joined the old Dixie Perspective Yahoo group, and several others, to harass and insult -- NOT, I should make clear, to debate about history. I wrote two articles about him for my old 180 Degrees True South e-zine at the time.

It's pretty bad when you use a stock photo model for your profile pic in an attempt to defraud, but even worse when you steal an actual person's photo off the web.  I don't know of any heritage folks who've done that.

I don’t happen to think much of such business (besides, y’all have some moles in interesting places, and you would be taken aback by who they are).

Sez you. In any case, if there are moles, I'm not among them.. Except for one Yahoo forum years ago, all the Internet  group/forum-type IDs I have ever used are variations of my actual name. The few times I've been unable to use such a variation (e.g.., "southern writer") I make it known that the ID is mine.

But when we see Austin/Carter/Melbourne post over here, or Bader Ruffian/Battalion, and so on, well, anything y’all say about Corey can be said about them … 

No. What can be said is that Corey, like you, attacks. Austin, Border Ruffian and others of us defend or counter-attack. Their comments are virtually ALWAYS a response to a flogger attack.

...including your sidekick Carl Rodent posing as a young girl on some blogs (then again, given Carl’s fan fiction interests, perhaps that’s just research).

Perfect example not only of your double standard. but your stomach-turning attempts to tar and foul a harmless activity and denigrate a person engaged in it. Fan fiction writing, btw, is a hugely popular activity, and early forms of it date back to the Bronte siblings. Moreover, per Wikipedia, on May 22, 2013, established a new publishing service, Kindle Worlds, that would enable fan fiction stories of certain licensed media properties to be sold in the Kindle Store. Your attempt to sully and malign Carl for writing fanfic shows your animosity for heritage folks because, I suspect, if somebody on your side wrote fanfic -- even  "Slash" or "Femslash" fanfic -- you would be stone cold silent about it, the way you were about O'Hara and Confoy.

That’s why people suspect all of y’all’s whining is just about projection (and perhaps a little distraction).

No, that is not what they suspect. Claiming "projection" is simply a way for you instigators to deflect attention away from yourselves and your instigating.

First, David, you might consider that others might not share your understanding of matters or your motives.

Obviously, but it's more likely that they deliberately misunderstand, and assign motives, wrongly, out of their animosity.

They might also fall under the description of being unable to take what they dish out. Connie and her fake name follower “Austin” are right there, right now, and it seems to me they’ve gone off the deep end (that should inspire a number of tirades posing as posts).

And LibertyLamp, who threatened the Virginia  Flaggers and has kept up a steady flow of invective on your comment threads, is his/her real name. Ha. As I have noted, you dish out attacks, I dish out defense or counterattacks. Go through my Backsass blog, find any post about you, Simpson, read it -- and it will clearly identify what it is defending against, or counterattacking. There have been very, very few posts from me that were not reactions to some attack YOU posted first.

“I don’t think you are a pedophile.” Gee, that’s so nice. I guess I should say I think the same of all the Flaggers, even if one of their past heroes is a registered sex offender.

Sez  you. If  this were true, you would have already gleefully trumpeted it far and wide, you would have slung it at the VaFlaggers like elephant dung splattering the Virgin Mary.

I’ll note that Connie Chastain continued to welcome one of the people included in this discussion long after I barred him from my group. She can explain why that is. She can also explain why she went after them, while I’ve withheld the identity of the Flagger favorite.

If you're talking about Ray O'Hara's membership at Due South Facebook group, I've already explained it, and you know it. He was a member, and he was booted, long before any news about his arrest for child pornography distribution was brought to my attention. See how you lie by innuendo?

I didn't "go after them," and I made it crystal clear why I posted about them -- to retaliate against BParks' filthy accusations against Carl Roden. To show her the difference between a fanfic writer and a registered sex offender who had solicited minors for sex -- a genuine kid-toucher -- who happened to be her fellow Crossroads commenter. 

As for Heimbach, recall that several Flaggers stood up for him. No one stood up for any accused child molesters. Susan Hathaway could publicly distance herself from Rob Walker after that fiasco, but she has yet to do the same with Heimbach. These are critical differences.

Indeed; let me explain the differences, though I'm sure you already know them.

