Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Who Approves the Merger...

... of the Museum of the Confederacy with the civil war whatchamacallit at Tredegar, and the name change?

Floggers and floggerettes who hate the Confederacy, and likeminded PC indoctrinees.

The reason they approve is because it will destroy the museum's name and mission, and replace them with something else. The aim is no longer the memorialization of the Confederacy and her soldiers, but their demonization. The merger will greatly enhance that aim.

If the merger supported and strengthened the original purpose of the MoC, these folks would be spitting nails.

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  1. Caught up with the discussion over at the "studycivilwar" flog and I note this comment by Mr. Mackey-

    "It’s paranoia, Connie. Nobody’s out to 'get you.' There’s no plot to destroy anything."

    -Surprising statement considering that a few years back at another site Mr. Mack said that he wished to see the Confederate monument at Arlington 'blown up' or destroyed in some way (no, he didn't threaten to do it himself). I was sort of stunned by the admission because not only is it the destruction of a monument (and federal property) but also the desecration of a Confederate cemetery.

    Sometimes they blurt out what they really believe.


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