Monday, September 2, 2013

The Transparency of Kevin Levin

Can see right through him....
From his blog post titled, Who Are the Virginia Flaggers?
Levin: What the major news channels have not done, however, is look into the membership of the Flaggers and whether their talk of Confederate heritage reflects the broader values of the Richmond community.
So? Does every-freaking-thing that happens in Richmond "reflect the broader values" of the Richmond community? I'll bet you lots and lots of stuff happens that doesn't "reflect the broader values" of the Richmond community. And it doesn't have to. That's DIVERSITY!!!
Levin: Thanks to Brooks Simpson (and here) and Andy Hall we are learning more about individual members (or individuals who are claimed as members by the Flaggers) such as Matthew Heimbach.
No, you aren't learning about memberS or individualS, plural. You've read a few things about one (1) guy.
Levin: Susan Hathaway and the rest of the Flaggers have gone on record attacking prominent members of Richmond’s history and museum community for their supposed Confederate heritage betrayals. The Virginia Flaggers should be held accountable to the very same standard. Richmonders should ask themselves whether Matthew Heimbach’s view of Confederate heritage represents their own.
What standard. WHAT FLIPPIN' STANDARD? The Flaggers are not paid with taxpayer money to sabotage and distort the very work they're supposed to be doing.  Why should Heimbach's view represent any person's view in Richmond? Or anywhere else? THEY ARE HIS VIEWS.  I know that's hard for people with group-think mentalities to process, BUT NOT EVERYONE SEES EVERYTHING THE SAME WAY, even though political correctness and left-think demands it.

Lookit, Levin, you can bray to the Richmond media all you want, but except for a relative handful of folks on the left, the I-95 flag is way down most folks' list of priorities. 
Levin: ....but as they have emerged in the public’s eye they should expect increased scrutiny when questions are left unanswered or intentionally ignored.
Well, that depends on how important the questions are, and who is asking them.
Levin  Richmonders have an interest in knowing who is donating money and who is working behind the scenes to make this happen.
No they don't. Private group, private donations -- or do you think all private groups and donations should b blabbed all over the media?  THIS IS A PHONY, MADE UP ISSUE.
Levin: Until then, the Virginia Flaggers’ claims to defending any kind of heritage is bunk. 
Horse muffins. First, they haven't said any thing about defending heritage. The flaggings and the I-95 flag, are to commemorate soldiers who fought and died for Virginia.  Who's donating to the project has absolutely no bearing on commemoration of Confederate soldiers. 

Levin is so het up about the I-95 flag, he's been tweeting up a frenzy to the Richmond media. But the big, puffy-chested, self-styled "anti-racist" encounters an American Indian woman who is pissed that he ignores the "racism" of sports team names... Look what happens. Pay special attention to how he answer her::

"Ees not my chob, man. I do the civil war."

I have no idea what you're talking about. 
I've never even HEARD heard of the Washington Redskins. 
But look how this Confederate flag is being used.....



  1. Well I don't live in Richmond, but that is where my Dad was from, His Grand Father was a member of The RICHMOND howitzers. JC Tatum my Great Grandfather was a patient at the RE Lee camp #1, His brother who was also a RICHMOND Howitzer helped make the Howitzer Monument in Richmond a reality, he was the Treasurer of the Howitzer Association.
    I still have family that lives in the Richmond area.
    So now Kevin has the info on a flagger (I think I'm a flagger I've never seen an official list of members )who has a legitimate interest in the Chapel, and the Flag on I-95.
    But I guess his selective amnesia will kick in again. Or perhaps it's selective blindness!
    Either way, unless he can smear or browbeat someone he won't acknowledge them. Unless they agree with him.

  2. If that gentleman wants to change the name of a football team, he should take action instead of simply complaining.

    The question was about the confederate flag - not a football team.

  3. Levin is white also? Gee, what a surprise.

  4. By the way, Mr. Levin boasts that he teaches at the prestigious and exclusive Gann Academy. Take a visit to the website, watch the montage of photographs, and count the number of African-American students you see.

  5. "Levin: What the major news channels have not done, however, is look into the membership of the Flaggers and whether their talk of Confederate heritage reflects the broader values of the Richmond community."

    Why is Levin so interested in the "broader values of the Richmond community?"

    I believe Richmond can decide Richmond's values without Levin's hate laced input.

