Thursday, October 10, 2013

He Can't Post About Me -- or the VaFlaggers -- Without Lying

(See Update below video at end of post)

In the matter of Chesterfield County's,  um... tardy action ...  regarding the Virginia Flaggers' I-95 project, Simpson has gone off the deep end, as you might expect. And, as usual, the story isn't so much about the VaFlaggers as it is an excuse for him to do what he likes best -- attack me. (He mentions me in the third sentence.)

I dunno...  Reckon it was the animated hair-gif that got his ire up?  But truth be known, his ire stays up...  It's kind of the opposite of -- .... never mind.

So then he says I "went after Al in characteristically bitter fashion." But he doesn't post a link to where I did so, claiming, "You can’t find Connie’s post now."

I wonder where he imagines he saw my bitterly-fashioned going-after-Al post that now can't be found. Not on Backsass. I have removed no posts I've uploaded to my blog since the I-95 flag story began. In fact, I don't recall ever removing/deleting a post from Backsass.

So poor widdle Bwooks is mistaken about where he saw said post, if he's insinuating he saw here -- but perhaps it is significant that he doesn't identify where he saw it ... for a good reason. You can tell whatever lie you want to about a post that never existed.... And if he saw my bitterly-fashioned going-after-Al post somewhere else, it was some place where I have no control over what appears and disappears.

Anyhoo, he imagines my magically appearing/disappearing post has something to do with this, from an article in the Chesterfield Observer that came out on October 9. Specifically, he cites this:
“We then sent it to a second address we found, but by that time they had already erected [the pole] without a permit,” Kappel explained. “The folks who erected the flagpole did some research, they looked online, and they didn’t think they needed a permit. The language, to a layman, may be somewhat misleading.”
In his typical, sleazy, deceitful manner, Simpson left out this part:
Don Kappel, director of the county’s Department of Public Affairs, said county officials tried to contact the flaggers after news of the project broke, but a letter they sent to one address they found for the group came back as undeliverable.
This smells to high Heaven. They found an address? Where'd they find it? On a scrap of paper lying on a sidewalk somewhere? In somebody's shirt pocket, behind the plastic pen holder?

The Virginia Flaggers address is not hard to find. Google "Virginia Flaggers" -- first thing to come up is their blog, and their address was published there August 3, 2013.

And it's still there.

Va Flaggers I-95 Battle Flag Project

And it has been prominently displayed on the sidebar for weeks...and appears at the end of many posts. You'd have to work at it to miss it.

Yep. Stinky, stinky, stinky...

So Kappel says county officials tried to contact the Flaggers after news of the project broke? Well, that doesn't tell me anything. When is "after" the news of the project broke? Right after? A day or two after? Geez, folks --  Now, today, is "after news of the project broke."

News broke about the project on August 7, in the Richmond Times Dispatch:

FLAG FLAP Confederate flag will fly along I-95
Posted: Wednesday, August 7, 2013 12:00 am | Updated: 11:19 pm, Thu Sep 26, 2013.

So let's say they sent it the day after the story broke... August 8.  Or even a week after the story broke, August 15. Or even two weeks after the story broke, August 22....

Kappel says the first letter for the group came back as undeliverable, so, “We then sent it to a second address we found, but by that time they had already erected [the pole] without a permit." (Another "found" address... Sheesh.)

The pole went up on or about September 18.

So if they sent the first letter two weeks after the story broke, August 22 -- there was 18 days -- two and a half weeks, in which they had time to get the first wrongly address letter back from the USPS (assuming they sent it via that agency), "find" the correct address and mail it again.

One wonders, when the first letter came back undeliverable why didn't they just get on the phone and call Susan or Grayson (guess the county employees don't know how to use a phone directory?) and say, "We'd like to send your organization a letter, can you give us your address?"

Michael Buettner, author of the Observer hit-piece, doesn't say when he talked to Kappel. But even if it was a day or two before the article appeared, say October 7, that is nine flippin' days after the dedication ceremony, which occurred ten days after the pole went up.. He also doesn't say how long Kappel  and the county have been "working with the group to have them obtain the necessary permits..." blah, blah, blah...

What a bunch of crap. This more than stinks to high Heaven.  Both Buettner's article and the county's actions it showcases, in my opinion, smacks of something people are doing after the fact because they were put up to it. Again, in my opinion -- get that, people, in my opinion --  it is skirting very close to official harassment, after the fact, with the complicity of the press....

