Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Book I Would LOVE to Read!


  1. A book of failures...who would want to read that?

  2. Chapter 1: I Swear We're Not Racist

    Chapter 2: Matthew Heimbach Joins the March

  3. Ah, Corey. If you only knew what goes on behind the scenes...LOL!

  4. The "Ban the Flag," hysteria expands into Minnesota. But this time the flag to ban is the US Stars and Stripes, and in your own back yard. You Yanks and southern haters keep up your rhetoric and hate against the Confederate flag. You are not immune - just a matter of time.

  5. Rob -- Flaggers no more racist than you and your fellow floggers....

    As for Heimback -- I have thoroughly enjoyed flogger hatemongering about him -- and what's funny is they (y'all) don't even know how you reveal your hatred for all to see...

    For example, figuratively zooming in so close that Heimback is the only thing in your lens frame -- but you don't acknowledge that such zooming in blocks out hundreds of others who don't give the impression you want to give....

    For another example, the devious, dishonest and outright liar Brooks D. Simpson (horrifying that he teaches students) is STILL attempting to portray the Facebook one-click picnic invitation to the 800+ members of the Confederate Flaggers group as some kind of special invitation from Susan to Heimbach....

    As for why he's a member of the group -- anybody can join -- you could, Simpson-the-Liar could -- because the VaFlaggers don't have the resources to hire background check companies, or the time that Simpson evidently has to sit for hours coming through the Internet. Most them have jobs and work....

    A lot of Heimbach's radicalization seems to have occurred after the joined the group and attended two or three flagger events.... he hasn't attempted to disrupt the group with his ideology, the way you and Corey have a history of doing ... so who knows, maybe he'll learn something....

  6. I see you have the blinders tied on tight today Connie.

    Who cares what goes on behind the one sees what is presented to the public that looks bad. A fellow blogger has shown over and over as I have that the flaggers and other heritage defenders do not distance themselves from people like Heimbach, but continue to approve of him.

    So keep laughing about the behind scene stuff...what the public sees is more and more of the white supremacy.

  7. I don't usually go on "Dixie Marches" with white supremacists Connie, sadly the "well, look at you" argument is moot.

  8. Rob, your whatever-fits definition of racism is so funny. The VaFlaggers don't usually go on "Dixie Marches" with white supremacists, either. Despite attempts by you floggers to zoom in so tightly on one person that you can't see the hundreds of others, and one or two events so that you can't see hundreds of others -- when you look at the whole picture realistically, Heimbach is a small, insignificant dot.

    Corey, oh, yes, as an honorary VaFlagger, I have very limited knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes, but that's enough to know how important it is. As for what's presented to the public looking bad, you have to consider who's doing the presenting and what their motives are and, most importantly, WHAT THEY ARE LEAVING OUT. So what you have, Corey ... what SOME people see ... is what I described above -- a insignificant handful of insignificant contacts with this one guy that gets totally focused on by Simpson-type liars, to the exclusion of everything else, although what's getting ignored is the vast bulk of truth and reality re: the VaFlaggers.

    It's like this. Suppose Jeremy Shelley missed a field goal last year. He didn't -- in his senior year, he was perfect, making every field goal (11) and extra point (63) he attempted -- but let's suppose he did. For the sake of illustration and comparison, let's say he missed one field goal and one extra point. So focusing on those, and just on those, and then defining not only Shelley's entire season his senior year, but his entire college football career, and defining him as PERSON by those two missed kicks, while ignoring 10 successful field goals and 62 point afters, and then carping about the missed kicks over and over and over and over on one's blog -- that's what you floggers, led by the liar Brooks Simpson, are doing. It's wrong. It is morally and ethically wrong.

    And why? The core VaFlagger group members are good, decent people -- but you floggers, especially Simpson, are trying to hurt them personally, damage their reputations, hamper their ability to make a living ... and why? Because they see the Confederate flag and Confederate history DIFFERENTLY than y'all do? SO THE HELL WHAT? That is NO REASON TO TRY TO DAMAGE SOMEBODY using a largely made up and embellished "issue".

