Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Especially for Brooks D. Simpson

First, the disclaimers. One,this video was posted on Facebook, and you have to be careful with things you find on Facebook -- or other places on the 'net, for that matter. Lots of disinformation and misinformation out there. But I don't have a problem believing that this video is genuine and that the Muslims demonstrating on the video pose a great threat to the survival of Great Britain if they grow to sufficient numbers  Two, the F-word above the video-frame is in the embed code -- I didn't put it there. Facebook's embed function gives me no choice but to paste it as is.

In view of Simpson's recent tirade against me for my intolerance for the violence of Islam, I can't help but wonder how tolerant he will be when Muslims in Gilbert, or Tempe, or Phoenix grow to such numbers that they duplicate the demonstration in the video ...when they start saying the US can go to hell, and US police can go to hell... The floggers get all upset because some Americans don't like how NPS park rangers are behaving during the shutdown... but presumably, they would think it is "intolerant" to oppose Muslim hatred for and threats against American cops...

If I'm wrong, they can correct me, here or on their flogs.


  1. Muslims in Gilbert?! lol. LIke most Arizona towns, there is not even a single Mosque in Gilbert. Simpson's holier-than-thou hypocrisy is growing more foul and perverse with every comment he makes. Every time Simpson opens his phony mouth, he needs to be reminded of his lily-white life, which includes his lily-white blog site. And I wonder how this type of protest would be received over at
    Kevin Levin's all-white school?

  2. Are you even familiar with Gilbert, or any town in the Valley? Obviously not. There are several mosques in Phoenix, and Chandler. I know because I used to live there, both in Mesa and Gilbert. If you think the East Valley is "lily-white" you are dumber than I think.

  3. Eric, Wikipedia lists about 13 mosques in Arizona. None are in Gilbert. Also, Austin didn't say Arizona is lily-white.

  4. Hey dumbass, just as I said, and as Connie has reemphasized, there are no Mosques in lily-white Gilbert.

  5. I never said there was one in Gilbert. There is one a few miles away in Chandler, which unless you know the town boundary with Gilbert, it all looks like the same town. I also didn't say Arizona was "lily-white," but rather Austin suggested Brooks has a "lily-white" life. Brooks teaches in Tempe, and so once again, if Austin thinks the East Valley (Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa) is "lily-white" he's out of his mind. I lived there, and it is about as far from "lily-white" as possible. I also spent plenty of time at the Carl Hayden Library on ASU's campus, and let me assure you, it is not "lily-white."

  6. And any idiot knows not to trust Wikipedia...but I stand corrected.

  7. Corey, if Wikipedia is mistaken about how many mosques are in Arizona, why don't you tell us the actual figure, and where you got it.

    Eric, one can live in a, um, "culturally enriched" area and still live a "lily-white life" personally. My whole point about this, repeated several times, is that the floggers carp over slavery and the poor slaves the evil white slave owners in the South, and they carp on contemporary racism and white supremacy (but only if it's in Southern heritage and Southern nationalism), because carping about it makes one a good, tolerant, diversity-worhiping liberal -- without having to associate with black (or brown) folks. In other words, in that quarter, you don't have to walk the walk if you talk the talk.

  8. You find how many there are...your the one with Austin et. Al. that is having a fit over it.

  9. Corey, I don't have a problem with Wikipedia's info on the number of mosques in Arizona. You evidently do. If so, YOU provide the correction.

  10. Hey Connie, being a "Flogger" myself, I live in Gwinnett County, and teach at a racial plurality school. I spend my entire day around racial diversity. Save your finger pointing.
    Plus, Eric is correct. Gilbert, according to Wiki (Connie's source of wisdom), Gilbert is in the Pheonix metro. Austin should know about proximity as well given his home in proximity to D.C.

    I'd also like to know where the number 13 came from. This Wiki article says 22. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mosques_in_the_United_States

  11. I think Austin needs some Orbit to clean out that dirty mouth. :)

  12. Rob, I counted about 13. If there's more, that's even worse.

    Eric, re: Austin. I'm not comfortable with some of what he says, (or how he says it, more accurately) but then, it all depends on how you define dirty. Floggers attack. Austin's comments are a response. The floggers' constant lies about good Yankees, evil Southerners of the past, and their constant attempts to portray white Southerners today as evil racists and white supremacists flows from a dirty mouth but originates in a malicious heart.

    Luke 6:45 (New King James Version) A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart[a] brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.

    1. amazing, you cannot criticize your own without justifying it and finger pointing.

  13. Let's put the theory to the test. Jimmy Dick, one of yours, published an essay in an obscure journal where he wrote that the colonies seceded from the British Empire. Okay now, why don't you really let him have it. Go ahead, call him a moron, a dimwit and all the other names you guys over at Crossoads are calling the Monticello historian.

