Sunday, October 27, 2013

Disturbing Flagger Obsession

Folks, what we have below is a list compiled from the results of searches done at Brooks D. Simpson's Crossroads blog. The searches were done with the search function provided on his blog, and with Google.

The search term used was "flaggers."

The searches identified 97 posts occurring between December 29, 2011 and October 26, 2013. There were many more mentions of the Flaggers, or use of the word "flagger," in the comment threads at Crossroads, but neither search engine searched the comments.

If you were to go back through and read these posts, you would find innuendo, slime, outright lies and yes, hatred -- not to mention contradictions (why is he still carping about Susan's "silence" when he purported to explain it weeks ago?) and general unbalance...  All quite disturbing....

The question is ... why?  Anybody want to offer any explanations for Simpson's obsession (and that of his peanut gallery)? For his pathological lies, his pretending to know people he has never met -- know their motives, their thoughts, their feelings? Any idea where such megalomaniacal behavior originates? And why?

97 "flagger" posts at Crossroads blog between December 29, 2011 and October 26, 2013 -- 36 posted before the I-95 flag announcement, 61 after...
2011        2 POSTS

12/29  Who Supports “Flagging” the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts?
12/29  Stirring the Pot

2012        22 POSTS

1/4   News on Southern Heritage
1/15 The Lexington Controversy Considered
3/18 Museums, History, Politics, and "Heritage"
3/22 News and Notes March 22
3/24 News and Notes March 24
3/25 Deconstructing Confederate Heritage
3/27 News and Notes March 27
3/30 Be On Your Best Behavior
3/31 Manufactured Outrage
4/11 Flagging the Lincoln Memorial
4/16 Support for Southern Separatism
4/22 Once More...It's Not About You...Or Me
5/27 And So What
6/6   News and Notes, June 6
6/13 News and Notes, June 13
6/15 A Setback for Certain People
7/23 Is Connie Chastain a Rainbow Confederate?
8/3  Karen Cooper Speaks Out
8/6  The Racist Confederate Flag Case
10/14 Edgerton's March
10/18 Risky Business at the Southern Heritage Preservation Group
10/16 The Rise of Ulysses S. Grant

2013       73 POSTS

1/14  And the Law Won
2/28  Confederate Marksmanship
2/2    News and Notes, February 2
2/7    Memphis: In the Footsteps of Lexington?
3/30  An Expression of Total Indifference
4/19  News and Notes April 19
5/12  Unanswered Questions About Taser-Wielding Rob Walker on Monument Avenue
5/13  The Richmond Police Weigh In on Taser-Wielding Rob Walker
5/13  Rob Walker: At the Center of Controversy
5/14  Better Late Than Never; Susan Hathaway Apologizes
5/14 Turn Out the Lights
8/3  A Fitting Tribute to the SHPG
(Note: 61 of the 73 posts in 2013 occur after this one announcing the I-95 Flag)
8/4  Another Really Big Confederate Flag
8/6  Popular Response: The Virginia Flaggers and Their (Proposed) New Flag
8/7  The Flaggers Explain Their Reasoning For Their Big Flag
8/8  Flags and Billboards Along I-95 South of Richmond
8/9  The Gift That Keeps On Giving Strikes Again
8/11 Update on Virginia Flagger Follies
8/13 The Underbelly of Flagger Support
8/16 Tripp Lewis Fulfills His Community Service Obligations
8/18 Have the Virginia Flaggers Overreached?
8/19 Flagger PR Needs Work
8/21 The Fantasy World of Flagger Supporters
8/21 Happy Birthday Rob Walker
8/22 The Flagger Imagination
8/23 Flags Across Virginia
8/24 Connie Chastain Is Right
8/25 The Flagger Proposal Disrupting and Disrespecting the Confederate Dead
8/27 Flagger Hysteria Neither Heritage Nor History
8/28 Another Troubling Flagger Link
8/31 Matthew Heimbach and the Virginia Flaggers
8/31 The Flaggers Fall Silent
9/1  Is This How Flaggers Support Heritage?
9/1  You Know How the Story Goes
9/2  A Weak Non-denial Denial from the Flaggers
9/2  A Reasonable Proposition
9/3  Meet Matthew Heimbach, Virginia Flagger
9/5  Happy Birthday, Virginia Flaggers                    (26)
9/6  To Be or Not To Be, Connie Chastain and the Virginia Flaggers
9/7  The silence and Disappearance of Susan Hathatway of the Virginia Flaggers
9/7  You Must Be Kidding
9/7  Are the Flaggers Their Own Worst Enemy?
9/7  Let's Make a Deal
9/8  Susan Hathaway's Silence Explained
9/10 Flaggers Free Speech and Frustration
9/13 Guess Who's Been Invited to the Flaggers Picnic? Matthew Heimbach
9/14 The Flaggers Resort to Intimidation, How Desperate Are They?
9/14 Who's Friends with Matthew Heimbach? Flaggers Grayson Jennings and Tripp Lewis
9/15 A Flagger Explains American History
9/15 Which Do You Prefer?
9/17 What's Next for the Virginia Flaggers?
9/18 Notes from the Black Confederate Front
9/18 Ten Days to Go
9/20 The Flaggers Follow My Advice
9/21 Just One More Week
9/22 The Sunday Question; What Would YOu Build In Confederate Heritage Disneyland?
9/28 All That Fuss For This
9/28 Meanwhile, Elsewhere in Richmond
9/28 The Flaggers' Big Moment in Historical and Hysterical Perspective
9/28 Lessons in Photography
9/29 A Day Almost Like Any Other
9/29 The Humiliation of Heritage, The Flaggers' Big Fail
10/1 The Klan at Gettysburg 2013 Or Not
10/3 Photoshopping Flagger Fantasies
10/4 Flagger Fizzle Fallout
10/5 How to Handle the Press and Protestors the Confederate Heritage Way
10/6 The Southern Heritage Preservation Group Strikes Back
10/6 Birds of a Feather Flag Together
10/7 Fiction and Fact About the Flaggers
10/9 News and Notes October 8, 2013
10/10 Oops, the Flaggers Did It Again
10/13 Connie Chastain, Bigot
10/26 The Virginia Flaggers Crash a VMFA Event.
Have at it, folks. I look forward to your comments about this.