    It's thoroughly disgusting. It is sickening to see someone like Simpson lying about and trying to hurt these people who haven't done a damn thing to him. Ditto all the rest of you. You are despicable people, hypocritical haters who pretend not to be -- or who pretend YOUR hate is okay. You make me sick.


    Even the LOS is distancing themselves from Heimbach, why can't the Va. Flaggers do the same.

  10. I haven't presented a definition of racism so, moot point.

    Hundreds? Laughable.

  11. I can't see your link, Corey.

    You have to be in close proximity to something in order to move away from it -- to distance yourself from it. The only place where the VaFlaggers are in close proximity to Heimbach is in flogger fantasies and flogger lies.

  12. Have you seen the recent post by Brooks where Billy Bearden and SCV CIC are friends with Heimbach.

    You see things very differently don't you...or do you agree with him?

  13. Rob, your reference to "Chapter 1: I Swear We're Not Racist" followed by "I don't usually go on "Dixie Marches" with white supremacists..." is an indirect charge of racism against the VaFlaggers -- however you define it.

    There have been about 500 visitors who have flagged with the VaFlaggers (core group of about 50 people). The hundreds of events is an estimate -- flagging twice a week for two years, although I'm sure they were't able to do it every week, due to weather and other circumstances. But I also remember reading about the group splitting and flagging at two separate events simultaneously; and they've done other things besides flag the VMFA (attended other events like the shad planking, and cemetery decoration), so if my estimate of over 200 events is off, it's not off by much.

    Corey, yes I see things very differently from Simpson. I see them realistically. He sees them as fodder for lying about and trying to hurt people.

    Givens and Bearden are FACEBOOK friends with Heimbach. Do you not know the difference between a friend and a Facebook friend? From Pay close attention to definitions 6 and 8.


    [frend] Show IPA

    1. a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.
    2. a person who gives assistance; patron; supporter: friends of the Boston Symphony.
    3. a person who is on good terms with another; a person who is not hostile:
    4. a member of the same nation, party, etc.
    5. ( initial capital letter ) a member of the Religious Society of Friends; a Quaker.
    6. a person associated with another as a contact on a social-networking Web site:
    7. Rare. to befriend.
    8. to add (a person) to one's list of contacts on a social-networking Web site: I just friended a couple of guys in my class.
    9. make friends with, to enter into friendly relations with; become a friend to.


    In the Facebook world (and most people understand this) a friend is a CONTACT. To be a friend in real life involves a lot more than clicking "send friend request" or clicking the accept button. Wait, don't tell me. You didn't know this.

    Two people may be friends out in terrestrial reality, and they may join Facebook and add each other to their friend (i.e. contact) list; but that is not what makes them friends, capisce? They were friends before they did that.

    People who don't know each other but become friends on Facebook may develop an association and have positive feelings about that relationship, and even the other person, to the extent possible without actual contact -- but that doesn't mean EVERYone who is on somebody's friend list is anything more than a contact, capisce?

    How many times has Billy posted something to Heimbach's timeline? How many has Heimbach posted to Billy's. How many times have they conversed on someone else's thread, or in a group?

    They appear to be "friends" in the Facebook-contact definition -- although they seem to have had little or no contact....

    Simpson is reaching. Grasping at straws, in order to demonize somebody he doesn't like just because they see the Civil War differently. He's trying to ruin people's lives by lying about them. You're helping him.

    If you don't mind my asking, what does that do for you?

  14. So they maybe just "friends" on Facebook, but what gets me is two-fold. I am not friends with Matt Heimbach because I know what he stands for and IF I had been I would have dropped him once his true side is shown. What differs from Bearden, Givens and I is that they know what Heimbach stands for and are still friends.

    Even the LoS is distancing themselves from Heimbach...but it is only because they want to attracked mainstream Whites to their organization...not radical least not yet.