Heimback showed up for a couple of events that the VaFlaggers also showed up for; events that many others who were not VaFlaggers also attended. He joined a public Facebook group anybody could join, and made a few posts. At the time, the VaFlaggers didn't know about his activities at college in another state because, unlike you, they don't constantly sift the Internet looking for something they can trash people with.

Rob Walker approached the VaFlaggers and asked to videotape them for film school projects. They had a real, if informal, working relationship. I have no idea why Walker chose to attempt harming the VaFlaggers with fraud and betrayal. -- whether he had some personal reason for doing it, or whether somebody got to him, convinced him ... maybe even paid him ... to bring dishonor to the VaFlaggers.

In any case, Susan handled it admirably, taking several days to ascertain the facts when she happened to be very busy with other things, while you were screaming and ranting and raving that she was "silent" -- and as soon as she could, she made a public explanation and issued an apology, although she had not done anything wrong. Contrary to what YOU would love to have seen, nobody turned on her. Everyone was more appreciative than ever of her candor and sincere humility. We all moved on; you're still jumping up and down and screaming about it.

Besides, nobody expects Susan to "publicly distance herself" from Heimback when she has never been publicly close to him. The only people who are screeching about it are you floggers, who'd hate her anyway, no matter what she did. My gosh, you get all bent out of shape simply because she wears red tops. That is   an example of you revealing your underlying hatred.

I recall your version of the VDOT camera story. I think you need to revisit my post about possible locations, and examine one closely. In the end, however, so what? People complain they can’t see the flag easily, anyway.

But it gets more visible all the time. The VaFlaggers are volunteers; they don't work to your timetable. Visibility was boosted recently by the cutting of trees around the flag, by somebody who is not a VaFlagger and is not connected with them. I know it annoys you that you can't besmirch them with that (not that you didn't try). Your animosity for the VaFlaggers took a sharp upswing with the I-95 flag project, because of which you allied with Kristen Konate, who lied about Grayson and Barry, and you repeated her lie; and tried your best to sic the Richmond media onto the flaggers..

To reiterate. We don't feel a need to be hated (what a ridiculous thing to claim). We just recognize it when hate IS aimed at us.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Oh, Is THAT What You Call It?

 "I don’t hate Connie or the Flaggers. I just hate what they stand for."  ~BParks, February 9, 2014

What follows below are comments made by BParks at Simpson's Crossroads flog. They are shot through with hatred, not for what we stand for, but for us. The scorn and derision belched by BParks are the outward manifestations of hate -- for people. Her hate for "what they stand for" compounds her culpability, because she fabricates and lies about that so she will have an excuse for indulging her animosity.

Connie is obviously getting out of hand. I am actually starting to feel sorry for her as it is becoming apparent that she has way too much free time on her hands. Doesn’t she have a bunch of trashy books to write?

Miss Connie posted another rant directed at my criticism of her “writings.” She then went on to challenge me to write an equally sucky novel and then posted a laundry list of what she “does.” You would think with a list that long she would be good at doing at least one of the items. Bottom line is she’s what they refer to in the publishing industry as a hack, novice, amateur, and wannabe.  Not that any of that is particularly damning, but when you add the roles of racist, anti feminist, homophobic, neo-confederate, white supremacist apologist, and mean old lady to the resume, then you have something to be ashamed of.

Not only did Connie reply to my reply by misunderstanding that she’s failed at everything on her list, she then proudly admits to being all of the deplorable things I listed. How sad that even calling her out on her ‘pretend profession’ is not getting through to her. Take the hint Connie. You’re not a good writer. Your photoshop skills are just below the high school level. Your novel’s subject matter is offensive. Your only supporters and commenters on your blog are fellow racist troglodytes. Take down your disgusting flag. Go away. We always win in the end. All you people are doing is giving us more to mock.

 Reading the comments to her comment over there makes it apparent. I volunteer to personally escort this crazy b**** outta here. She’s not “American” in any way.

Easily one of the worst things I’ve ever read. Deplorable thoughts from deplorable people.This post will become a motivator as we work to eradicate Connie, M Lamb and the rest of the VA Flaggers in 2014. Thankfully they will eventually hang themselves by their own rope of hate, but we will keep exposing them at every opportunity and hopefully their internet presence will be all but a bad memory by 2015. My New Years resolution is to do my part to erase them and their ignorant influence of racism and sexism from the World Wide Web.

I simply mean remove their hateful influence via the web.

