Friday, October 25, 2013

Will My Comment Get Posted?

I have just souped up a lackluster comment thread following a trivial, Confederate-bashing post at Corey's flog. The post is about John Hall sneaking his Dobie into his hotel room, which is presumably against the rules.  The comments are posted below (edited out the "Reply" tag and timestamp), including mine, which is, I'm told, awaiting moderation.

The comment thread:
3 thoughts on “John C. Hall, Jr: Confederate Advocate on Honor…”

Schroeder says:   
How sickening.

Andy Hall says:   
He’s a funny guy, in a laughing-at-you-not-with-you sort of way. He frequently calls for (others) to begin the rebellion against the Yankee occupation of the South, but earns his living as an accountant, helping his clients stay in compliance with IRS regulations when they send their money to Washington, Dee Cee. For all his fiery talk about rebellion and independence, the federal government couldn’t function were it not for thousands upon thousands of people just like him, across the South, helping to make the federal tax system run smoothly — or at least much more smoothly than it otherwise would. If the “Free South” ever did actually come about, it seems like a toss-up whether John Hall would be viewed as a (1) a Southron Patriot or (2) a long-time collaborator with the Yankee occupation.

The other funny thing is that, for all his my-ancestor-Captain-Corker fixation, he actually has another ancestor who went marching through Georgia with Kerosene Billy Sherman. Doesn’t talk about that, so much.

Jefferson Moon says:   
That’s the chivalry…

And here's the comment I left:
Connie Chastain says:   
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Ah, geez, Andy, it’s all in how you look at it. It could be viewed that John is helping ordinary citizens in his part of the South to avoid persecution by the IRS/feds. You are just perpetually in pleasurable, fault-finding mode about white Southerners who don’t see the “race” issue the way you do (blacks good, innocent, persecuted; Southern whites evil, bigoted persecutors), aren’t you?

Re: John’s Sherman-affiliated ancestor … I had an ancestor, a Confederate soldier who was captured, took the oath of allegiance to the union, joined the union army and got sent “out west” to “fight Indians,” family legend always said. Family legend also said he was proud of his union service and after the war, would wear his union army uniform to Ellijay on court days. I know he had carved on his gravestone “1st Lieut. 12th Tenn Cav” because I’ve seen it and made photos of it. I’m not proud of his service to the enemy (when I was a teenager, I joked that he was a greater embarrassment to the family than the unwed mothers) but otherwise, I am quite proud of him. Family legend also said he was self-educated and spoke seven languages (I think probably he was not fluent in all of them, and some he only read or wrote) — English, French, Spanish, Cherokee, German, and possibly a smattering of Hebrew and Latin. Not bad for an Appalachian mountaineer.

You floggers have rigid way of thinking how things ought to be in the minds/hearts of other people — based, of course, upon your own bigotry and prejudice about them. You have a very rigid and narrow view of “Confederates” or “heritage folks” — think we’re all mental clones, or that when one person speaks, he/she is speaking for all of us. You wouldn’t do that with another group (except maybe, Tea Partiers or other political/social conservatives).

What gets me about you floggers is how eaten up you are with race, race, race, race, race. As I’ve noted before, you are fixated on how badly slaves were treated, and how miserable they were, because their misery exists in exact inverse proportion to white evil, so there’s nothing better for demonizing white Southerners (whom you hate, with, of course exceptions for yourself and other race-conscious, white-Southern guilt-peddlers) than ratcheting up slave misery.

But what I find amazing is that in all your race-focus, you miss things happening today…


Perp ~~ Victim ~~ Crime:

John C. Hall ~~ Sonesta Hotel ~~ Sneaking dog into room

De’Marquise Elkins ~~ Santiago West (13 months old) ~~ Murder (shot in face)

Letalvis D. Cobbins, Lemaricus Davidson, and George Thomas ~~ Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom ~~ Kidnapping, Rape, Torture, Murder (beaten, shot, burned, suffocated)
Demario James Atwater, Laurence Alvin Lovette Jr., ~~ Eve Carson ~~ Murder (shot)

Courtney Lockhart ~~ Lauren Burk ~~ Murder (shot)

Reginald Carr, Jonathan Carr ~~ Heather Muller, Brad Heyka, Aaron Sander, Jason Befort ~~ Torture, Sexual sadism, Kidnapping, Robbery, Murder (shot execution style)

Tyrone Woodfork ~~ Tom and Nancy Strait ~~ Murder (beaten to death) and sexual assault.