  15. So now the way I am defining racism in a way unknown to you, whereas before you seemed to know how I defined it. Interesting.

    The Flaggers keep roll? I'd like to see those attendance sheets, based on pictures of events the participation seems isolated to a locality.

  16. Corey,Far as face book friends, I have many. I had to start a second FB page because of it. I have over a 150 old high school alumni that are now a vast variety of people. Judges, a USAF general,and an endless spectrum beyond that. I also have friends and family in Italy on my facebook friends list.I have friends that are Voodoo priest and conjurer people. I have friends that are Christians,Pagans,Jews, Buddhist ect. I have some conservative evangelical friends also. I have Outlaw MC inc friends and the list goes on and on. I'm sure if you went through my friends list on FB along with the saints you will find some villains too.

  17. Rob, that's my point. You don't seem to HAVE a definition of racism. It is whatever you need to to be at any given moment.

    I don't believe I've said they keep a roll or attendance sheets. Why are you entitled to see whatever documents they have? Why are you even interested?

  18. Nice tap dance.

    I just find it interesting that you would post up 500 flaggers, when there seems to be no proof of such numbers.

  19. No, Corey, that is not what differs between Bearden/Givens and you. You hate heritage folks and you comb the Internet looking for "incriminating" stuff (or stuff you can construe/lie about as incriminating). It's what you have to do to feel morally superior (snooping and lying makes people feel morally superior, what irony).

    And when you find some little speck, that's what you totally focus on, and try to make it the whole thing and totally to define people by it, regardless of how small or insignificant it is -- while you completely ignore the vast reality surrounding it, Dishonest. Hateful.

    Here's another actual difference: you floggers are all-consumed about "appearance," not reality. People have all sorts of reasons for friending others on Facebook. When I first joined, it was nothing but a marketing tool for me. I friended dozens of people I didn't know, never even heard of, either because they were/are writers, or connected with publishing, or potential book-buyers. When I discovered Southern heritage folks, and people from high school and college (real friends), I culled my friend list of those early contacts. (Facebook makes it increasingly difficult to use this medium for promotion, anyway...without paying for it.)

    The point is, I didn't do a lot of "background" checks on the people I friended. Today, I rarely ever send a friend request. When I get one, I give a quick look at the person's wall, and refuse any requests from people who look iffy. I just deleted a request this morning from some porno-looking chick who probably uses some automatic "friend-finder" (you'd have loved her) and I've deleted several friend requests from you using some fake profile.

    Billy probably knows what Simpson and others have said about Heimbach, but I doubt seriously whether he has done any deep "investigation" himself. I would truly be surprised if Givens knows anything about Heimbach -- even what critics are saying. He's has lots of other fish to fry and I suspect he stays super-busy.

    For most heritage folks, particularly the VaFlaggers, Heimbach is just a nonentity. Simpson's lies that he's "embraced" by them, and "warmly welcomed" and a member "in good standing" are either schizoid hallucinations, or deliberate lies designed to injure and damage people who have done him no wrong. I leave you to guess which I think it is.

    Also, with a handful of exceptions, most VaFlaggers don't read Simpson's flog, or any other flogs, except on extremely rare occasions. Some of them read what I say about the floggers on Backsass, but most of them are completely indifferent to flogger criticism; and most are not contentious like I am, and lack my confrontational propensities that comes from pure mountaineer cussedness handed down to me by my Southern Appalachian ancestors.

  20. Jimmy Jones is quoted in the Times Dispatch as saying the the Flaggers have a core group of about 50 active members in the Richmond area, but more than 500 people have attended events put on by the group.

    So, Rob, you seriously and sincerely believe that the images you've seen and what you've read is everything possible to see and know about the VaFlaggers?


  21. Corey sez, "I am not friends with Matt Heimbach because I know what he stands for and IF I had been I would have dropped him once his true side is shown."

