Thursday, October 17, 2013

What I've Been Doing Lately....

Sorry for the scarcity of posts lately, dear readers. I've been revamping my author services website and creating an inventory of pre-made e-book covers to sell. (See below.) Once it's completed, routine maintenance won't take nearly as much time as this revamp.

Lots of stuff going on to comment about. I will note a couple of things in passing.  I've been labeled an intolerant bigot at Crossroads for my "no more mosques" graphic in the right sidebar. I make no apologies for being intolerant of barbaric beheadings, stoning rape victims, forcing women into burial shrouds (burqas) while they are still alive, etc.

Reading the comments following that post (and other comments that have gone before) I can't help but wonder if this classified ad originated with Oumar Konate, husband of Kristen Schroeder "Wonder Woman" Konate:
Complete set of Encyclopaedia Britannica, 45 volumes. Excellent condition, $325 or best offer. No longer needed, got married, wife knows everything.
 She sez, "And as for Constance – those are outdated pics – she’s much older with short hair that looks like a helmet of salt and pepper."

Well, my hair is streaky silver (I paid good money in high school for "frosting," both home and salon versions, to make my hair look like it does now, ha!) but it's down to my shoulders....  I guess she doesn't realize that trees aren't the only things that grow...

And my name is not Constance. It sez, "Connie" on my birth certificate. My sister chose that name for me. She was five at the time. I don't know where she got "Connie" but I'm pretty sure she didn't know anybody named Constance, and had never heard that name at the time...

So this expert on me, and on Virginia laws and regulations, is also an expert in comparative religion and especially Islam.

May I say I find it profoundly ironic that these people who get so red-faced and judgmental about slavery in the USA a century and a half ago are so solicitous and defensive of a "religion" spread by the sword and violent conquest and bent on world domination....

Anyhoo, here's what I've been working on... I want to have about 30 covers in my pre-made inventory (almost there), and I have two more sections of the website to update ... then, in the words of The Terminator ... "I'll be back."


  1. So, Connie, should we outlaw the building of more Christian churches as well. If you know anything about the Crusades and the slaughter of people...both Muslim and Christian soldiers you would want to outlaw churches as well?

  2. Corey, please. First, the United States didn't exist during the Crusades. Second, there's no comparison between fourteen hundred years of violent conquest by Islam vs 300 years of defense/counter offense against Islamic expansion and encroachment (the Crusades)...

    The New Testament does not mandate the spread of Christianity by violence, as the Koran demands for Islam. Some Christian groups may have chosen to do so -- Catholicism was something of an exception, for example -- but that was an example of human "wisdom" usurping divine instruction and in any case, it is not the totality of the spread of Christianity.

    Also note, not everyone born into a Christian culture is a Christian; in fact, not everyone who claims a Christian belief system actually practices it.

    Jesus himself said, "Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven." Matthew 7:21-23

    Thus, not everyone who calls him "Lord," (i.e., identifies themselves as a follower of his) actually enters the Kingdom of Heaven (i.e., the church, or Christianity). So it is possible to pin the label "Christian" (follower of Jesus) on oneself and even attend church services. But the people who are actually in the kingdom (the church) are those who do the will of Christ's Father in heaven.

    Besides, the Crusades are long since over, like slavery in the South. But what slavery's critics, and Islam's defenders, blind themselves to are things that are happening TODAY.

    As Victoria Jackson writes, there are no Christian terrorist training camps but there ARE Muslim terrorist training camps. When was the last time you heard of somebody shouting, "Glory to Jesus Christ" while chopping people’s heads off on the streets of London and Paris? Where is the Christian equivalent to Muslims shouting “Allahu Akbar” while shooting people at Ft. Hood?
    Read more at ..

    How many Christians behead people in front of cell phone cameras and put it on the Internet? I don't recall any period where Christian churches demanded that women who were victims of rape be executed for adultery -- but that happens in Islamic countries ... TODAY.

    How many terrorist attacks TODAY around the world are unleashed by Christian Crusaders trying to please Yahweh? How many Christians train their preschoolers to strap bombs on their bodies and detonate them in places crowded with their "enemies"? How many Christians have flown airplanes full of innocent people into skyscrapers and killed thousands?

    Show me the Christian equivalent TODAY of this list:

    Long, but worth the time to watch it. Early part is historic; the last ten minutes or so relate to today...

    THAT is why Islam and American liberty/culture are mutually exclusive. They CAN NOT co-exist.

  3. Justify it however you must Connie.

    You are just like Trippy Lewis trying to justify the slavery his ancestors fought for by saying there is modern day slavery.

    What a shame!

  4. I haven't justified anything. I don't have to. The truth you are refusing to see does the justifying.

    I can't speak for Tripp, or anyone else but myself. But I suspect when people bring up modern day slavery and other current negatives, the point isn't to justify slavery of the past, but to show the utter hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy of critics such as yourself who are totally focused on, and consumed by, some negative thing that doesn't even exist anymore while completely ignoring, and thus remaining indifferent to atrocities and horrors happening today, now, right under your nose.

    Lip service is all you folks understand... If you badmouth the Confederacy enough, you don't have to acknowledge yankee complicity in slavery, and you can justify yankee barbarism against the South.

    If you badmouth contemporary "racism" and "white supremacy" enough, you don't have to acknowledge what utter failures the War on Poverty, the Great Society and the Civil Rights Movement were, and how they have hurt blacks -- and you can come across as a good diversity-worshiping egalitarian without actually having to associate with black folks....

  5. I think it's time for Corey and his minions to invade India to free the slaves.

    New global index exposes 'modern slavery' worldwide

    Nearly 30 million people around the world are living as slaves, according to a new index ranking 162 countries.

    The Global Slavery Index 2013 says India has the highest number of people living in conditions of slavery at 14 million.

  6. Janice, the reason Corey and his flogger buddies aren't interested in slavery today, in India or anywhere else, is because acknowledging it is of absolutely no use whatsofrickin'ever in demonizing white Southerners...


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