Chancey Luna, James Edwards, Jr., Michael Dewayne Jones ~~ Christopher Lane ~~ Shot in the back

Macyo January ~~ David Dunlap and Whitney Butler ~~ Murder (shot)


Talk about karma….

Wonder Woman, you want to talk sickening? Try this:

And this:

You don’t find much Trayvon-style, border-to-border and coast-to-coast coverage of this kind of black-on-white atrocity-crime in the national press — heck, you can be called a racist and a white supremacist just for KNOWING about them. You usually have to go to local sources, which has only been available to most people via the internet, the past 10 years or so. And, of course, you won’t get even a whiff of it from “civil war” floggers, who, nevertheless, cover both race-race-race-race-race AND contemporary issues when it suits them,
But John Hall snuck his dog into a hotel room. In the flogger world-view, that deserves more attention, more shaming and head-wagging, more condemnation, than the Knoxville murderers, the Carr brothers, baby-shooter Elkins and all the rest of them combined.
So what do y'all think. Any chance of my comment getting through?


  1. I think Schroder was talking about the Klan reference at the bottom.

    Try to pay attention better.

  2. Gee Connie...I did not know I was such a thrill for these swamp rats to read about! I got rid of one mole...there must be guess the thrashing Bart Simpson got really has his troops fired up! Since these cowards won't let me debate or reply to their discontent the only way I can do that is on your here goes...the reason why I snuck my doberman in the hotel is my dog sitter bailed on us at the last minute...then my backup person could not watch him...then a neighbor said she was scared of Max. So we had no choice but take him with us......we did not want to do it..I was a CPA speaker at the blind vendor conference in Atlanta..when we got there I saw a vendor with a dog...problem solved! right in...service dogs allowed...federal Max was my service dog. Bet these low life bloggers wear a blue collar...mine is white does matter.........On my corker ancestor these swamp rats have no heritage to speak of therefore they can only cast stones. I hope they enjoy reading this....hey bart how's the president of the university? How are the members of the board of regents? Do I need to get in touch with them again and have you put on the leash...bad dog!

  3. John, thanks for the comment, but your explanation about Max is not needed by most of us, and it won't be believed by Corey and his ilk. Floggers are not interested in the truth. They're interested in bashing, hating, and trying to paint Southerners as sucm-sucking racist inbred morons, and they'll twist, distort, even make stuff up, to do so.

    BTW, Max is a beautiful dog. Hope the conference went okay.

  4. Well, that's an interesting reply. Problem solved, boom, impersonate a blind person. Nice. It doesn't matter if you could not find a sitter, you could have paid and put him in a kennel. Instead you chose to impersonate a handicapped person. None of 'us' has a "blue collar," we all have 'white collars.' But what does it matter? Why look down at someone's chosen profession? A nice addition to your hypocritical and unethical lifestyle.

    And seriously Connie? This sits ok with you? Wow. What is there to "twist" and "distort."

  5. Rob Baker's pretending he's omniscient again.

    Rob, you don't know he could have put the dog in a kennel. You have a scenario in your mind, and you take the little you know about the reality and conform it to your imagination.

    I can't believe how you focus on gnats but ignore camels. Your flogger buddy, Brooks Simpson, is one of the most unbalanced, narcissistic, unethical and hate-filled people I've found online, and he constantly displays that on his blog. He wants to HURT people, Rob. HURT THEM. CAUSE THEM DAMAGE IN THEIR LIVES. And you get upset about THIS?

    Gnats and camels.

  6. Rob Baker must be another one of those swamp rats. Hey Rob why don't you do something useful with your time instead of attacking someone you don't even know. You people are pathetic.

