Thursday, October 3, 2013

Answerin' Andy (and Neil)

Since Andy Hall is too skeered to let me post comments at his blog, I'll have to do it here.

Neil Hamilton sez, "For myself, after all of this, the only thought that comes to mind is,'That’s all?' Well, at least the company/nation/outfit that made the flag got something out of it."

You were expecting more, Neil? Thank the floggers. They're the ones who created the brouhaha about it. I mean, Simpson made a blog post nearly EVery SINgle, FLIPpin' DAY after the I-95 project was announced.

And then there's Hall's misconstruing Grayson Jennings' comments on following a news story at the Times-Dispatch.

"Yup," Hall writes, " Even Grayson Jennings, A-List Virginia Flagger, isn’t trying to explain this, over at the Richmond newspaper in the comments. Apparently it was not intended to be seen year-round:"

And he pastes this comment from Grayson: "... and….did someone glue those leaves on the trees? Best I can recall,leaves generally fall….. in the fall…"

Hall continues, "Or for that matter, why do drivers on I-95 need to see it at all:" about this comment from Grayson: "The soldiers can see it….that’s all that matters."

Hall still can't seem to get it through his head that more trees will be coming down, but since it is a volunteer project, financed with donations (rather than, say, being financed by the Commonwealth or the feds) it will get done when it gets done.

He and Simpson are both like lttle kids. If they don't know about it, it hasn't happened ... and when they want something, they want it NOW. Their patience isn't as long as their p--pinky....

Update Oct. 3...

And he just keeps on carping...

Hall sez, "After seven weeks of interviews, calls for donations, YouTubes, Facebook — even posing on the Capitol steps with their new flag — all for the stated purpose of raising a flag to be seen by visitors driving into the city, one of the lead Flaggers now says it doesn’t matter if people on the freeway can’t see it."

For the stated purpose of raising a flag to be seen by visitors driving into the city? Let's test Hall's comment here against what Susan Hathaway told the Times-Dispatch....
“Basically, the flag is being erected as a memorial to the memory and the honor of the Confederate soldiers who sacrificed, bled and died to defend Virginia from invasion,” she said.

“This will tell people that everyone is welcome,” Hathaway said. “Why do we have to be a place where Southerners who are proud of our heritage are not welcome?”

“The flag will serve to welcome visitors and commuters to Richmond, and remind them of our honorable Confederate history and heritage,” Virginia Flagger Susan Hathaway wrote in a post on the Flaggers’ website.
Oops. He steps in it again.  Yes, the flag will welcome visitors traveling I-95, but the stated purpose of the flag is serving as a memorial to the memory and honor of Confederate soldiers....

Actually, the seven weeks was filled with more crap from floggers than it was any sort of communication from the VaFlaggers...   Since the flag went up? The Flaggers have been clipping along like normal --  celebrated their 2nd anniversary picnic, flagged the VMFA, and enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, a flood of emails and other communications of praise and congratulations.

What about the floggers?  The brouhaha in the floggosphere since it went up (comprising bellyaching, crap-slinging and ridicule, and generally showing floggers to be shallow, mean-spirited and hate-filled, not to mention jealous) seems to be much harder on the floggers than it is on VaFlaggers.

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