Of course, Simpson has been harassing and haranguing and generally trying to cause hurt and damage to the VaFlaggers since they formed -- people who have done him no wrong, by the way -- and has attempted to sic the Richmond media on them, and has just generally made a digital persecutor of himself.

Here's what he and his buddies just cannot stand.  Just like Simpson's ire, the  flag is up. It's going to stay up.

But watching Simpson in action is always an exercise in morbid fascination tinged with nausea. Down to the sick video he posted (and he calls my novels, about faithfulness in marriage, trashy.

Somewhere In Arizona

The music THAT puts me in mind of is The Alan Parson's Project... so, dedicated to Brooks D. Simpson, with special emphasis on the lyrics....

I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You

(Alan Parsons, Eric Woolfson)
© Universal Music Publishing Group

If I had a mind to
I wouldn't want to think like you
And if I had time to
I wouldn't want to talk to you

I don't care
What you do
I wouldn't want to be like you

If I was high class
I wouldn't need a buck to pass
And if I was a fall guy
I wouldn't need no alibi

I don't care
What you do
I wouldn't want to be like you

Back on the bottom line
Diggin' for a lousy dime
If I hit a mother lode
I'd cover anything that showed

I don't care
What you do
I wouldn't want to be like you


Kappel said ...  “We are working with the group to have them obtain the necessary permits and to determine that the pole meets the requirements for safety and so on.”  ~ October 9, Chesterfield Observer

* * *

“There are no ordinances that would prevent this group from erecting this flag on private property,” said Don Kappel, director of the county’s Department of Public Affairs.

Kappel said the only thing that would cause county ordinances to become a factor would be a height greater than 50 feet.   ~ August 21, Chesterfield Observer

Why no mention of the letter, of the county trying to contact the VaFlaggers?

* * *

Chesterfield spokesman Don Kappel said the county has no regulations or ordinances that would prohibit the planned display.

There are height restrictions on flagpoles in certain areas of the county, Kappel said; the most restrictive is 50 feet, the size of the pole the flaggers plan on using.  ~ August 18, Richmond Times Dispatch

Why no mention of the letter, of the county trying to contact the VaFlaggers?

Stinky. Smelly. Revoltingly stinky and smelly.


  1. Whatever minor administrative Ooops the Flaggers have committed (and it is highly doubtful they have committed any-and they certainly have committed none relating to Mackey's stupid claim regarding land disturbances) they pale in comparison to some Ooops committed by ASU and the Air Force. I howled with laughter after learning that ASU paid $44,950 in fines to Maricopa County in 2008 for releasing asbestos into the environment during a construction project. Ooops. I did not howl with laughter upon learning that ASU had paid $850,000 to a former female student for failing to protect her from a sexual assault. Ooops. I shook my head in contempt and disbelief after learning that an ASU professor had defrauded a local and impoverished Indian tribe by collecting their blood on false pretenses. ASU paid settlement money there too. Ooops. As far as Mackey, is he aware that in1994 Air Force pilots killed 26 U.S. servicemen when they show down U. S. Army Blackhawks helicopters? Ooops. Killed 26 U.S. servicemen because they made a mistake. Ooops.

    So whatever bogus, trumped-up citation Chesterfield County issues the Floggers, rest assured no one was raped or killed. Pretty minor "oops" by comparison.

  2. A few weeks ago when the flag was raised the Floggers described it as basically- 'much ado about nothing' - yet they continued their fight against it...


    Whatever oversights were made by the Flaggers it appears they are in process of being cleared up-

    "A Chesterfield County spokesman told the Richmond Times-Dispatch the oversight was based on a miscommunication, and he said the group was expected to fill out the necessary forms on Friday."

    Much ado about nothing.

  3. Of course it is much ado about nothing. But it is the almost unbelievable hypocrisy and stunning dishonesty of the Floggers that is worth commenting upon. Do the Floggers really think that a harmless and minor administrative oversight, if in fact there was one, is comparable to releasing asbestos into the environment? As I said, ASU was fined nearly $50,000 for that inexcusable and illegal act of incompetence. So if mistakes, errors, and incompetence are fair game for relentless criticism, why aren't the Floggers snidely ridiculing ASU? Why are they not ridiculing the Air Force and it's' detestable history of killing Americans with "Friendly Fire"? (pretty big "Ooops" there, huh?)Because they are lowlife miserable hypocrites, that's why.


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