  7. The yellow pages rendered several results for "Dog Kennels" in the Dubin, GA area. So yea, I do know that he could have.

    Three things:

    1.) Pointing out someone else's hypocrisy does not dismiss your own.
    2.) Where has Brooks given any indication that he wants to "Hurt People"?
    3.) It's funny you mention "causing harm" to others as the real issue; when the above comment from John (which you condoned) mentioned more attempts at attacking Brooks at his place of work.

    Got any more pleas for the ethically correct you care to rant about?

  8. Well, well, well, Rob's not omniscient, after all. He had to resort to looking in the phone book. And what does the Dublin, Ga "area" encompass? How far afield did you look? Did the phone book tell you whether the kennel was reputable? Whether it had openings for that weekend, or was full? Whether it takes big dogs like Max?

    Maybe John doesn't want to board Max at a kennel, considering news reports of the past few years of animals getting sick in kennels and having to be euthanized by the dozens, and, sometimes by the hundreds. Regardless, it is not for you to judge. There are ways he would prefer to have Max cared for when he's not home, and none were available. As far as taking Max to the hotel, tell me who was harmed by that, and how they were harmed.

    As for the rest, pause for a minute, Rob, and see if you can discern the very, very important differences between Hall's employment, and Simpson's, and what bearing that has on the situation.

  9. I didn't look in the Phonebook (unless you are counting the digital version,)I did an easy Google Search after you made this comment:

    Rob, you don't know he could have put the dog in a kennel. You have a scenario in your mind, and you take the little you know about the reality and conform it to your imagination

    That search that took 5 seconds proved you wrong, now you are changing the parameters of that line of logic to suit your needs. The question is now whether or not the Kennel is safe or healthy. You cite the dozens, yet somehow also by the hundreds, and fail to provide documentation to that number but I digress. Thankfully, we live in the internet age that has articles such as this readily available,

    As well as the information provided by American Kennel Club,

    Also, from the numerous Google Searches, there seems to be very little evidence of your claim except for a few rare cases. This is not to say Dogs do not get sick, stress diarrhea is very common according to numerous websites. But euthanization by the dozens....or hundreds, just doesn't seem to pull the results. Perhaps you should provide some documentation. I'm sure you'll want to quantify, or micro-analyze this in order to ask another question that really deters from the issue.

    But the fact remains, that rather than find a Kennel, this jerk decided his best course of action was to impersonate a blind person. Let me repeat, this "man", impersonated a handicapped person to get what his dog into a room free of charge. The fact that is dog sitter bailed is moot. He chose this as his best course of action. Now you excuse him of this, simply because he falls on the same side of the agenda you promote. So much for 'Southron' honor.

    And John: I'm pathetic? I'm not the one impersonating blind people. People like you are the scum of the Earth. You spew out this "honor" rhetoric all over the internet, looking forward to a new Southern rebellion. What a hypocritical jackass.

  10. Rob, I didn't change any parameters. I didn't STATE any parameters to change. I just said
    you don't know he could have put the dog in a kennel, AND YOU DON'T. You obviously think that the only reason somebody can't put their dog in a kennel is because there aren't any in a given area.

    Regardless of how you found information on how many kennels are in your (undefined) "Dublin area", you didn't supply information that a dog owner might understandably want before boarding his animal, likely because Google or yellow page listings don't provide that information.

    Years ago, I boarded my dog at a local kennel when hubs and I went to New Orleans for a weekend. When I picked her up, I was horrified. She had not been mistreated, but she was nevertheless traumatized. She had barked herself hoarse, couldn't make a sound. She was scared to death. There were other changes in her behavior and it took her days to get back to normal. I said I'd never board her again, not ever. That decision is not for you to judge, unless its you and your own dog. I suspect you're not a dog-owner..

    Recently, I read about a bunch of cats that had to be euthanized because of a virus at the shelter; it was on Facebook and elsewhere. (See

    That, along with this discussion, prompted me to search about dogs, which brought up this story. (Oh, and Rob,1200 dogs = hundreds)

    Here's more:

    I am not defending John's actions so much as I'm pointing out the hypocrisy of those who criticize him and are outraged, not necessarily because he snuck his dog into a motel room, but because he is a Confederate heritage supporter who snuck his dog into a motel room.