    PS- I note that you are taking credit for the intellectual initiative of that discussion. Why didn't you tell everyone that that was brought to your attention by someone other than yourself? Guess we can add intellectual fraud to your long list of ignominies.

  14. How about you tell us what article that Jimmy Dick wrote, rather than allude to the obscurity? I also cannot refer to the person who send me the original info because: 1, it was more than one person; and 2, one of them is a coward, and won't post under their real name. So much for your integrity argument.

  15. Lol. A miserable gutless dodge from a miserable gutless coward. But it won't change a thing; your shamless hypocrisy and odious fraud has been exposed.

  16. I'm sorry, I didn't realize asking a question such as "What journal?" and "What was the name of the article?" counted as a dodge. Please provide a citation for such a claim, unless of course you wish to add liar to the list of adjective that wholly describes you.

  17. lol. Why haven't you told the whites at Crossroads that the discussion regarding Monticello and secession was not your original observation?

  18. Why is everything a black vs white issue with you? And perhaps you should learn to read, first paragraph of my blog post.

    In these discussions, a couple of heritage advocates referred me to this essay at the website monticello.org, operated by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation.

    Why should I get any credit? Because I'm the one that bothered to ask, rather than take things on face value like some people.

    Just an FYI, why should I give someone too afraid to use their real name credit for anything? You use your real name, and I will include your name. Until then, your just going to have to live in anonymity in all places.

  19. Are you completely illiterate, or are you merely semi-literate? I could not possibly give a rat's whisker about receiving credit for the discussion. I only observed that you took credit for an intellectual initiative that was not yours. You had a clear ethical obligation to make it known that the Monticello site was brought to your attention, rather than perpetrate the fraud that the observation originated with you. But then again, I imagine that intellectual fraud should be expected from someone who attended a backwards, fourth-rate, no-name, "school" like the North Georgia State University of Whatever.

  20. It's funny that you are calling out me as being illiterate, while at the same time being unable to read the first paragraph of the post. I'll post it again. Read it slowly and annunciate your words, hopefully you will get it.

    The defenders of Southern Heritage use typical talking points when arguing over secession. One of my favorites is the comparison between Southern secession during the Civil War, and colonial “secession” during the American Revolution. Many heritage advocates argue that the two movements parallel while I maintain they do not for obvious reasons. In these discussions, a couple of heritage advocates referred me to this essay at the website monticello.org, operated by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation.

    So point out exactly where I claim credit in the post? It states, quite plainly, black and white, that it was brought to my attention. Also, you need to learn the difference between pointing out something, which is what occurred when the essay was shown to me, and taking an initiative, which is what I did by researching the essay and its author.

    The act of pointing this out....
    point something out

    phrasal verb of point

    1.direct someone's gaze or attention toward something, esp. by extending one's finger.

    Taking the initiative to research,



    1. the ability to assess and initiate things independently.
    "use your initiative, imagination, and common sense"

    synonyms: self-motivation, resourcefulness, inventiveness, imagination, ingenuity, originality, creativity, enterprise;

    2. the power or opportunity to act or take charge before others do.
    "we have lost the initiative and allowed our opponents to dictate the subject"

    See the difference? It was pointed out to me, I took the initiative to research and contact Monticello.org directly. So yea, I do get credit for that much. I also get the credit for a recent find, which will be up soon. I know that you have trouble comprehending what you read, opting to sling insults instead, but surely you are not this moronic that you cannot register the very first paragraph of the post. I mean really? I am bewildered that you are making such an accusation when it is in the first paragraph.

  21. It was I who advised you of the Monticello site and its use of the term "secede" to describe the American colonies and their separation from the British Empire. The pack of bald-face lies you tell does nothing to alter that fact.

  22. I thought you didn't care about credit? Interesting. But it wasn't just you that showed me that. I'm George Purvis showed it to me long before you trolled my blog. Glad you learned how to read the first paragraph of the post though. Thanks for playing.

  23. *correction, delete "I'm" in front of "George Purvis"

  24. Like I said, intellectual fraud is expected from a semi-literate troll who was "educated" at a fourth-rate, no-name "school". What was it again? Oh yeah, the "North Georgia State Univerity". Pfffft....

  25. Yes, raining those insults. Rain them down. I always know when you've run out of arguments, you result to childish antics.

    "Why didn't you say someone showed you that"

    It's in the first paragraph.

    "I don't care about credit," ..... "I'm the one that said pointed that out!"

    "You're stupid, nuh uh, you're stupid."

    Are you sure your not in middle school?


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