 Connie’s latest two posts in response to this one highlight that she is really just one thing…a crazy racist b****. I don’t want to see harm come to anyone as she wrongly implies of you, but I would like to see her presence evaporate off the web. An world without the racist contributions of Connie Chastain is a much better world indeed. We are lucky in that most of these heritage folks are older, their kids don’t care, and in 20 years this kind of Lost Cause garbage will be a thing if the past. Angry old white men are becoming more and more irrelevant as the years go by. As that ridiculous turnout at the Lee Jackson Day Festivus proved , time is on our side.

Love it for 2 reasons. 1. It personifies everything America should be. And 2. It upset Connie Chastain and ANYTHING that makes Connie and her racist minions unhappy puts a smile on my face. Well done Coca Cola!

Ha! Yes I know Liberty! It’s not hard to speculate that Connie was that angry and bitter girl who sat in the corner of the girls locker room judging all of us, especially those of us who were not descended from the same peoples. I know her kind and it’s sad to see that kind of immature insecurity and prejudice last into adulthood. She may be in her 50s but she has yet to grow up.

Great post. Connie always reminds me of the insecure white ball players who were afraid of Jackie Robinson because they knew that he was a better player than them. Once that color barrier was broke, it was a whole different ball game (pun intended)!

Fantastic and best of all is that your parody and the gibberish lyrics of that song has more intelligent substance than anything Chastain has ever actually said. Ha!

BParks is not only hate-filled -- I mean, eaten up with hatred for people, not for "what they stand for" but for people; she is also a liar, as she has demonstrated with her earlier comments here at Backsass, and as these comments above also demonstrate.

What these floggers and floggerettes repeatedly reveal is a deep-seated desire to denigrate. I have documented Simpson's denigration of Southern heritage folks numerous times on this blog, proving that it has nothing to do with "heritage, not history" as he claims. I documented his gratuitous disparagement of my novels, which has nothing to do with what he says he is interested (history), but clearly illustrates his love of scorn and derision.

BParks' claim that she doesn't hate me and the VaFlaggers appeared following a post at Crossroads titled, "The Need to Feel Hated," wherein Simpson styled his denigration and disparagement as "criticism of their beliefs, understanding and representation of history, and so on..."  I guess his ridicule of my writing falls under "and so on."

I'm considering whether I want to do an in-depth reply to his denial of hate for "these people" that is itself shot through with derision and contempt, which are the outward manifestation of hate. For now, I will just say there is no "need to feel hated" on my part, and nor on the part of the VaFlaggers and numerous other heritage folk. No, we don't "need" to "feel" hated, but we certainly recognize it when we are hated.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Back Later....

Rocking chair image: Pixabay.

Let's Help Jimmy Dick Understand

Pat Young asked me, "...could you tell me what "American culture" is, in your view?" Note he asked about MY VIEW.

So Simpson has copy/pasted my comments in reply to Mr. Young on this thread at his flog for the edification of his peanut gallery floggerettes.

~Another look at the flogger mindset~ 

The scorn and derision from the floggerettes gives us a marvelous look into the depths of the flogger mindset. Their almost universal approach is to filter what I said through their perception/beliefs/mindset, put THEIR meaning on MY words (which is pretty much always wrong, as it is not what I meant) -- and then condemn ME for THEIR meanings/interpretation.

It goes one step beyond the straw-man argument. It attributes the straw man argument to the opponent; and attacking the straw man is actually secondary to attacking the opponent -- usually for something he did not say or intend.

You see this over and over on the anti-Confederate flogs and their comment threats, but this one is especially stark, so I thought I'd post about it.

 ~"Hit the high spots" -- Izzat hard to understand? ~ 

But that's not the major point I want to make. The beginning of my reply included this: "One can only hit the high spots of such an undertaking on an internet comment thread."

Hit the high spots... hit the high spots... What does this mean  to you? Does this not adequately convey that this is an encapsulation... that it is truncated ... that it is condensed ... a summary? ... the "short version"? 

Well, Dick goes off on one of his usual tirades about what I left out. (I note he left out a lot, too -- he didn't even mention the kitchen sink...)

So let's help Jimmy Dick understand, "One can only hit the high spots of such an undertaking on an internet comment thread." Let's help him correctly conceptualize summarizing.

Offer your suggestions in the comments.

