Thursday, January 23, 2014

Arizona State Has a Racism Issue

No! Really?

So sez the Rev. Jarrett Maupin, an Arizona civil rights activist at a news conference after the story broke that a fraternity at ASU had held a "Racist MLK Party."

But-but-but-but didn't Simpson tell us just days ago how "diverse" the student body is at ASU? Why, to hear him tell it, it's a paragon of diversity out there in the desert, a veritable paradise of multiculturalism. Never mind that there are three times more WHITE faculty members than there are non-white members. We're only supposed to look at that lovely diverse student body.

But wait! What good its it to have this wonderfully diverse student body --  if they're a buncha scum-suckin' racists?

Where do these kids learn such blatant racism? Perhaps from an educational establishment that preaches diversity and multiculturalism, but then puts together a faculty that is 75% WHITE?

And don't you wonder how many of these little Tau Kappa Epsilon white supremacists have found themselves in history classrooms taught by none other than Brooks D. Simpson? 

Even if they're not in his classes, doesn't he have a share of the responsibility of seeing to it that this kind of scum-sucking racism does not rear its ugly, lily-white head on that sunnily diverse campus where he is supposedly such a force to be reckoned with? Obviously, he's fallin' down on the job. He needs to stand up, take responsibility for this, and vow to do better....

Fox News reports, "ASU Frat Suspended After Racist MLK Party"

Benson Minute: MLK's legacy lost on ASU frat

Arizona State University Frat Celebrates MLK Day By Being Extraordinarily Racist (VIDEO)

Once again, the true, hypocritical nature of leftism erupts for all the world to see. And we begin to see the reason behind flogger obsession with evilizin' the South and bashing the Confederacy... Diverting attention away from the white supremacist left, the scum-sucking racist educational establishment.


  1. Not to mention diverting attention away from the known and unknown perverts and child molesters on his own blog too.

  2. lol. Maybe the frat guys were all math majors. Below is a link to the faculty in the math department at ASU. Go ahead and count the black faces. And you don't need to be a math major to count to zero. Simpson is a blowhard limousine-liberal fraud.

  3. I like how brooks keeps coming back for a virtual punch in the mouth over and and over and over with facts... Its funny to watch.

  4. Well, Tripp, somebody has to take up the slack now that Corey is on hiatus. Simpson is just doing his virtual flogger duty... Ha!


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