    You exhibit oh, so righteous indignation ("I'm not the one impersonating blind people. People like you are the scum of the Earth") but your moral outrage seems uncertain, or out of balance: People who shoot babies in the face are actually the scum of the earth. People who shoot joggers in the back because of "boredom" are the scum of the earth. Mothers who drown their babies in bathtubs, or in cars push into ponds are the scum of the earth. Presidents who kill foreign children with drones and sanctions are the scum of the earth.

    You haven't answered this:

    (1) As for John sneaking Max to the hotel, tell me who was harmed by that, and how they were harmed.

    (2) As for "attacking" Brooks at his place of employment, see if you can discern the very, very important differences between Hall's employment, and Simpson's, and what bearing that has on the situation.

  11. You don't have to state parameters to alter them. You altered the premise of your argument, away from what he could have done and towards why boarding kennels are bad.

    Actually, I did supply information. Check the links. It goes in depth on things owners need to be aware of when boarding their pets, and how to lessen the separation anxiety of the dog.

    That's a sad story Connie, truly. But nothing in that can be solely blamed on the boarding kennel, but rather your dog's separation anxiety. You are right, the decision of where one keeps their dog, is not mine. The decision of impersonating a blind man to sneak a dog into a hotel room, is for humanity to judge. Especially since we have laws against such actions. And yes, I am a dog owner.

    First link, there is a difference between a boarding kennel, and a shelter.

    Link two, also not a boarding kennel. This person was an owner, seeking to sell. 1200 is in the hundreds Connie, but dozens, and then hundreds, is hardly accurate phrasing.

    The last link also brings up animal shelters.

    Connie,none of your links actually deal with boarding Kennels. Not all kennels are the same. Most boarding kennels require that your dog have vaccinations before boarding. It's one of the ways to keep the dogs healthy.

    I'm sorry, hypocrisy? I didn't know the impersonation of the handicapped was taking place under the guise of "floggers." Why is being a "southern heritage defender" the criteria for your defense? What crimes must one commit before they lose your unwavering defense?

    Those people are the scum of the earth. AS well as people who impersonate the handicapped in order to receive "perks." Because that's what it is Connie. John received a perk, that to others is a means of assistance to function. You can argue the semantics of "scum of the earth" all you want. You can attempt to define what "scum of the earth" implies, but it does not excuse the behavior.

    1.) Why is this criteria for an argument? Why are the numerous "crimes" that cause no pain or suffering to anyone, against the law? But I'll name a couple for this case. 1, public resentment of actual service dogs. One act of disobedience, such as an attack or chasing a ball through a lobby from a "fake" service dog will add a stigma of disdain to an already fearful, disabled life. 2, the constant abuses of the system will cause more restrictions making life harder for the disabled in need of service dogs.

    2. How so? Do explain? But keep in mind, that the true idiot is the one that bragged about his crime on the internet.

  12. Mr. Rob Baker. This is your warning to drop your conversation regarding my personal business. If you post one more thing about my dog and my personal business there will be consequences.

  13. My argument wasn't about what he could have done. My argument was that you DON'T KNOW that he could have put dog in a kennel. You mistakently interpreted that to mean "There were no kennels where he could put the dog."

    The rest is you making up stuff, attributing it to me and then arguing against what YOU made up.

    Like I said, I'm not defending John, although I think what he did is just nothing compared to the rampant evil in our society that you and your flogger buddies ignore in order to demonize Southern heritage.

    I didn't excuse the behavior. That's your interpretation of my partricipation in this thread. You need to learn how to discern between the reality of something and your interpretation of it.

    1. You didn't tell me who it hurt. Did Max attack somebody or chase a ball through the lobby?

    2 John is paid by the people he does work for. Simpson's salary, at least in part, is paid for by the taxpayers.of Arizona and, to the extent the university receives federal monies, by the taxpayers of the country. At least one of those taxpayers thought it worthwhile to let ASU know what one of their taxpayer-funded employees was doing on his private blog....