~ Who are "they"? ~

There is so much wrong or mistaken about his interpretation of my comments, but I will just address one. I posted, "... there was a lot of optimism for the future reflected in everything from popular music to fashion to architecture to decor. That’s why they were called the Fabulous Fifties. ... They were followed by the Sick Sixties. Already, there was a segment, an element — people who hated America for being too white, too successful, too rich, too smug, too optimistic and too happy. And they set out to change that."

Dick replies, "They didn’t set out to change things to destroy them. They set out to participate equally in the good life."

He doesn't understand who I mean by "they." There were people -- still are -- who intend to destroy this country because, to them, it is STILL too white, too successful, too rich, too smug, too optimistic and too happy. Not as much as it was in the Fifties -- their efforts have had an effect, sure enough. But to them, the job isn't finished.

The "they" I'm talking about are the people who instigate socialist revolutions (whether the violent kind or the soft revolutionaries of the USA, the participants of the Gramsian long-march) are almost never the "downtrodden" seeking to participate equally in the good life; they already participate in the good life. Many of them are of the educated middle or upper classes who are apparently riddled with guilt over their advantages, and want to change the culture to "uplift" the downtrodden -- as long as their position in the culture is not changed/harmed. (The sad thing is, they dupe a lot of people into following them.)

The pin-up boy darling of the left, Ernesto "Che" Guevera
Remember, the communist revolutionaries in Russia were not peasants wanting to "participate equally in the good life." Che Guevara was from a middle class Argentinian family; when he murdered thousands of people on behalf of the revolution, it wasn't to uplift peasants to equal participation in the good life. Think of Pol Pot, who killed off the entire upper, middle and educated classes of Cambodia to turn the entire remaining population into agrarian peasantry (this is the good life?).

Again, the "they" I'm talking about are the soft, no-bloodshed revolutionaries of the USA, who are just as dedicated to change and destruction/replacement as these hard revolutionaries. I'm talking about the Gramscians. The Frankfort followers. The Che lites. The cultural Marxists.

It was fascinating for a while to watch these flogger folk create straw men, attribute them to us, and then verbally shoot their own creation -- and us. Then it deflated into merely interesting. Now it's old and tired.

Nevertheless, let's  use some words and phrases Jimmy Dick can understand to convey to him the concept of "summarization," since "hit the high spots" goes over this head.

Thomas Sowell on the Sick Sixties

"Don't shoot! I'm Che!"

The Cult of Che

Saturday, February 8, 2014

More of BParks' America

Police State USA (Report from

Pinal County Sheriff Deputy kills Manuel Longoria while Longoria's hands are raised in the air.

Police in Pinal County, Arizona, claimed that the shooting death of a suspected car thief two weeks ago came after the man had turned to reach for a weapon. But video surfaced this week from a bystander, showing that the suspect had turned his back to officers, with his hands held high in the air.

Manuel Longoria, of Mesa, led police on a 40-minute chase in Eloy, and only stopped after sheriff’s deputies crippled the stolen Toyota Corolla with a tire-popping device. Witnesses said that Longoria told police after he got out of the car, surrounded, that he wouldn’t be taken alive. Police fired Tasers and beanbags at him before he turned around.

The video shows him with his hands above his head. One second later, a sheriff’s deputy fired two shots into him, killing him.

Investigators found no weapon.

The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office said it investigated the shooting and found the officer’s use of lethal force justified.

-----> The shooter returned to duty a week later. <-----

(Emphasis added. --cw)


Friday, February 7, 2014

1957 & 1966 -- Great Years for Cool Music

Honky Tonk Part 2 -- Bill Dogette

Memories Are Made of This -- Dean Martin
Extremely un-PC. "With His blessings from above..." "One man, one wife, one love, through life..."

And a bonus -- My fave Dino tune from 1966 -- Come Running Back

And another bonus, also from 1966 -- The Chairman of the Board Summer Wind

Just chalk it up to boomer angst, y'all.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

America The Beautiful...

...Red Dawn-style

The first 30 seconds is sufficient.

How Did Y'all Celebrate World Hajib Day...

... on February 1st, all you multiculturalists?

BParks, what did you do to celebrate it?

All you bright, shiny white faces at Crossroads (to borrow an Austinism), didja do anything special? How about you, Mr. Patrick Young?

I must confess, throwback that I am, that I didn't even know this ... um ... celebration existed.

