Friday, October 11, 2013

Fishy, Fishy, Fishy

Yep, folks, there's something fishy in the Old Dominion... at least, it looks that way to this ol' broad down here in Florida.

But first, the sloppy reporting at Crossroads and the correction required:
Original: You can’t find Connie’s post now. Why?

Correction: You can’t find Connie’s post now. Why? (Thanks to Al Mackey for locating the quote and he post).
Of course, even Simpson makes mistakes, and it's rather a refreshing change from his usual outright lies....

But I'm also interested in what's going on in Virginia. Specifically the timetable related by Chesterfield County spokesperson Don Kappel to the Chesterfield Observer detailing the county's attempts to contact the VaFlaggers. I noted it in my previous post... noted how vague Kappel's language was in pinpointing the timetable he was talking about... But it's more compelling as a visual.

The blue section is the maximum time period covered by Kappel's statements about trying to contact the VaFlaggers, and the timetable is fishy, the "found" address is fishy... And while Kappel and the county were trying to contact the VaFlaggers, by mail (!) (so they say), Kappel was giving statements to the press that would indicate to most people that permits are not needed.

It's also telling that Kappel sez the permitting language is "somewhat misleading."

No! Really?

And what's this about the county determining that the Flaggers made "an honest effort” to meet county requirements. County requirements? indicates all permits are state required, via the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code... Looks like more than the "permitting language" is somewhat misleading...

But basically, what it boils down to is the county wanting its money.... and it has got its money now.

And judging by the donations that pour in to the Flaggers' coffers every time information hits the 'net about things that smack of harassment, like this story, the group had plenty to cover the county's gimme-gimmies when they went to the county office today....

... and the flag is still up. And it's gonna stay up.

Back to Crossroads, I don't know which comments are the funniest. Let's start with Wonder Woman's sudden expertise in Virginia law:
"They will be encroaching on the I-95 maintenance easement – no cutting those trees – someone didn’t do their due diligence. There are fines for digging without a permit – VDOT will most likely survey now and they are no one to mess with."
I hope Wonder Woman isn't too disappointed when no fines ensue.

VDOT will most likely survey now? Why now? Why 61 days after news of the project broke?

Besides, of course trees on the VDOT right of way can be cut:
A single use permit shall be required when the following actions are proposed, even if the activities being conducted are normally allowed under a districtwide permit: 3. Trimming or cutting any trees located within the right-of-way. 4. Applying any pesticide or landscaping within the right-of-way.

Like everything else, the government has to issue you a "permit" and you give them money. (Giving the government money is what the USA and its constituent administrative provinces [formerly states] are all about these days.)

Then we have this from some anonymous somebody named "Flamethrower" --
 All Connie had to do to find out how to obtain the permit is just go find the county’s court clerk(s) office, or look up their .gov site and then email her inquiry. Why is she just too lazy?
Yup, I suppose I coulda done that, but frankly, I doubt they'd give me a permit even if I emailed 'em and asked 'em real, real nice...

(Pssst, Flamethrower. I'm an honorary Virginia Flagger... my contribution is uploading content to their blog. What I say here, on my blog, is my opinion; I speak for myself, not the VaFlaggers or anybody else, capisce?)

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