  14. Oooh, all caps, this must be serious. It appears however, that I do know. Especially true since John decided to post his decisions in your comments section. "I didn't find a boarding kennel," was not mentioned.

    Yea, I made up all those links that you posted.....

    The "Flogger" buddies and I, focus on aspects of history and the Civil War. This includes the study of memory. If I was running a contemporary issues blog that focused on modern criminology, then you might have an argument. Since memory is in the field of history, the analyzation of groups involved in remembrance comes under that scope of study. Sorry that our focus is not on contemporary issues that do not have to do with things related to the past, i.e. the Civil War.

    I'm basing my interpretation on the evidence presented. So far, you have not condemned the actions. Yet, you have vociferously voiced your defense. So if that is not the reality, pray tell what is. Can you really set your agenda aside to speak to the reality?

    1.) Answered already. It's an abuse of the system which invalidates the reasons such a system is in place. This causes resistance to the assistance of those in need of service dogs, due to the fight to stop fakes. I do not, nor do you, know if John was spotted, outted, etc. If you are trying to magnify this particular incident to only Max, and whether or not John and Max caused issues, then you truly are excusing his actions and by doing so, condoning the actions of numerous others that violate this system on a daily basis. These violations inevitable leading to stricter conditions under which service animals will be allowed to enter businesses. It is a logical and cited slippery slope.

    2. Said person is allowed their free speech in their private arena. The blog says that he does not represent the opinions of ASU, and the school president and board of regents agreed with that. However, the mindset in contacting the employer was with malice, making your point moot.

  15. Mr. Hall,

    Your personal business became no longer personal, by law, once you posted your business all over the internet, then commented and elaborated on that business on another public website. If you threaten me again, I will elevate this conversation to legal ramifications by contacting the authorities regarding your disability fraud. I have already print screened and saved the images of your conversations, on Facebook and on blogs, for future use if necessary. There are absolutely no ramifications for my actions, legally and ethically I am in the clear. Now think really hard before you make idle threats to me you unscrupulous slime ball.

  16. (sorry for the first post of dibble dabble type; page load was slow).

    Connie: "Presidents who kill foreign children with drones and sanctions are the scum of the earth."

    Me: Do you apply this same standard to Israel on Palestine?

    "(1) As for John sneaking Max to the hotel, tell me who was harmed by that, and how they were harmed."

    If Max is a formally trained blind guide dog, then I suppose there is no worry he could bite a irascible child or the problem of "housebreaking" on that hotel $1000 dollar per square foot of room carpet. Dobies are twice more like to bite when provoked as opposed to a Lab or a Goldie.

  17. And if Hall doesn't like us Germans so much, he just shouldn' be owning a Dobie.

  18. I don't believe I've seen you here before, Toby. Are you a floggerette from Simpson's peanut gallery?

    Anyway, to answer your question, the major difference I can see is that Pakistanis aren't dedicated to anihilating the United States and Americans and they aren't strapping bombs to their children and sending them over here to blow up Americans. Palestinians are dedicated to annihilating Israel, or they are least allies with those who are -- and they ARE strapping bombs to their children and sending them to blow up Israelis.

    Scumminess is relative. ya know?

    I don't think the reason you've given for not owning a Dobie is valid. Were you attempting to be facetious?

  19. BTW, Toby, you didn't answer my question, "As for John sneaking Max to the hotel, tell me who was harmed by that, and how they were harmed."

    You began your reply with "If..." meaning you were putting forth a hypothetical answer. I wasn't asking about that. I asked who was harmed, and how they were.

  20. Mr. Glass mein dobermann heißt maximillian von starkmyster. Was soll ich tun mit meinem Hund ist nicht deine Sache. Die einzigen Menschen, die ich beißen würde ist, Menschen wie Sie, die mit seinem Meister verwirren. Ich würde Ihnen raten, zu verlassen mein persönliches Geschäft.


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