So, what's next? World Slavery Chains Day?

Frankly, I'm holdin' out for World Hoopskirt Day.

More info on how folks are ... um ... celebrating this Muslim proselytizing "celebration," here, courtesy of The Daily Caller

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tush Covering and Southern Bashing

So Brooks Simpson, true to form, makes a post about me at his anti-Southern flog titled, An About-Face on Diversity. It is apparently his somewhat twisted version of parody or satire, because there has been no about face by me. I still believe diversity (i.e., difference) is simply what IS but the leftist concept of diversity (aka multiculturalism) comprises a draconian agenda to radically change, even destroy, western culture.

The primary point of posting this phony information is actually to defend himself from perfectly legitimate criticism of the highly white faculty he is a member of. The secondary point is to get in  yet another dig at the Virginia Flaggers, whom he hates.

I have a few comments to make about his post. I'll embed them in red italics.
 After denouncing diversity and multiculturalism for years, it appears that Connie Chastain and several of her commenters (including one who seems rather afraid to reveal his identity) (kinda like LibertyLamp at your flog, Simpson?) are now in favor of it. Indeed, over the last week there’s been a tidal wave of tirades over at cacklin’ Connie’s blog, in which I’m taken to task for various institutional hiring practices not in my purview (it is now conceded that ASU has a fairly diverse student body).

Translation: "Make the faculty at ASU more diverse? Ees not my chob, mang." This tush-covering, btw, is the real reason for this whole hit-piece -- aside from the fact, of course, that he just loves to denigrate and lie about Southern heritage folks.
I think this is all to the good. We certainly can support this turnabout in favor of toleration and equality. But there are ways that Connie can advance her cause even more with the usual fervor of the new-found convert.

First, Connie and her cohort claim that because the faculty at ASU is 75% white (so they assert, once more confusing race and ethnicity), (leftists like Simpson are masters at "confusing" -- deliberately -- race and ethnicity, when doing so is useful in the service of lying about and drumming up hatred for people by pasting the "racist" and "white supremacist" label on them) that’s not diverse enough (especially in math and the sciences, where diversity in terms of race and gender has long been a problem in higher education). Fair enough. However, where are the non-white people in Connie’s extensive body of fiction?  Um... ASU = reality. My novels = fiction. Anybody see the utter intellectual bankruptcy of equating the two for the purpose of comparison? Besides, there ARE people of color in my novels. Why are all the “sweet southern boys” white? Why are the characters in Toni Morrison's novels black? Heck, by Connie’s own criteria, she’s a racist writer! Heck, by Simpson's accusation, Toni Morrison is a racist writer! Surely her South ought to have people of color in it, if it is to be about the South, and not some fantasy lily-white supremacist paradise. It does have people of color in it. This is what you get for trashing novels you haven't read based on your hatred of the author.

Second, what about the Virginia Flaggers? They have exactly one person of color marching with them … far below the percentage of African Americans in Virginia (indeed, according to some of them, far below the percentage of blacks who “served” [with] the Confederate army)! Again, by the criteria of Connie and her cohort, the Virginia Flaggers are a racist organization! Ah, but they aren't the ones complaining about "racism" and then living a lie. That's Simpson and his ilk.

We are glad to see that Connie Chastain’s leading the fight for diversity, and we ask simply that she practices what she preaches. We ask the same of her identity-challenged commenter “Austin,” who places Hofstra University in New Jersey (although a team that once trained at Hofstra now plays in New Jersey). Actually, those who complain about racism, and love to slander others with the "racist" label should be the ones to lead the charge for "diversity" -- and overcome their malodorous hypocrisy in the bargain.

When it comes to joining the continuing struggle for human dignity, pride, and equality, I say of Connie Chastain, the on-again, off-again spokesperson for the Virginia Flaggers: better late than never! Simpson talking about human dignity, pride, and equality when he demonstrates over and over, his commitment to, nay his obsession with, trashing, lying about, denigrating, harassing and persecuting people he doesn't even know, and who have done nothing to him creates a breathtaking level of cognitive dissonance, doesn't it?   We assume that she’ll withhold her services from the Flaggers until they comply with her interest in diversity. Perhaps I'll consider it after he resigns from ASU for for its paucity of faculty diversity. Don’t worry: we can check the progress weekly as we look at pictures of flagging the VMFA. Cyberstalking Southern heritage folks. Simpson has been at it a long time -- he even admitted it. He calls it "tiptoeing through the Internet" or some such false cover.   Since we are on the eve of Black History Month, we can rest assured that Connie is committed to the cry, “We will overcome!” And we can rest assured that Simpson will continue attacking, lying about, denigrating, harrassing, persecuting, and drumming up hatred for the VaFlaggers (who have done absolutely nothing to him), and inciting others to the same.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Couple of Questions for BParks