    And in another of Levin's diatribes, (Staking Out a Position on the Confederate Flag) Levin would have southerners agree to BAN ninety-nine percent of all displays of the Confederate Battle Flag. I have a better idea. How about including a program to educate those who hate southerners about the truth concerning the Confederate Battle Flag?

    In reward for southerners agreeing to ban ALL displays of the Confederate Battle Flag, Levin will allow displaying the flag once a year on memorial day. I wonder how long before that one day comes under attack?

    Instead of Levin's recommendation, "John Coski’s wonderful book, The Confederate Battle Flag: America’s Most Embattled Emblem," I recommend Pastor John Weaver's, "The Truth Concerning The Confederate Battle Flag."

  6. Austin: "Take a visit to the website, watch the montage of photographs..."

    I see a lot of white faces...
    ...oy vey!

  7. Levin reminds me of the race pimps Sharpton and Jackson....only focused on beating the fans of racism for fame and fortune. Hmmm....Sherman attacks Southern the evil Southerners back into the union....Then Sherman goes out west to kill all the indians....and Levin says? Indians...what indians...can you spell hypocrite?

  8. I'm sorry John, but where exactly did he say "what Indians?"

    His blog is specifically about the Civil War. Kevin's study, in particular, deals largely with race and the civil war, the way my research deals more with military policy and military culture. How exactly is what Kevin said an example of a hypocrite?

  9. I visited Levin's Gann Academy web site. I saw ALL white faces. Levin's writings, sans research, on Black Confederates leads one to believe Levin loves black folks. Levin should be teaching in a black school of some sort.

    The next question is who cares most about the plight of black folks?

    History teaches us many important facts. By comparison, the Confederate Army was integrated all during Lincoln's War of Northern Aggression. But the US Army (Levin's ancestors) did not integrate the US Army until 1949, almost 100 years after Lincoln invaded the South.

    And the Yanks refused equality for black soldiers, all the while flying the US Stars and Stripes!! Time to ban the US Stars and Stripes!!

  10. Lots and lots of white faces on the faculty too....the hypocrisy is breathtaking.

  11. Y'all wanna hear something funny? And absolute scream? Simpson tweeted that this post of mine "mocked non-whites."

    I guess he never saw Chico and the Man, which was a very popular sitcom back in the 1970s, and part of the humor was the ethnic clash between Chico and his white boss. "Ees not my chob, mang" was one of Chico's repeat trademark phrases

    If Simpson has a problem with that phrase being "mocking" of nonwhites, he should lay blame at the feet of the late Freddie Prinze, Sr. I certainly didn't make it up.

  12. I remember Kevin Levin getting smacked on the wrist by his previous employer for internet opinions (attacks) against Mrs. Hathaway.

  13. Simpson is an idiot. That line from the television program was, for a time, positively ubiquitous in American pop culture. More importantly, the program ultimately revealed, in spite of its calculatedly rough exterior, a humanist message. This was most in evidence when Chico's boss (the late Jack Albertson), contemplated Chico's death. Again, Simpson is a moron.

  14. The following may explain why Levin’s school does NOT have any black students, or black faculty members.

    Yankees in the State of Massachusetts gradually emancipated their slaves, which also allowed the Yankees to rid themselves of a people they did not want to keep in Northern society. It had the effect of preventing a large increase in the numbers of free blacks in the state. The pious and righteous Yankee did not want the Negro in his state. That’s the “Holier-than-thou, overly-concerned-about-Richmond-heritage” Levin and his ancestors we are talking about here.

    In 1788, eight years after the state of Massachusetts started its judicial emancipation of its slave population, it passed a law ordering every black, mulatto, or Indian who came into the state and remained two months to be whipped publicly. This punishment was to be repeated if the black, mulatto, or Indian did not leave. This law remained in effect until 1834, by which time it had done its work of purging Massachusetts of "undesirables."

    While this law was in force the people of Massachusetts were hard at work in the slave trade, from which the state collected large tax revenues. It should now be easy to understand that the people of the North were not driven by humanitarian or egalitarian desires to free their slaves. Their emancipation process was driven by the vile impulse to remove, for profit, a people with whom the Yankees had no desire to associate. The South Was Right, How Was Slavery Abolished in the North? pg.76

  15. From a native American friend of mine:

  16. Look who Kevin teaches and where he lives. He clearly doesn't care about Blacks. He's Academia's version of a limousine liberal.


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