Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Some Simple Questions for Simpson...

...(that also will not be answered)

1. Do you remember everyone you've had a photo made with?
2. Do you know everyone you've had a photo made with?
3. Do you know about everyone you've had a photo made with?
4. Do you know what everyone you've had a photo made with believes?
5. Do you know what everyone you've had a photo made with has done?


  1. Connie, I agree with your questions. After years of dealing with these intellectuals, you are speaking above their heads here...Some times I think the floggers are being deceitful. Other times I think they are just dumb as bricks...

  2. LOL, Johnny, I'm not sure the two are mutually exclusive.

  3. We give them a lot more credit and attention than they deserve. The blog traffic for all of the floggers combined is about 600 per day. It's even less when you discount those who visit multiple sites. They have little influence outside academic circles.

  4. Simpson:
    "Good try. As my blog traffic alone is several times that amount, we know that BR/B’s just making stuff up again."

    6188 over the last 30 days averages out to 206 per day-

    "Directly measured data"

  5. Al Mackey
    74 per day
    "Directly measured data"

    Corey Meyer
    36 per day
    "Directly measured data"

    Of course, Corey's site has been down a few days...

  6. Site traffic info for cwmemory (Levin) varies a good bit - the average is about 200+ a day.

    Deadconfederates (Hall) is about 100 per day.

  7. Simpson:
    "...even the site he cites admits, it’s data can have problems: 'We recommend getting Quantified in order to get more accurate traffic statistics as well as gain control over which data points you make visible to the public, and which you use for internal purposes only.'"

    Your site is Quantified.


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