I will have more to say about and to BParks and her comment that appears following They Keep Pushing and Pushing and Pushing, but I'm busy right now, so I'll just pose a couple of questions to her.
1. What liberties "proposed" by the U.S. Constitution do I "blindly rage against?"

I suppose it's too much to ask, but I would appreciate your identifying them by either Article, Section and Paragraph, or Amendment Number. Also, kindly link to an example of said blind raging. One example will do, although you can include more, if you like.

2. What rapists do I and/or have I supported?

I suppose it is too much to ask, but I would appreciate your identifying them by name, linking to proof of their crime (a report in a reliable news outlet will do), and linking to my support of them.
I suppose hell will freeze over before I get an answer to these questions, but since she made the claims, I thought I'd request specifics.

America, The Beautiful Police State

BParks' America

Excerpts from 
Another Reason to Resist: The “Devil’s Chair”
Restraint chairs come in various styles, colors, and brand names, but the design and function are consistent: The device binds an inmate in such a way that he or she cannot move the arms, legs, or torso. Supposedly created for the sole purpose of restraining violent and dangerous inmates to prevent them from injuring themselves or others, restraint chairs are frequently used to punish captives whose behavior wasn’t dangerous, but merely annoying to their captors. This has led to a growing number of incidents in which prisoners have been abused, maimed, crippled, and killed.

An officer identified as Deputy James Vandermeer can be seen inserting pepper spray into the gap in the “spit shield,” an appliance that covers the victim’s face. After the shield was removed ten minutes later, the inmate was left convulsing and crying for help for an hour and fifteen minutes. He never received medical attention. 

Christie was repeatedly shackled to a restraint chair, hooded, and attacked with military-grade pepper spray. The chemical assault was so intense that it left other inmates gagging on the fumes. Christie, who suffered from respiratory and heart disease, pleaded with deputies to remove the spit mask because he couldn’t breathe. One inmate described how Nick turned “purple and almost blue” as he suffocated.

Medical personnel who attempted to save Christie’s life were overwhelmed by the pepper spray residue, which was potent enough to eat through their medical gloves. The victim died of heart failure two days after his arrest. The death was ruled a homicide – but the State Attorney’s office insisted that there is no evidence of criminal wrongdoing on the part of the deputies who tortured Nick Christie to death.
 Makes you proud to be an American, don't it?

Posted by a Facebook friend:

Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America's Police Forces Hardcover

Check Out the Change to the Comments Function

Folks, I've changed the Comments section from a separate page, to a text box at the end of the post and any existing comments. This method allows for a "REPLY" link after each comment. If you choose to use it, your comment will appear in-line after the one you're replying to.  If you are replying to the post rather than to someone else's comment, your comment will be added at the end of the list.

If this suits everyone, we'll leave it this way.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

They Keep Pushing and Pushing and Pushing

Yes, I'm a Southerner first. Yes, I'm a secessionist. But I grew up American, and I retain enough loyalty to my culture, American culture  -- not to the government, not to the leftist agenda, but to American culture -- that I found this offensive almost to the point of abominable...

Alas, I can't start boycotting this scalawag company because I've been boycotting it since it came out in favor of abolishing the real Georgia flag and replacing it with a PC one. But if others wish to join me, I'd urge them to acquaint themselves with all of the company's brands:

Diversity Not Really A Strength

Wonder what the Diversity King's take on these articles would be. 

Interesting excerpts:


Ambient cultural disharmony?

Mr Chua argues that creativity in multicultural settings is highly vulnerable to what he calls “ambient cultural disharmony”. Tension between people over matters of culture, he says, can pollute the wider environment and reduce “multicultural creativity”, meaning people’s ability to see non-obvious connections between ideas from different cultures. “Ambient cultural disharmony” persuades people to give up on making such connections because they conclude that it is not worth the trouble.