    Don't throw your shoulder and elbow out patting yourself on your own back and be careful not to fall off your self-made, look-what-a-good-boy-I-am pedestal.

    I don't believe your claim for a minute. Not for a minute. I believe you'd friend him in an instant with a fake profile, to spy on him and use him to smear others. In fact, you may have done so already.

    You know what Confederate heritage folks and Southern nationalists stand for, and you make fake profiles all the time and try to friend them and join their groups.

    You're a despicable liar, Corey. An amateur compared to Simpson, and maybe not as greedy to injure and damage somebody so you can revel in their hurt like Simpson -- but you're a liar and a hater, nonetheless.

  22. Well now it is out there...and Bearden and Givens are still friends on FB.

    As for Givens, remember the SCV has awarded Heimbach.

    I think they are aware of who he is and what he says.

    Tripp says he is "A Good Guy"

    Sounds to me Connie, You are just Whistling Dixie...and it's off key.

  23. And I, as anyone approaching a news story with a dose of cynicism, would like to believe Jimmy Jones but realism dictates otherwise.

    Like I said, 500 flaggers? Please. It's laughable that you think there are without proof.

  24. Geez corey.. you just keep coming back for more after Connie just mows right over you... who the hell is rob baker?

  25. I am not patting myself on the back...I am just saying that I try and keep my FB friends to those I know and if the go off in the wrong soon as I know it...they would be gone. that is not the case with the Flaggers...they have commented and liked things that Heimbach has posted and said. Some are still friends.

    Yep...I am an amature...or am I? Maybe all of this from Simpson to possible aliases are all part of an elaborate plan? Alex Jones??? Where are you when Connie needs you?

  26. Corey, please. You make fake profile after fake profile trying to friend Southern heritage folks and get in their groups. Are you suddenly trying to tell me you think they aren't off in the wrong direction? Have you suddenly become a Confederate heritage activist?

    Re: Givens and Bearden -- I can't speak FOR them, only speculate, but I suspect Givens hasn't paid a bit of attention to the flogger obsession with Heimbach, Givens has over 2,000 Facebook friends, but doesn't post much. Very likely, he doesn't know Heimback is among them -- or even who Heimbach is. I can't imagine that he remembers every single person he had a photo made with. Also, I suspect he doesn't know every single thing that every single chapter -- or is it camp? -- does. I keep telling you, and you keep not getting it -- that not everyone is as obsessed with finding crap to throw at people as you are.

    As for Billy, I have no idea. He may be leaving Heimbach in his friend list out of pure cussedness, just to piss you off. But that's sheer speculation, and I mean it in a nice way.

    You can think whatever you like, but very likely, you are incorrect because your deep, obsessive desire to paint people you don't like (Southern heritage folks) in a negative manner (as evil wacists and white supweemacists) so you can feel the warm fuzzies of moral superiority, actually negates moral superiority, ya know?

    Since the event that Heimbach attended (the one that Simpson keeps posting a photo from, over and over, trying to make it look like more than one event, and thus more of an association between Heimbach and the group than actually exists) he has apparently radicalized. In fact, that has occurred fairly recently. Simpson is attempting to make that retroactive, and make it seem like the flaggers knew about it months ago, before it even happened.

    Tripp's comment has 38 words. You posted three of them. The others constitute a qualifier you refuse to acknowledge -- "...we don't get personal with other issues..." and "...and we pay attention to one thing.. Honoring the confederate soldier." Which leads me to suspect Tripp and Heimbach, for whatever time they may have been around each other, didn't talk about Heimbach's racial ideology, and Tripp didn't know about. And the only people we've heard from about it were people who hate the VaFlaggers and have a proven history of lying about them to smear and destroy them -- in short, people who have lied about Tripp, demonized him, called him a child abuser...I can't imagine he'd give a particle of credibility to what they say..