  1. I think it is more disturbing that you took the time to compile all those by name.

    But Rant on Connie, Rant's all you got.

  2. What a marvelous portrait of your hypocrisy and your devotion to the double standard you have given us here, Corey. You think my compiling them (which was actually done by Google) is more disturbing than his writing and posting them? Have you gone nuts?

    (Here's another glimpse into your psyche. When you resort to calling my writing "rants" it's a sure sign that you can't answer me.)

    To clarify, Google did the compiling. I just removed the URLs and copy/pasted titles and dates...

    Please let us know why you think what I did, which is basically clerical-type work, is more disturbing than Simpson's bestowing upon himself the title of Virginia Flagger cop and indulging an ongoing, two-years-and-counting obsession with the VaFlaggers that he repeatedly showcases on his blog. Why is my noting his posts more disturbing than his addiction to the I-95 flag issue, his hatred for Susan Hathaway, his lies about her, Tripp, and others (e.g., claiming Grayson and Barry put Wonder Woman's address online when SHE was the one who did so), his fabrications about Matt Heimbach, his fixation on the irrelevant Rob Walker, which everyone else has moved on from.

    (Every time Walker shows up in one of his posts, I have this image of Simpson stumbling around in the desert... looking down in bewilderment at the footprints of the people who have left...then wandering around calling into the wind, "But...Rob Walker! What about Rob Walker! Don't forget about Rob Walker! Roooooobbbbb Waaaaaalkerrrrrrrr!!!!"

    Simpson's behavior has been disgusting since I first encountered him but it has grown both pathetic and loathsome with time. As I have noted before, it is sickening to see him trying to hurt and cause damage to people who haven't done a thing to him.

  3. You did all this because you think Brooks is wrong on his assessment of you and the flaggers. I see it as dead on. I agree with his conclusions as I have made many of the same conclusion and he has only been able to articulate them better.

  4. Corey, he's not only obsessed -- he's unbalanced. That makes his assessments of the VaFlaggers doubly untrustworthy and, frankly, past belief. Second, because his obsession has rendered him irrational, and first, because his prejudice and hatred destroys whatever ability he may have once had to make objective assessments.


    It's one thing to have a couple of basically unknown private citizens in Alabama call your employer (i.e., nothing happens). It's quite another when an influential tenured professor at a major state university starts an internet campaign to get a private citizen FIRED FROM HER JOB because he doesn't like the flag she waves. When he tries to DENY HER MAKING A LIVING, which would hurt her AND her family -- because he doesn't like her flag, that's not only unbalanced -- it's hateful and menacing.

    Why is he insinuating himself into this issue, anyway? Is he affiliated with the VMFA? Does he imagine they can't handle it themselves without his oh, so lofty assistance? He's already stated he doesn't care if the flags fly on the chapel or not -- said that MONTHS ago ... so why is he still posting so obsessively about the VaFlaggers? Because the flags on the chapel are the core of the matter. If they went back up, the Flaggers would disappear from the VMFA sidewalks, simple as that.

    Your conclusions, and his, are suspect because neither of you make them with objectivity; your hatred of the VaFlaggers renders you incapable of objectivity and your self-appointed "civil war thought-cop" mentality makes you worthy of no serious consideration.

    You have said you don't like it when people make mistakes about history. What a joke. You don't care about history -- you care about hating. You care about lying about the people you hate. Keep it up and you'll become unhinged just like him, and y'all can wander around together in the Desert of Delirium, yelling, "Rob Walker! Rob Walker!"

  5. He has done no such thing. If anyone has damaged their own ability to make a living it is Susan. If it was not the case she would be on the sidewalks at the VMFA.

    And you damn well know it!

    Stop playing the victim card!