From: The downside of diversity


Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also…A Police State Superbowl

...the US is an increasingly heterogeneous empire, with a Police State required to hold it together.

An awful lot has changed since the first playing of the Super Bowl on January 15, 1967 ... How could you convince those fans, who had casually strolled into a stadium with almost no security, that to enter Super Bowl 48, they’d be subjected to an invasive search of their person, presumed a potentially terrorist threat until deemed innocent and worthy to enter the stadium?

More than 30 federal agencies, 100 law enforcement agencies, 700 state troopers, 3,000 private security officers, snipers hidden on among the crowd, US Army Black Hawk attack helicopters enforcing a 10-mile “no fly zone” around the stadium, and US Air Force F-16s on emergency stand-by will protect this XLVIII playing of the Super Bowl.

The America of 1967, when the first Super Bowl was played, was 90 percent white, bursting with social capital and upward mobility for its citizens. But, thanks to the 1965 Immigration Act and the simultaneous collapse of immigration enforcement, the America of 2014 is a country where the majority of births are non-white, the middle class is shrinking—and the state of social capital is devastatingly summed up by the Police State measures required to ensure the safety of a football game. that the US is an increasingly heterogeneous empire, with a Police State required to hold it together.

Thoughts on the Floggosphere...

Isn't it funny. Simpson (and his fellow floggers) are oh, so stringent about what constitutes "proof" of history regarding the civil war, but he will accept, embrace, swallow, and wallow in unproven, unvetted, spurrious and unsubstantiated claims made on the FLIPPIN' INTERNET, on FACEBOOK, to call people "racists" and "white supremacists" and other pejoratives --  people who have never done ANYTHING to him.

Why do you suppose that is?

He finds it on the web -- up it goes on his blog. No double checking sources. No investigating their veracity.

His aim is to smear and slander. To harass, bully and persecute. To provoke the same in others. To denigrate, hurt and harm.


What has Andy Hall got against Christians? What has he got against their expressions of faith? And why the denigration at their not being omniscient?


Just a few things I'm wondering about this day....

Interesting Questions

I wonder if our Diversity King would have any thoughts and/or opinions about them.
Is Making Fun of Rednecks and Hillbillies Racist?

America’s favorite joke is anything but funny
 I have my own thoughts about such things and -- as a reminder to Simpson, who is always in Bash-the-VaFlaggers mode (for things that have nothing to do with them) -- this is my post, on my blog, with my comments. Has nothing to do with the VaFlaggers. Has to do with liberal/leftists/flogger hypocrisy.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Who Is Samantha? (As If We Don't Know)

The Southern heritage and neoConfederate corner of Facebook has a new stalker. She styles herself "Samantha Vantano," and has sent numerous friend requests to various heritage folks -- sent them repeatedly after they are deleted by the recipient -- and numerous more requests to join our groups -- also repeatedly after they've been deleted.

She also used Facebook's messenger to contact several of us individually. I know of at least four or five people who received her messages; and no telling how many I don't know about. After I booted her from Due South, I got these messages:
    Conversation started Saturday

    1/25, 9:25am
    Samantha Vantano

    Ms. Chastain,

    I cannot access Due South. Why did you remove me?




    1/25, 9:28am
    Connie Chastain

    You have a brand new profile, and I can't tell much about you. We've had critics and opponents join the group with new or closed profiles, some of whom turned out to be moles for critics of Confederate heritage.


    1/25, 5:37pm
    Samantha Vantano

    I understand I that might send up a red flag but my situation is a bit different. I have been the victim of identity theft of my credit card and have been in court for the last six months trying to restore my name and credit. I was told that they obtained my information through my computer. So not only did I have to buy a new computer, but I had to set up new accounts just to ensure they did not get to me again. I also have bought LifeLock. Do you use some type of digital protection? I would highly recommend it.


    1/25, 5:37pm
    Samantha Vantano

    I do understand you precautions.


    1/25, 5:57pm
    Samantha Vantano

    I apologized if any of this sounds bitter. I am just tired of not being believed at being who I say I am. I hope you never have to go through a situation like mine of ID theft. Worst thing in the world.
Quite a sob story, iddinit? I posted this at the Backsass FB group:
Following the well-established Corey-pattern of attempting to friend Confederates and infiltrate our groups, and deleting the profile that's been "outed," new troll "Samantha Vantano" has disappeared from Facebook. Corey does not seem to understand that people write with a "voice" and it can be very distinctive and identifiable. "Samantha's" voice sounded just like numerous other fraudulent profiles created by Meyer, and her behavior (deleting the profile) is the definitive tell-tale sign.

