Sunday, January 19, 2014

More Fun with BParks

Sez B:  (1) Not only did Connie reply to my reply by misunderstanding that she’s failed at everything on her list, (2) she then proudly admits to being all of the deplorable things I listed. (3) How sad that even calling her out on her ‘pretend profession’ is not getting through to her. (4) Take the hint Connie. You’re not a good writer. (5) Your photoshop skills are just below the high school level. (6) Your novel’s subject matter is offensive. (7) Your only supporters and commenters on your blog are fellow racist troglodytes. (8) Take down your disgusting flag. (9) Go away. We always win in the end. (10) All you people are doing is giving us more to mock.

Well, letsee, shall we? Starting from the top:

1. If I had failed everything on my list (of what it takes to write and publish a novel) -- I wouldn't have three novels for sale on Amazon right now, with more on the way. Now, B -- do you mind if I call you B? -- if you had even the slightest confidence of your criticism, you'd quit prattling about something you haven't even read (how much sense does that make, folks?) and you would actually read the book and put a scathing review on Amazon. You don't even have to buy it.  Coupon for a free download from Smashwords is good until February 2 -- or you can read the PDF right in your browser....

To read the novel online, click the PDF link on the left to open the file in your browser. To download an e-book file in a variety of formats for various e-readers, follow the link on the right to Smashwords.  You will have to register, but it's free and easy. Coupon code for free download: CZ38P  Good until Feb 4.
(Note: download at your own risk. Files were malware-free when uploaded, but I have no control over hacker activity or internet glitches.)

C'mon, BParks. Don't be shy, don't be scared. Read and review. Make it just as slimy as your lowest level of decency makes possible....

2. Deplorable is in the eye of the beholder, sweetie. I happen to think your lies and leftism are deplorable. So there. Nanner nanner boo boo.

3. Well, I don't have a profession anymore, pretend or otherwise. I used to be a secretary, but I be like retired now.

4. B, "good writer" is relative. I'm not as good as some, but I'm incalculably better than Y-O-U are.

5. I've been paid for my photoshop skills. Have you, B? Show us some of you photoshoppin', hun. Skeered to show it to us?

6. Yep. Love and fidelity in marriage is offensive to leftists, sure enough. Facing adversity with fortitude and without payback is offensive to leftists, sure enough. Doing the right thing is offensive to leftists, sure enough.

7. "Troglodytes." You folks just can't help yourselves, can you? The stuff of which leftist "tolerance" is made: namecalling steeped in hatred. Your twue cuh-wers are showing, B, and they make OURS look good.

8. Take down my flag? LOL!!!

9. Go away? LOL!

10. Mock away, B. That's apparently the most high-brow communication you're capable of.


More B: "What’s even more scary is I heard a few quotes there that sounded exactly like Connie…'being proud of white dominance…preferring to be with ones own kind…etc' It just goes to show that sick minds think alike."

If BParks were charged with finding where I've mentioned "being proud of white dominance" or having to live in, oh, say, really white Antarctica, she'd have to start learnin' how to build an igloo...

As for "preferring to be with ones own kind" -- all you white floggers and floggerettes who are married to a white spouse, get a divorce immediately -- and marry someone of a different race, ya hear? Do it. Put up or shut up.

(I guess all the white floggers and floggerettes who have white spouses have ... sick minds -- by their own criteria.  In their mad, mindless rush to demonize and lie about others, do they ever THINK about what they're sayin', I wonder?)

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  1. Let me guess, BParks...

    You live in an all-white town and work at an all-white establishment?

    I mean, we would be surprised if you didn't...


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