  6. "If anyone has damaged their own ability to make a living it is Susan. If it was not the case she would be on the sidewalks at the VMFA."

    How has she done that, Corey? And how do you know? What do you know about this? I mean KNOW -- not what do you surmise, but what do you KNOW about it, and how do you know it? Who have you talked to who is directly involved, who knows what HASN'T been posted on the Internet, and what did they tell you?

  7. Oh my goodness! You know, none of us visit or read these haters' blogs, and I honestly had no idea that it was this bad. Wow. 4 posts on the day day we raised the first I-95 flag?!?!?!

    Thanks for posting this, Connie, and for your continuing efforts to correct the lies, slander, and false information they continually spew in their hate-filled rants. You have such a gift for it, and allow us to fully concentrate on all of the projects we have underway.

    Perhaps by taking the few minutes to compile this information, and posting it, someone close to him will see this information and suggest an (obviously much needed) intervention.

  8. The Pontificates Of Race Sure Do Live In A Lily-White World

    I know this is a bit off-topic but I wanted to post it just for the record. We know that Levin teaches at an all-white high school but what about the school where Corey teaches?

    I found it-

    93% White
    4% Hispanic
    3% "Two or more races"

    No one described as black.

    The county where the school is located is 97.6% white, 1.7% Native American, Asian or other races, and 0.6% black -which means that in the entire county there are about 40 individuals of all ages who are black.

  9. wow corey connie kicked your ass bad again here.. If I was you.. I'd just go away.. and leave us alone..


  10. Correction: I don't know if the search engine on Simpson's blog is powered by Google. Although a Google search function can be used on a Wordpress blog, usually Google puts their logo on it in some way. So it's more likely that Simpson's search function is a gadget/widget provided by Wordpress. Whoever provides that search function, I used it along with Google to find/identify the obsession posts.

  11. I have one question for Corey. What do you hope to accomplish by blogging here?

  12. Border Ruffian, since they're in left-leaning academia, they want to be seen as good leftists, but that means supporting somewhat unpleasant things, like egalitarianism. But they've figure out that if you badmouth "racists" and "white spremacists" and Confederate heritage folks enough, with enough oomph, your leftist buddies will consider you a good leftist progressive without your having to actually associate with the darker hued minorities...

  13. Well Tripp, at least I don't have an arrest record...LOL

    1. With all due respect; What exactly do you expect to accomplish by blogging here? I'm curious..

  14. The "ban all things offensive" police is expanding their operations nationwide, and to include cowboys, and those who chew gum, and those who smile a lot, and those who cry wee wee all the way home.

    College Bans Halloween Costumes: Cowboys, Indians, Sombreros

    By Michael Allen, Thu, October 24, 2013
    The University of Colorado Boulder has instructed its students not to wear "offensive" Halloween costumes such as cowboys, Indians, sombreros, white trash or anything that shows any culture as being "over-sexualized."

    In addition to the costume censorship, the college is telling students not to have parties that include ghettos, hillbillies, crime and sex work, notes The Telegraph.

    The Dean of Students at the University of Colorado Boulder, Christina Gonzales, wrote in an email to students: "Making the choice to dress up as someone from another culture, either with the intention of being humorous or without the intention of being disrespectful, can lead to inaccurate and hurtful portrayals of other people's cultures."

    The Office of Student Affairs at the University of Minnesota also sent an email to its students requesting that they "please keep in mind that certain Halloween costumes inappropriately perpetuate racial, cultural, and gender stereotypes."

    The Oct. 10 email also told students not to choose costumes “that are offensive or hurtful to others.” Are Simpson and Meyer part of this - leading the pack maybe?

  15. And to continue the discussion relative to Corey's overwhelmingly white school, and Kevin Levin's exclusively white school. Over at Levin's blog, he posted a thread on the Confederate Flag and Ole Miss. One limousine-liberal whined about the school's 17% black population. No mention at all, of course, of Levin's 100% white school, nor is there any criticism of that fact. Those people are such incredibly dishonest and miserable hypocrites.

  16. These floggers are concerned chiefly with the political and economic well being of the North. The other 34 states only matter insofar as they're useful sources of foodstuffs, fuels, raw materials, tax revenues, etc.. As well as manpower for their incessant Puritan crusades to turn the World into Massachusetts. Southern Herritage/Nationalism is perceived as a threat to their claims to superior right of rule. Racism and the welfare of non-Whites are merely political weapons for gaining superiority over other, mainly Southron, Whites, whom they wish to dominate. The Virginia Battle Flag offends them for one reason. It means large numbers of people don't accept the rule of the 16 states of the North over the other 34, and over the South in particular. Forget about calling them Socialists or Leftists. They're Northern supremacists. Everything they do is for their Northern nation. Which has a cultural, social and political history intertwined with, but distinct from the rest of the U.S. The North is literally a separate, hostile nation within the U.S. Once you understand this, nothing these people say or do should surprise you.

  17. Thanks for the insight, James. I don't think anybody can argue with you about that. When it comes to attempting to control the country, the northeast/DC corridor trumps even the left coast.


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