Friday, January 24, 2014

Living Rent-Free? Or Jackhammering?

"...I figured there would be marching and singing and pictures and videos of people marching and singing and meeting old friends. Just like last year. I was not disappointed. However, apparently I was on the minds of some of the participants. As Susan Hathaway, leader of the Virginia Flaggers, declared, “I imagine the great press coverage, turnout, and that inspiring VMI photo and narrative has him twisted ALL up in knots.”

"Nice to know that I’m living rent-free in your head, Susan." ~Brooks Simpson
Absolutely ludicrous.

This is the man who has attempted to JACKHAMMER his way into VaFlagger consciousness with lies, ridicule, harassment, persecution and incitement of others, via 131 -- that's ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY ONE -- blog posts and/or comments on his own flog since December 29, 2011. (See updated list of Simpson's obsessive flog posts in the left sidebar. <--------  Scroll down.)

And this does not count his comments on other flogs.

Whether with outright lies or innuendo or ridicule or attempted smears by imaginary association, he has done his best to hurt, harass, bully and persecute people who have done him no wrong.

He has falsely accused -- or at least insinuated -- Tripp Lewis of child abuse. He has implied conspiracy in the Rob Walker matter or, at the very lease, ridiculed the VaFlaggers for not being omniscient.He contacted the Richmond Police about the Walker incicent -- just like it was any of his business -- looking for something he could use to stir up hatred for the VaFlaggers. He has plastered information about Susan's employer on his filthy, slimy flog, apparently in the hopes that she would lose her job.  And he has LIED, LIED, LIED, LIED, LIED about Matt Heimbach and the VaFlaggers.

He has joined with deceitful persecutors of the VaFlaggers in the Richmond area regarding the I-95 flag project. He has attempted to stir up hatred for the flaggers by namecalling them, labeling Barry and Grayson, (who are, by all accounts I've seen, decent, honorable and good-hearted men) as Susan's henchmen (and who really believes he was applying the third usage?), accusing them of putting Kristen Konate's address online WHEN SHE HERSELF WAS THE ONE WHO DID THAT. He has tried to sic the Richmond media on them. He regularly switched back and forth between calling them ineffective and implying they are dangrous racists.

Why? I've asked my blog visitors to offer an opinion as to the motives of floggers and floggerettes. Now I'm inviting replies to a question specifically about Brooks D. Simpson.

What is the motive behind his obsession? What does he want the result of his VaFlagger flogging to be?

I will tell you what I think -- and this is solely my opinion.

I think he wants to see them come to harm. I think he would love to see some crazed leftist, goaded by criticism like that which he spews forth, attempt to hurt them. Either physically, by violence, or to cost them their jobs, ruin their ability to make a living, or to harm their reputation. Any sort of damage, harm, injury, pain they could experience would please him, I sincerely believe. But I think physical violence is his secret heart's desire. Or can you really call it secret, in light of 131 obsessive, sliming, lying blog posts?


  1. About the march in Lexington, Pat Young sez at Simpson's flog, "Interesting to see the wide diversity of the marchers who ranged from white to off-white."

    Is there a problem with that, Mr. Young?

  2. Simpson attempted to harm me and my business by posting several blog postings about me. He even went as far as to bring up a post about my ancestor trying to make my ancestor out to be a white supremacist. So I promptly went to the president of ASU in disbelief that a university such as that would have a professor spending his time attacking people like this.

    He continued and so I went to the board of regents in disbelief again that a professor would spend all his time doing this. He has been quiet now for a while and the disclaimer on his blog is quite obvious when you go there. I could not have written it better myself.

    But I must thank Mr. Simpson. In his attempt to tarnish my Ancestor's legacy (I am writing a book about Captain Corker)I discovered the congressional record on Corker's election to the 41st congress in 1870.

    So thankyou Brooks. I now have more information for my book. I would never have know about the rich history ancestor was a part of.

    Oh and just for the reader to know. Corker was challenged by his defeated opponent in the election of 1870. A man name beard challenged Corker saying that white violence against black voters kept him from winning. Beard was a mulatto.

    Thanks to Brooks Simpson I found the entire Congressional testimony on the contested election. Rather than being a white supremacist it is shown that my ancestor was popular with the colored people and he was against the Klu Klux activity that was apparent sporadically.

    One of the most interesting discoveries regarding the contested election at this time of reconstruction only 5 years after the war's end is to see the other side of reconstruction. The best example of this is testimony regarding a group of approx. 500 Negros heading to one of the polls. About 50 in front and 50 behind the white carpetbagger in his buggy were carrying shotguns, pistols and muskets. The idea was to intimidate the white voters.

    So you see. Mr. Simpson has done me a great favor. There are always two sides to every story and the South's side will be told in my book.

  3. "What is the motive behind his obsession"?
    Well it's just my opinion but I think # 1 - Simpson has a deep seeded fear of strong women !
    This is obvious by his constant attacks on you and Susan.
    # 2 He is a product of the Northern brainwashing that has been going on for over 150 years,
    so anything Confederate is Bad !
    # 3 He enjoys the confrontational nature of his post. He flat out loves to smear, argue, and belittle folks. (specifically Southern People)
    # 4 It's a numbers game, I'm sure the hits go way up on his flog when he attacks the Flaggers.
    # 5 To put it in a "nut Shell"
    He is a sick puppy, who loves the attention no matter who he has to brow beat and belittle.

    "What does he want the result of his Va Flagger flogging to be"?
    He wants the Flaggers to continue doing what they do. Why ?
    If they (we) stop he will have fewer things to flog about.
    Yep if the Flaggers go away his Marquee focal point will be gone and that will force him to look some other place to get his kicks.

  4. "This is the man who has attempted to JACKHAMMER his way into VaFlagger consciousness with lies, ridicule, harassment, persecution and incitement of others, via 131 -- that's ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY ONE -- blog posts and/or comments on his own flog since December 29, 2011"

    Someone seems to be living rent free in the good professor's mind.

  5. "Someone seems to be living rent free in the good professor's mind."

    Indeed, Eddie. And throughout the two years of attacks, persecution, bullying and harassment by Simpson, Susan has not made comments critical of him, and certainly no attacks. A few -- very few -- times, she has defended herself and the VaFlaggers, but has not attacked or counter-attacked. I think part of it is that she truly doesn't care what his opinion is, and partly the turn-the-other-cheek component of her religious beliefs.

    And Dave is right. She is a strong woman. A very strong Southern woman.


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