    Regardless, whether ANY of the VaFlaggers speak a word about Heimbach ... they've done absolutely nothing in their own lives that would give an honest person any reason to think they share his ideology ... quite the opposite. But for floggers and haters, it's a lot more fun to speculate on smearing them with lies than to notice the fact that they are good, decent people whose lives are nothing like what Simpson and fellow floggers wish to portray.

  27. "There have been about 500 visitors who have flagged with the VaFlaggers"

    Point of distinction without a difference. Embellishing the numbers is embellishing the numbers.

  28. "Flaggers" and "visitors who have flagged with the VaFlaggers" are certainly distinct and different.

    Do you seriously not see the difference?

  29. Is there a specific membership application/process that separates flaggers from the general public?

  30. Rob Baker said..."Is there a specific membership application/process that separates flaggers from the general public?"

    I dunno.

  31. Looks like the take all comers...

    Matt Heimbach
    Michael Cushman
    Tripppp Lewis
    Susan Hathaway...

    They all think they are good guys!

  32. Then how do you differentiate between a Flagger, and one who shows up and flags on occasion? From that, and following your labeling methods for the word "Floggers," I think I am pretty safe in my labeling.

    Does one that organizes the protest differ greatly from a supporter who shows up to protest? They seem like protesters, one in the same.

  33. Corey, Heimbach attended two or three Flagger events. To my knowledge, Cushman never has. Tripp and Susan are part of the core group who live in/near Richmond.

    Floggers with slimy ethics who lie and hate think of themselves as good guys.

    I don't know much about Heimbach and I'm even less interested in finding out about him -- but the rest.... I don't see anything coming from them -- not even Cushman -- that even vaguely resembles the desire of floggers to hurt and damage people.

  34. Rob, they are the ones who differentiate between their core group and guests. I'm not up there; I'm approximately 900 miles away in Florida, so I'm in no position to do any differentiating. However, I have no problem with how they decide who fits into which category.

    May I ask why it is of such importance to you?

    If you think showing up is all that's necessary, you don't much about organizing....

  35. The Simpson blog has experienced an increased population recently. Everyone there is still white though. It is infinitely amusing too see all the Crossroads whites wailing about how insensitive the CBFis to African-Americans. But one must believe that the no-black hiring practices in many of the elite departments of Arizona State University is far more harmful to blacks than a Flag fluttering in the wind.

    PS- I think that Kevin Levin's school is still segregated and refuses to educate black children. Gotta believe that that is also far more harmful to blacks than a Flag.

  36. So where have they cited that 500 people have "flagged" with them, but are not considered "Flaggers"?

    I never said that showing up was all that was necessary Connie, stop grabbing at straws.

  37. This whole guilt by association is a curious thing. For example, there is a wrestling coach at a high school in Gwinnett County Georgia who has been arrested on drunk driving charges twice in the past year(June of 2012, and August 13-was all over the Atlanta news)He is becoming a public menace, and a danger to the community. Is the entire wrestling community at that school ethically required to publically distance themselves from him? If they have not, does that mean they embrace him and his lawless drunkenness? Does it mean they endorse his drinking and driving? Gotta tell ya, between a flag flapping in the wind, and a 39 year driving drunk, it is easy to see which poses the gravest threat to innocent citizens.

  38. Susan has appeared on an SNN podcast and Trippy calls Matt a "great guy"...

    Can't see the trees for the forest?

  39. Once again, Corey .... Tripp's comment has 38 words. You posted three of them. The others constitute a qualifier you refuse to acknowledge -- "...we don't get personal with other issues..." and "...and we pay attention to one thing.. Honoring the confederate soldier." Which leads me to suspect Tripp and Heimbach, for whatever time they may have been around each other, didn't talk about Heimbach's racial ideology, and Tripp didn't know about.

    Susan has also been quoted in various mainstream (i.e., left-wing) newspapers; that doesn't mean she endorses everything in them. You floggers are simply going to have to get it through your heads that a point of contact does not mean mental clone-ship.

