Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Flogger Mindset On Display

Comments from Corey's blog, regarding photos from the Virginia Flaggers flag raising:

Of course, you wouldn't see this at a Klan rally, so it cannot be acknowledged by floggers.

Happy reunion of old friends... JM Big Hoss Herman and Karen Cooper

 Blind spots have to be selectively created so haters like LibertyLip can maintain his "acceptable" and even "good and positive" hatred....

Screenshot edited by C. Ward; Photo by Judy Smith


  1. Was Karen Cooper the only black person at the flag raising?

    Plus it has been shown on other blogs Karen is not very proud of her race...

  2. I observe, with incredibly smug satisfaction, that there were more African-Americans present at the I-95 Flag raising than there are African-American bloggers at the lily-white blog site "Crossroads". And if the characteristics of a klan rally include a plethora of enraged, wild-eyed whites bitterly and hatefully screeching baseless excoriations and meaningless denunciations, then one need look no further than "Crossroads".

    And now a very funny side-note. Through this drama, the floggers have repeatedly put their foot in their mouths and humiliated themselves. Whether is was Simpson frantically searching for, and then comically misidentifying the site, or Levin's remarkably ignorant "prediction" that the flag would not go up, or Hall's detailed photo and description,(ensuring that even Helen Keller could find the Flag if she wanted to), it has all been immensely entertaining. To be honest, at times their collective efforts were so inept, it actually looked like a Marx Brothers movie. And now, perfectly on cue, Ignorant Al Mackey adds to the hilarity. On Mackey's crummy site,("Bad Student of the American Civil War") he has a thread up darkly and ominously warning of all the potential "land-disturbung" ordinances the Flaggers are violating. What the stupid dipstick didn't realize, is that not a single one of the ordinances he identifies applies to the Flaggers and their site. NOT. A. SINGLE. ONE. Then again, I suppose this is to be expected from a dunce who insists that there was no Union under the Articles of Confederation.

  3. Corey, I wasn't at the flag raising, so I don't know.

    Of what relevance is your second statement? Is it required of black people that they be proud of their race, just as it is required of white people that they NOT be proud of their race? Why don't you explain that ... if one can explain something that makes absolutely no sense.

  4. Speaking of Klan Rallies

    The Ku Kluxers at Gettysburg are Yankees. Brooks Simpson has done it again. He is becoming the "gift that keeps on giving" that he always brags about on his blog.

    On Simpson's blog he is ridiculing the Klan with a link posted to the next Klan rally at Gettysburg. The KKK gathering at Gettysburg has a special use permit location "on the lawn north of Meade's Headquarters." That's about as Yankee as one can get on the Gettysburg Battlefield. Right smack dab in the middle of Union Headquarters. LOL

  5. Janice, once again you prove how unaware of even the most common of things.

    Yes the Klan has gone national...did so back in the 1920's...still does not replace the fact that the Klan was originally started by ex-Confederate soldiers.


    No it is not necessary that Karen be proud of her race. However, I think it is possible to be proud of your race while at the same time not having to belittle another's race to gain that pride. But it appears that Karen has not pride in her race based on what she has said. I am proud to be white, but I also know that whites have not always done what is right...same can be said for blacks. But, I don't feel that to be proud of my race that I must put down blacks...to belittle them or anyone else in the process. To do so would disgrace myself and my race. We should learn to use the golden rule much more than we do.

  6. Corey, I'm still trying to figure out why you thought it necessary to bring up that it has been shown on other blogs Karen is not very proud of her race.

    One thing this illustrates, though, is that you floggers cannot talk to, or about, or consider, or think about, or contemplate, or write about Southerners -- except through race-colored glasses. In fact, I think, with you and all the floggers, race is front and center -- the foremost thing you consider.. It's far more important to y'all than people, especially individuals.

  7. "....still does not replace the fact that the Klan was originally started by ex-Confederate soldiers...."


  8. Karen is one of the sweetest people I have ever met in my life. The Floggers should be ashamed.

    Isn't it time Brooks took down that picture of Karen from the RVA facebook page?

    Karen is not some Jim Crow caricature for Poor Little Brooks or Commander Kevin Levin Shaw. She is a sweet and honorable person.

    I challenge the Floggers to a public boxing match in defense of her honor.

  9. Then there are those like myself that's never been to a Klan meeting, seen a Klan meeting or knew anybody that was in the Klan. So I have no idea what a Klan meeting looks like.

  10. In the 1920's when the Klan when national it was not the original Klu Klux post war started by ex-Confederates. The original Klu Klux died out by the early 1870s. What did the KKK during the 20th century in places like Indiana and Ohio have to do with post war Reconstruction issues in the south? Nothing.


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