Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Haters Are SOOOO Easy To Manipulate....

From Crossroads (heheheeehhhe):

Heeeheehahahaaahhaaaha!!! HOhahahahohohhoheeheehee...


  1. Foreward, not "Forward".

    Heeeheehahahaaahhaaaha!!! HOhahahahohohhoheeheehee.......indeed.


  2. "White v Texas", not "Texas v White". Hahahahahaha!-Hehehehehe-!....Hohohohohohoho! Indeed.

  3. Oh, it came back. How's it going Sara Lee?

  4. Baker, if it was a real book, things like that would be caught and corrected before publication... Sheesh....

  5. One of the things that makes Baker so grotesque is his sheer hypocrisy. When he stupidly confused the name of the landmark case of "Texas v White"(he ignorantly called it "White v Texas"-lol), he immediately, and cowardly, suggested the reader should know what he was talking about. What the boob overlooked was that unless the reader did in fact know the case, he could not have ridiculed and mocked him for his incorrect citation (I did mock and ridicule him pretty badly). But there is more. When Connie made a minor error in her post, he immediately criticized it. Now if he was at all honest, or had even a shred of dignity, he would have assumed that the reader knew that "Foreword" was intended when "Forward" was mistakenly used.

    Not only is Baker a schlub, he is a miserable hypocrite
    as well.

    PS-Did you hear the news? Lincoln Abraham is going to slave the free with his Proclamation Emancipation. "White v Texas". What schlub.

  6. There is a difference between switching the order of names, and misusing a homophone. This is especially true for Connie (sorry Connie) who delights in pointing out grammatical errors on a routine basis.

    Within the context, most people familiar with secession should know the case Texas v. White; most of those people could refer to it outright without having to look it up. Regardless, I corrected the error. Something that still has not been done by Connie. And something that still has not been done by you when you stupidly misquoted Thomas Jefferson. Something I smugly referred to in another post on my blog.

    You also need to look up the definition of "hypocrite". Hopefully it will enhance your already mediocre intelligence.

    By the way coward, still waiting on your to answer the question. Are things too chaotic in Springfield to type up a response?

  7. Hey coward, answer the question. Are you as creepy, pathetic, vulgar, and despicable at North Georgia as you are here? As for Thomas Jefferson (or for you, Jefferson Thomas- lol) I shoved that one right down your throat too. And I was smirking when I posted the link to the Monticello website. Smirking.

    PS-Hey schlub, I am curious. Do you think the Gettysburg of Battle was the pivotal event in the War Civil? Lol. "White v Texas". What a schlub.

  8. Er, no you didn't. In regards to Jefferson, you just looked like a tool. And as far as the website, it's just that. It's a website. You basically showed us what the domain editor of the Monticello website thinks, or wrote. You did not tell anybody, anything, about Jefferson or what an actual Jeffersonian Historian thinks. Looks like you failed on all fronts.


    Don't bother commenting, until your are man enough to use your real name.

    So, when are you going to answer the question? Come on, be a good boy and tell us what we already know about you. Or, are you too busy posting on websites pretending to be women. Ha ha, you're such a sad example of a human being.

  9. Come on boy, answer the question; are you as vulgar, pathetic, and creepy at North Georgia as you are here? Or maybe it's "Georgia North"? "White v Texas". Lol. What a pathetic schlub. Stalker freak.

  10. Wow...just wow. It's like you are in high school. I mean this is the type of thing that is usually present in juvenile minds. Of course what can I expect from Sara Lee, an "it", too afraid to use its own name and too afraid to stand by its principles.

  11. Connie: "if it was a real book...."

    I'll remember that excuse next time you start proofreading internet comments. Speaking of which, shouldn't it be

    "If it were..." and not "if it was"

    'Was' usually implies something likely to happen, whereas 'were' is something unlikely, hypothetical, etc. Just thinking out loud.


  12. Come on boy, answer the question. Are you are vulgar, grotesque and pathetic at North Georgia as you are here? Stalker freak.

  13. "Are you are?" What an idiot.

    Of course I know what you meant so I won't harp on it in order to achieve some small symbolic victory that I can claim over and over.

    I'll answer any question you have, once you stop deflecting, and summon the courage to answer the question I posed to you. Come on, you know want to tell people what "right".

  14. Come on....'are you are' right? I'm sure you think you are right but are you are right?

  15. "Are you are"? What exactly is your problem schlub? Come on boy, answer the question; are you are vulgar and pathetic at North Goergia as you are here?

  16. Thanks. But sadly, I look nothing like an Appalachian bootlegger. Too bad you don't know what you are talking about or you might have good insults.

  17. Lol, it's fine, act like you didn't write it.

    Where have I been "vulgar" here? You're the one throwing the juvenile insults like the small child you are. Why are you so determined to make me answer such a loaded question? Why are you running from my questions like a little coward? So much for that Old Dominion honor, lol.

  18. When you use the word "honor", it is reduced to a foul and filthy profanity. Irrelevant little coward. "Are your are". What a schlub.

  19. Lol, you are the on using "Are you are." I just played along.

    A schlub? Look at you, you've been reduced to childish insults rather than facts. HA HA. Keep 'em coming 18th street.


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