    What did Susan say in the podcast? That's more important than who was giving her the microphone. Have you listened to it, or do you prefer to pass judgment based on something you know nothing about?

  40. Actually Austin, if you knew what you were talking about, he was only arrested once, Jun, 2012. The Aug. 13, "arrest" was his sentencing. He has asserted guilt, went through the process with H.R. and is currently correcting the situation. This ad hominem attack has nothing to do with the current thread, it just highlights another of your foolish rantings.

    How long does it take you to drive from Springfield to D.C.?

  41. Connie, have I offended you somehow?

    I can't help it if you are asserting knowledge about the Flaggers that you obviously do not have.

  42. Lol. That's some wrestling department. A convicted drunk driver and a stalker freak. God help the poor kids at that high school. Tell us stalker freak, have you distanced yourself from the drunk? Does your continued association with the reprobate mean you endorse drunk driving? And the mugshot for the August incident firmly suggests a second arrest. Hahhahohohohehehe...

  43. This is hilarious because it really just reveals what you do not know.

    We are a nationally ranked team with nationally ranked wrestlers. Every year we send people to compete at a higher level of competition and get a college degree in the process. I've personally, as a result of working with that program, had the honor of tutoring kids that went on to attend the Citadel and numerous other colleges in the state and country. Currently we have a commitment to the University of Oklahoma and one full ride on the table for a kid to go Edinboro University. So yea, God help those kids.

    Obviously not, since my relationship is not based on the act but on my job. Unlike the arguments above which are geared towards association by the same act. You are attempting another ridiculous argument of which you know exceedingly little about. You are also, yet again, unknowledgeable as to how the justice system works. There is a difference between what happens during an arrest and what happens during a booking. During a booking is when mug shots are taken, not during the arrest. And you can be booked, without being arrested. Perhaps you should actually read the websites you get your info from.

    The following people were admitted to the Gwinnett County Detention Center recently, click on their pictures to see their name, address, and charges. The photos and admissions information were obtained from the Gwinnett County Detention Center's docket book. This docket book shows everyone recently admitted to the detention center. Keep in mind that the people listed below were only admitted to the county jail and that they are innocent until proven guilty.

    Notice how it says, "admitted", over and over again. Not arrested. Admitted. Which means if you go to serve time, and are booked, you get "admitted" again. With the date of the booking (not arrest) and the charges for the sentence. Honestly, are you that stupid? LOL. It's like arguing with a child. Of course, given where you work and the child like acts that take place in that area, I'm not surprised. Thanks for playing.

  44. Your lame, fatuous, pathetic, "dog-ate-my-homework" excuses in defense of a public menace are, predictably enough, grotesque and foul. Oh golly gee whiz, high school wrestlers! Yeah, let's ignore the mayhem, chaos, death and destruction these lawless miscreants cause every year. The people they kill, the lives they ruin, the property they destroy, the financial burden they place on the taxpayers. But golly gee whiz, high school wrestlers! With every moronic post you write, you reveal just what a semi-literate, uninformed, antediluvian, puerile, schlub you really are. Hey everyone, just ignore that mangled and lifeless body on the highway that was killed by a drunk. Cuz golly gee whiz, high school wrestlers! Contemptible schlub.

  45. Did I say anything about condoning those actions, or did I defend myself against your guilt by association argument? I guess "can't read" should be added to your Curriculum vitae, along with the other underwhelming criteria that defines your life. Let me know when you summon the courage to answer the question rather than deflect.

  46. Change the photo schlub. With that hideous color scheme, bloated, scruffy face, and you all awkwardly stuffed into that ill-fitting "suit", you look like a cross between a New Jersey wise-guy, Appalachia bootlegger, and New York street pimp. And answer the question, schlub.

  47. Lol, all those insults I just figured it out. You think you're smart! HA HA HA HA HA HA

  48. Lol, your redundant insults remind me of my days in middle school. Lol.

  49. Lol, thanks for playing.


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