Thursday, October 24, 2013

Found On Facebook....

Better them than somebody like her ... or her role-models, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, etc., who managed to kill over 100 million human beings in less than a century.... The rich, white slave owners created a culture that was better for everyone, including slaves, than the wretched system symbolized by the image on her shirt was for anybody.


  1. The reason context is important.

    You know, for someone that spends a lot of time criticizing Brooks and Andy on photo-shopped images, one would think you'd be a little more careful.

  2. The context is that she's a Hollywood leftist.

  3. Yea, you reposted a photoshopped picture of someone and commented, as if the hammer and sickle were real. Misleading. But of course, do as I say, not as a I do seems to run rampant in your logic.

  4. I think "found on Facebook" would be disclaimer enough. However, whether the hammer and sickle are photoshopped or not, they are symbolic of what she thinks:

    "When Communist U.S.S.R. was a superpower, the world was better off. The right-wing media is trying to marginalize the peace movement."
    Janeane Garofalo

    The world was better off with a regime that murdered over 60 million people? Because that's what the communist USSR superpower did. Are you DEFENDING that stance simply because somebody photoshopped her shirt -- which, as it turns out, is an accurate representation of her beliefs? (Or at least her statements?)

    Rob, read this:

    And then tell me Garofalo is right and the world was better off under the regime that did that.

    So you're complaining about a photoshopped image, but you're silent about her approval of communism? Why?

  5. I could ask you the same question about your photoshop protests. Perhaps though, you could provide that quote in its full context. I noticed a Google search renders Radical Right websites, where the quote is cherry picked out of a discussion.

  6. Yes, you could ask any question you like, but that wouldn't make it relevant. I don't CARE what the "full context" is. I read enough about her to know she's a leftist who has praised the USSR. The sentiments in the quote are what I was addressing, not her, not where and how she made them comment.

  7. "I don't care what the full context is"

    Then please don't ever make the argument that you are as much a historian as Corey Meyer. Context is everything Connie.

  8. I don't care about the context of the quote, and I am as much a historian as Corey.

  9. I'm sure you like your defiance, but you really sound like a moron. "I don't care about context, I am as much a historian...." What a laugh

  10. Rob, I care about context when it matters. But most of the time "context" is a ruse used by social-agenda driven "historians" to try to own history -- to be self-appointed history cops and deny that anyone else has any legitimate say about history.

    Corey says only people who do history "for a living" are historians. I beg to differ. The dictionary definition of "historian" doesn't even MENTION doing it for a living. That's just another deceitful way of trying to be a self-appointed history cop and deny anyone else's right to "do" history.

    Sorry, I don't recognize y'all's self-appointed authority to exclude everyone but yourselves.

  11. I don't care what you recognize Connie. But you are wrong, if you brought your argument to an actual history class, you would be a laughing stock. Context always matters, less we misunderstand cherry picked quotes.

  12. Hey RoboCop... yeah you!
    What if Ms Connie photo-shopped a picture of you similar to Janeane Garofalo? Would it be out of context? Would it be out of context if Ms Connie added a quote or two from you, regardless of your full comment?

    Of course it wouldn't be out of context because you are what you are, just like Garofalo. It's the picture that defines you, and anything written below it only enhances the picture. Meaning the *CONTEXT*, oh wise one, is in the picture and not so much so any quote. Look, you're nothing but a little red communist that will do and say anything to get your way, and all in hopes of bettering society the way YOU see fit. That is the major reason why I utterly despise, and yes, even hate people like you, Corey Darling and Bwooks. You're filth and scum, in the lowest form of humans.

    I really liked your closing comment of your first post here, about spending a lot of time criticizing others. It flies right over your little pea brain, that it is exactly what you and your minions are spending an excessive amount of time doing. You're obsessed with us, against what we stand for. That is why you spend so much time trying so hard to ridicule us in any way possible, and anyone who remotely believes as we do.

    As I have been saying here in my attacks against you, Corey Darling and others a few weeks ago, you're Marxists and you're too stupid or too conniving and cunning to admit it. I proved my points rather nicely against Corey Darling, to the point he had no reply when I showed him the truth of your so-called professor of Marxism, James McPherson. I've proved my point and you've proved NOTHING!

    So, the question really is; why are ya'll continually attacking us with so many articles from Bwook's blog? Why are you here finding anything to attack us over, even the smallest of things? The answer is quit simple really. It is the way Marxists are conditioned to espouse and expand the social engineering of society. You simply suppress and stop any form of self-identity and self-determination among anyone who stands in your way of a unified multicultural and diverse society, with only certain people of certain values being able to semi-freely express themselves. Of course that is as long as they don't say anything negative about your form tyranny over society, which you call democracy.

    This blog of Ms Connie's is not the best of venues to actually confront you with posts, and I will refrain from posting much here because of those reasons. However that does not mean I won't drop in on ya'll from time to time. As your hammer and sickle needs dulling from time to time. Meaning your ignorance needed to be more clearly pointed out as I done with my comments concerning *context*.
    You're welcome, ANYTIME FOOLS!

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur


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