I think his departure from blogging must be driving him crazy, like nicotine craving in a smoker tryin' to quit...
After posting that, I received the following message: 
    1/27, 8:26pm
    Samantha Vantano

    I am still here Connie

    You know Connie, you said that Due South had become popular over the last week or so. I wonder how many of those people can be trusted?
During the Samantha-blitz, John Hall sent me a copy/paste of a message "she" sent to him:
Hey, just so you know I have sent a packet of you comments and writings about know calling them "chimps" and your little scam with your dog and a hotel to your local newspaper, the Atlanta Const. Journal and the SPLC. When the SPLC heard about it they were very interested. Just though you should know. Samantha!

And by the way, you will need to clean out all of your friends because I an still one of your friends... You know "keep you friends close and your enemies closer".... LOL...
Veddy, veddy interesting, considering that Corey left this comment at my blog on January 25th
Corey Meyer has left a new comment on your post "Living Rent-Free? Or Jackhammering?":

John C. Hall,

I am still wondering if your local paper would like to see the things you say and do on Facebook. Calling black people like Rose Sanders a "chimp" or using your dog as a "seeing eye dog" to get into a swank hotel, or the happy claims of your ancestors roll in the KKK, or reminding President Obama that Georgia boys still carry guns...
(I think this high school teacher meant 'role'. cw)

Should I continue? And have you learned yet how to attach you little toy sword to that saber belt yet?
No, I didn't post it. I sent it to spam. But I didn't delete it. I may accidentally lose things, but I almost never delete stuff like this. I guess my sending the comment to the cornfield pissed him off so much he blew his cool...

So "Samantha" also messaged one of us, maybe more, this "info".
    I am seriously not Corey Meyer. I work for the SPLC and I am doing a story on the Virginia Flaggers and their connection to racist groups like the League of the South and people like Matthew Heimbach, Shane Long, Michael Cushman and Kirk D. Lyons. I have already written articles on the LOS's demographic displacement protest. Your story should be out in about a month or so. Stay tuned.
Bwwhahahahahaaaaa!! My, my. Sounds like she's been reading the Crossroads flog, don't it? 

I couldn't help but wonder, though, what she means by "work for the SPLC".  Does that mean she's actually on the payroll? Or is she one of the sleazy freelance anonymous infiltrators they rely so heavily on? I blogged about that kind of scum here, in my second post on this blog:

Back in 2005, the SPLC website carried this info about the "Intelligence" Report:
"Each year, Intelligence Project staff sift through hate groups' publications, citizens' reports, news reports and information from law enforcement agencies and field sources to develop the most up-to-date data on American hate groups. That data is then passed on to law enforcement, journalists, academics and the general public."
Something similar was found in a paragraph about the list of "hate groups" the SPLC tracks:
"This list was compiled using hate group publications and websites, citizen and law enforcement reports, field sources and news reports."
As I noted in my blog post: 
..."citizens' reports" and "field sources." That's mostly where the "intelligence reports" come from. They are anonymous accounts and as such, wholly unreliable. We aren't told who is supplying the information, how reliable they are, whether they have an agenda, and if so, what it is. We don't know the circumstances under which they gather the information. Did they interview people? Did they identify themselves right up front? If not, how was the information gathered?

These "citizens' and field source reports" are written in the language of persuasion and propaganda, not the language of factual and dispassionate reporting. They are not vetted by an impartial editor for fairness and objectivity. They are manufactured, beginning to end, by people with an agenda, for the purpose of pushing that agenda. They are written and edited by people whose (very substantial) incomes depend on convincing contributors that there's a huge and growing, dangerous, violent "hate" menace stalking the country.

I believe these reports from citizens and field sources to be considerably embellished, and in part actually fabricated.
We'll see if  "Samantha's" report shows up in "Hate Watch" on the SPLC website (which would be more truthfully named "Fabricating Hate to 'Watch'") -- and whether I'm in it. If it does, and if I am, we'll also see whether I can parlay that into book sales....

Samantha, here is a link to my books.  Connie's Novels. They have white and/or off-white Southerners in them. Be sure to include them in your SPLC report: